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Zip texture -tiled

This texture collection has been packed on a zip, the package contains one's of each diffuse.tga, opacity.tga and a diffuse.jpg.

Textures is tile-ready and not resized. You can see the quality from the preview image above.

- The image(s) are in "targa (.tga)" -image format, which keeps the image quality pretty well, unlike the (.jpg) -image format, which mostly reduces the quality by compressing the image. Many of the image editing softwares support the .tga format. If yours don't and you can't use the Photoshop, the choise of most graphic designers, I'd suggest to try Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program), which is gaining equivalence to Photoshop little by little, but is free to use. [link]

Stock usage RULES:
Please check from my journal ~JayL-stock
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Thanks for this gem

Awsome. Just what I was looking for. Thank you

Cant figure out how to use these trying to use it as a border in gimp and its not working

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Great! thanks, Gonna use it A Jacket for Brick Planet!
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You texture-makers are the best people around, you provide resources and inspiration to everyone
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Great, thanks!
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Very nice textures,Thank you
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Thanks! Cool textures
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Thank you, should prove useful. :)
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thank you. you made something that is useful in a lot of ways
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Thanks alot! i used it here! [link]
Thank you!
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thanks a lot!
i'm using it for a graphic, created with gimp.
maybe i can post a link here (:
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thank you, i needed it so much :)
Awesome! Saved my life with this. thanks.
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Great work. I used it in some pics here [link]
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