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Lol the drama away

Its funney cuz hyenas laugh :icondugplz:
Boredom inc.
Pinkie Pie © :iconfyre-flye:
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is jasiri from the lion guard!!!
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that's not drama that's irony
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Freaking awesome!!
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not a pinkie fan at all but I love hyenas ^^
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This makes so much sense!:lol:
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Of course, hyenas gnaw bones rather than suck them.
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Yeah, whatever. We get the point already that you like her...
KuchikiYorume's avatar it odd that I imagined Wheezy's laugh? (from Dragon Tales, I can't believe I still remember that show D< )
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Pinkie is best hyena!
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No King! No King! La la la la la la!
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xD omg this is brilliant
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HYENA PIE *gives her a hug*
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awesome, just awesome
tlk& mlp
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Man that must be a bum rap, the others get to turn into lions when they go to the Pride Lands level while Pinkie gets the short end of the class system.
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my two favorite things in one pic: Pinkie-pie and hyenas! :XD: her new name should be "pinkhyena diane pie"! :D woudn't mind me using this design? I will credit you in any pic I draw of her like this :please:
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Haha, nice! That is so Pinkie!
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ha! its funny cuz I had the same Idea! XD well, I draw her as a Draconequus, but she does have a hyena body! faved!
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