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Mortal Kombat - Reiko

By JayKanyas
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Reiko is one of the mains Im hoping for in MKX, so to curb my excitement I decided to draw him up!
Enjoy! :)
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This is a great hooded Reiko redesign. :)
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He was one the most intriguing characters to me in MK4.
I'm hoping his appearance in the next game will be more "rogue" like since Kahn is out of the picture. Now he's able to choose his own destiny!
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I want quite a few MK4 characters - Fujin, Tanya and Reiko, to restrict myself to three of them - to make their rebooted timeline debut in the upcoming game. Yeah, an independent Reiko is bound to be a fun character.

I'm not a big fan of Reiko or Tanya, but I recognise their importance to the story and/or character potential. I absolutely love Fujin and I wish he was in MK9. (He'd better be in MKX ...)
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Oh yes definitely Fujin. I always thought Fujin was the best new addition in MK4. I would say Shinnok but his presentation killed it for me. I agree, Tanya and Reiko were never in my tops but I can't wait to see what they've done with them in MKX or in future games.

Im not 100% sure about Reiko, but I just can't see them leaving Tanya and Fujin out of this one. Lots of people are clamoring for them.
Im so effing excited about this game it's ridiculous lol
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"Im so effing excited about this game it's ridiculous lol" Same here, I swear I've been waiting for Fujin's return ever since I found out about the MK9 voice hack. (In other words, for a little more than two years ...)

Kotal Kahn is the new character I'm most hyped about. His taunts are so damn enjoyable. :D