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MHA series pt1 by sakimichan MHA series pt1 :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 1,812 0
Luffy x Reader Hold on
This was not how this was supposed to go. It was going to be simple and the two of them could handle it themselves.
Then the marines showed up.
(Y/n) and Luffy had begged and pleaded to go off from the others and play in the town they saw. Luffy wanted to get food and (Y/n) had seen a shop of oddities that she wanted to check out. Luffy had been on his knees, whining to Nami while (Y/n) used the puppy eyes on Zoro.
Both of them gave up in annoyance and pushed them away, saying be back in a few hours. (Y/n) kept a watch on her so she could keep track of time. She wanted to prove how responsible they were!
They had been noticed immediately and someone had called the marines that were docked on the opposite side of the island.
They had been trailing a different pirate crew, but it seemed they needed seastone cuffs for them too since they had it ready when they cornered her and Luffy. They didn't work on her, but she wasn't as strong as her captain.
When they cuffed Luffy, she almost insta
:iconpaladin-of-hearts:Paladin-Of-Hearts 10 3
The Promised Neverland by zzyzzyy The Promised Neverland :iconzzyzzyy:zzyzzyy 426 15 Magical Devices for Everyone! #31 by Lighane Magical Devices for Everyone! #31 :iconlighane:Lighane 893 137
A Thin Line... | Trevor Belmont x Reader END
A Thin Line Between Want & Need | Trevor Belmont x Reader
Please read the description first!
Trevor found that sleep difficult. Instead, he played with the strands of (Y/N)’s hair that kept trying to shift over her face. And in these quiet moments, he thought of a life he once denied ever wanting. It was too easy to imagine a life where they would spend countless nights like this. He could find work away from hunting. They’d move to a nice town and have children. He could run a nice inn and she could brew and distill to her heart’s content.
It was a beautiful thought. One that he enjoyed playing out over the next couple of days as they waited for the storm to pass. They spoke, laughed, and enjoyed their time together. Even chores done together had a sense of serenity to them.
But Trevor knew it was a bittersweet fantasy. This couldn’t last. As much as this felt like the closest thing he’s had to home in a long time, it couldn’t happen. He couldn
:iconav-anders:av-anders 10 3
..:: Quiet Type ::..
Zebra X Reader
    You never really had a whole lot of friends in your life. You were a quiet person, so those who did stay by your side really committed themselves to having a great friendship with you, even if you were soft spoken and didn’t talk much, Then, you met Toriko, and your friend circle suddenly became quite large, and rapidly too. You knew Coco, Sunny, Rin, Komatsu, and many others now. None of them were bothered by your quiet nature, and in fact, because of them you became a lot more open as a person. Everyone was privileged enough to hear your sassy side, and it brought them so much delight and laughter when you put your foot down on someone, mostly people never expecting it.
    Then one day, you met someone who was a complete polar opposite from you. Toriko introduced you to Zebra: the loudest man you’ve ever heard. He was recently released from prison and felt the need to ‘stretch his voice’ all the time,
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 7 0
Yay! Eddsworld by JaxAttaz Yay! Eddsworld :iconjaxattaz:JaxAttaz 883 337
Unexpected - Eustass Kid x Reader
“Get dressed, we’re going out to dinner.”
You never thought at you would ever hear those words voluntarily coming from him. Doing a double take, you wanted to make sure that he was feeling alright.
“Let me just…” as you tried to place a hand upon his forehead, he quickly swatted it away; rejecting any speculation of an illness with a pushy hand.
A growl he spouted as his lip curled to your reaction, “Shut up and just do it already, we’re leaving in an hour.”
You backed up a bit, leaning on the couch to get a better look at him. “What’s the rush?” You quickly spit out the question without pondering too much on it.
Puzzled, you tried desperately to figure out the reason for the change in his demeanor. “It’s not like you made reser—” you slowly faded out as you caught wind of his plans. The shift in is expression visually confirmed your out there speculation.
