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Hi there, this is the stock profile of the costume designer/photographer/model/*add random weird-oddly paid profession of your choice* Elisa Navacchi aka Jaymasee. Hei.
Most of these stocks are provided for FREE: you can use them on DA and for school project, you can save them or share them or repost all of them (thank you in advance!).
They're like a gift I'm glad to give you, a shard of my life and a keyhole through my world.
For some reason we all have this idea stuck in our heads that an artist must resign themselves to squalor- eating boiled rice and living in a shack. 40+ hours a week doing work should be able to pay the rent for anyone. It's not demanding much from a profession. Showing support in not just appreciative words, but actual dollars(even the smallest amount!) is MAKING A STATEMENT!
It's a way to change the world we artists are living in.
I'm looking for supporters, those Knights who will stand up and make sure I don't fade away.
It's important for me, for my life, and if YOU feel like contributing, in exchange for what I do, please donate to my Paypal account!

the mail is e.navacchi@gmail.com

Every little dollar puts me closer to being able to create the quality I (and you, my followers!)dream about...
...and more frequently! (oh oh oh :dignity-laugh: )
I am literally (literally) and attention freak so here's a list of my accounts scattered around the web
:facebook: Facebook pages: Jaymasee ( www.facebook.com/Jaymasee/ ) for model/photographer stuff and The Lily Among Thorns ( www.facebook.com/elisanavacchi… ) for the costume maker/designer work :heartyfaint:
:instagram: I'm in LOVE with Ig and you're going to see there thing I'll never post elsewhere so @ eliinthesky is the name you're looking for!
The dress and props one is, of course, @ thelilyamong
And since I'm a showe-offish beeech u can find me also on Suicide Girls! ( www.suicidegirls.com/members/j… ) :wink:
That said, THANK YOU in advance for any(any)kind of support you'll ever send and all the love you're showing me.
I love you guys. :hug:
Yours truly
Lily :snowflake:
Would you like to see more stock from me?

Something you must know

Something you must know

As you may notice,this Deviantart account is almost closed. This means that I will not post stocks,anymore. If you want to use my images OUTSIDE DEVIANTART,you must made a little donation through using the e-mail e.navacchi@gmail.com This will work,of course,also for commercial use,book covers,CD designs,and so on. If you need urgent replies,please whrite me at elanor86@libero.it,or PM me at my Facebook page (still "Jaymasee"). No points donations are accepted. Thank you for all the support and the love you gave across the years.It really means a lot for me. Kisses :hug: Lily :heart: Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Lilywhite

I'm planning to leave DA :/ I'm not satisfied of my sto...

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Have a great Bday lovely Elisa! :rose: :cake:
Happy birthday! :cake:
Happy birthday Elisa! Have your cake and eat it too birthday cake Cake Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Cake Icon Minecraft cake (Pixel art) Pink cake with flowers 50px Cupcake GIF Icon - Five Nights at Freddy's Five Nights at Freddys 2- Chicas Cupcake -Icon GIFHere's a chocolate for you: www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4sCwE…
hello , i used your beautiful stock for this drawing  Helen Of Troy by Katerina-Art
Used one of yours stock images here:  Leonore finds here Sister by seriousFry

Special thx and so lovely gallery...
BTW Happy birthday ;)