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Long Live Emperor Shao Kahn

By JayKanyas
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Speed painting done in CS2 using a Wacom Tablet.
This is the first speed painting that I have ever created and I must say, I'm particularly proud of this one.
About 45 minutes of work.
Inspiration from the Official Kratos trailer!
Enjoy! :)
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© 2011 - 2021 JayKanyas
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Shao kahn is one of my favorite mk characters along with mavado,kabal,smoke,mileena,stryker,kobra,kira,havik,taven,onaga,scorpion, tremor, and reptile 
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I am Shao Kahn. Bow to me!
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this looks fantastic
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Looks very impressive. His design is like an improved Mortal Kombat 9 design (I've never liked his helmet in that), and I love his expression; calm but so calculating and evil.
is that your best? *khan*
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It's most impressive, but he's a bit off center, and has an invisible right arm-rest.
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The lighting is EXACTLY like it was in the Kratos trailer! OMG EPIC!!!1!11!one!
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Thank you!
Appreciate it!! :)
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Is it just me, or does it look like he is looking at me?
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He is peering into your soul at this very second! :evileyes:
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No boss from any fighting game can be compared with Shao Kahn.
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Haha, right?
He's the best!
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No one can be him ever. ^_^
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all hail shao kan nice work :D
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Thank you!! ^.^
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Wow this is too cool!!! :dummy:
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Lots more to come...hopefully lmao.
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