Dawning a sparkle in your eyes, you
:iconcorazonstealer:CorazonStealer 16 2
Mature content
Shota Aizawa x Reader Pampered :iconbrittbratt1989:brittbratt1989 11 6
Story of my Life (Slight Luffy x Reader)
Today was your first day at your new boarding school Grand Line Academy. You transferred in the middle of the semester in order to live in the dorms and start your personal project of writing a novel based off of high school life. While that's your goal you've been experiencing writer's block for weeks on the story. Right now, you're wandering the halls where you are completely lost as you try to search for your homeroom. 
(Damnit, where's this homeroom?) You stare into your schedule while walking only to bump into the back of a slightly muscular blonde boy.
The boy twitches a curly eyebrow in irritation as he starts turning. “Oi, watch where-”
He cuts himself off when he sees you and starts having hearts in his eyes. “My deepest apologies my lady! If I knew I’d bump into a princess today I’d have better prepared myself! My name is Sanji and you are?”
You look at him in utter confusion. (Wasn’t he gonna yell at me a second ago? Don’t
:iconmorianna19:morianna19 17 8
Keeping Company Luffy x Sick!Reader
*Ugh, of all the days to get sick why today?* Was the only thing you could think of as you stay in your room of the Thousand Sunny with a terrible cold. Today was the worst day to have it though.
Yesterday, crew docked on a summer island that's going to have a fireworks festival tonight. You were the most excited to go, with the exception of Luffy, but with your rotten luck you wound up getting sick. In order to try to still go you plan to hide in the girl's room to recover until it's time to go to the festival.
You chug down half your glass of orange juice before you lay yourself down on your bed. However, just when you're about to take a nap to help recover your door loudly slams open.
"Hey (y/n), wanna play outside?!"
You softly groan at your captain and best friend's loud voice before you sit up with a smile to hide your pain. "Sorry, I'm about to take a nap."
Luffy widens his eyes at how your voice sounded like it just went through a blender. "Are you ok? You sound wei
:iconmorianna19:morianna19 64 15
Older Sora  by sakimichan Older Sora :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 5,400 217
Whiskey and Wine - Eustass Kid x Reader
Slowly making your way downstairs, the clicking of your heels melted into the soft jazz filling the underground bar. Looking forward to this moment for the past counted days, you couldn’t be seated soon enough.
One glass of sweet wine, poured fully to the top, just enough to calm enlivened nerves.
Swaying softly to the rhythm while indulging in a longer sip, you could almost get lost in the moment. An innocent indulgence of good music and drinks, all gave way to the night. Focused upon their own pleasure, it was simple to catch the one deviating.
His fiery eyes stared deeply unbeknownst to the word of shame. Locked tightly from across the bar, his gaze held as he met yours. Etched devious thoughts, he continued even as he was signaled over.
A low smirk played upon your ruby painted lips secretly forming as you took a second sip. Men like him were far too predictable.
“What are you having?” He lingered, standing staunchly besides as he set his amber drink down alongsid
:iconcorazonstealer:CorazonStealer 41 6
Doffy x reader Going Rogue pt 1
He was tall and Ominous sitting on his throne. Brilliantly terrifying, Darkly tempting, Sinfully beautiful. The King was many things, weak was not one of those things. He was not weak, when he killed his own father. He did not flinch when he killed his brother. He stood fearlessly amongst his army the day he claimed the very throne he now sat upon. He would not even show weakness in the face of death. He was not however prepared for what he would go thru the night he met you. 
All the guards seemed to be gathered at the north gates. Whatever commotion was going on you were thankful for it. It allowed you to slip into the castle undetected. Silently you crept down empty corridors. The castle seemed strangely absent of anyone, not just guardsmen. Whatever was going on at the north gates must have been a big deal. It wasn't something you were complaining about. It made your job easier. Now Hopefully your mark was still in the castle. 
Donquixote Doflamingo, Also known as Your ma
:iconbrittbratt1989:brittbratt1989 20 5
Mature content
Fire and Ice (Axel x Reader) :iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 37 10
Otavio's Adventure - Seafood Shop by PavelElagin Otavio's Adventure - Seafood Shop :iconpavelelagin:PavelElagin 204 17


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