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Trying 70: Really guys..?
By the time Law reached the dining area everyone was looking over in one direction, whispering to each other. It didn't take a genius to guess what they were staring at. Sighing, Law walks deeper into the dining room, coming to a stop when he sees a table that is practically stacked to the ceiling with dishes. Luffy brushes past Law and rushes over to the food bar, grabbing a plate and instantly begins to shovel food onto it.
The person manning the bar, and was stuck with the task of replacing food trays that get close to being empty, was having a problem keeping up with the boys as they constantly grab food. Law absently wonders if the hotel will change the breakfast buffet into something much more limited after they leave the hotel. Luffy had a wide grin on his face as he waddles over to the table, balancing a precariously stacked plate of food.
Everyone's stunned expression made Law smirk slightly. He found it amusing, through if he had to pay for this he wouldn't honestly, but sinc
:iconkirakux:Kirakux 69 53
Listen pt5~ Odd

        You yawn slightly, rubbing your cheek and smiling as you walk onto the campus. You couldn’t stop thinking about the game, you wanted to play more already. “Hey ___,” Bonnie pokes you, making you blink back from your daydream.
         “Hm? What's up?” You ask, looking at her.
         “I was about to ask you, you look tired, did you stay up gaming?” She asks.
          “Yeah it was an early release… So cool.” You admit, smiling more.
          “... Im sure it was.” She smiles. Of course she didn't understand your enthusiasm for it, but you were still happy.
         On your way to class, you catch sight of Dogtooth and s
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 48 7
6131712 by Daiisou 6131712 :icondaiisou:Daiisou 138 5 Kiyohime WIP by EnysGuerrero Kiyohime WIP :iconenysguerrero:EnysGuerrero 191 6 Icon commission batch 14 by Leirix Icon commission batch 14 :iconleirix:Leirix 171 10
Pirate!England x Princess!Reader {Prologue}
Arthur Kirkland sighed as he sat in his prison cell.
This wasn't the first time he had been put in jail, however, no matter how many times you arrived here it didn't make the experience any more enjoyable.
Why was the great Captain Kirkland in jail?
He didn't know. All he knew was that while he was out sailing the sea, he came across a Spanish ship. Once looting the ship and easily beating the crew, he found a little girl, no more than Eight years old, being held prisoner there. Upon returning the girl to shore, he discovered that she was the young daughter of the King and Queen…Meaning she was a princess.
He and his crew were blamed for her kidnapping and put in jail.
Sighing he leant back against the solid brick wall.
He was being held in the Castle, while his men were held in the central prison. Taking of his hat, he set it down beside him and looked out at the sea through the bared window.
He wanted to get out of here, he wanted to sail the sea again. He had spent far
:iconxxtotheskiesxx:xXToTheSkiesXx 813 124
Sharp ~ Killer x Reader *Oneshot*

*This Oneshot is for :icontoysizedlady: Thank you so much again I hope you like it!*
    “Excuse me.” The low voice makes you pause your work and look over at the masked man.
     “Yeah what can I do for you?” You inquire, moving away from the grinding stone. He holds up two scythe like blades.
      “Could you fix these up?” He inquires. You take the blades, sharp eyes already taking in the extensive damage. No good, these blades were splitting and chipping already. A frown comes to your lips briefly.
        “How long will you be on the island?” You ask him.
         “Three days I believe.” He answers with a slight nod.
         “Alright. Give me about a day and a half and I’ll have them ready for you.” You tell him. He nods and leaves at that. You wait a few mom
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 226 40
Inktober 2018 #29 by fenrier Inktober 2018 #29 :iconfenrier:fenrier 6 0 Finn And Fiona look who took the cake by Limbonix Finn And Fiona look who took the cake :iconlimbonix:Limbonix 165 67 Fiona and Cake by ARTazi Fiona and Cake :iconartazi:ARTazi 370 10
Mature content
Starting from death - Law x Reader (Pt. 73) Lemon :icontocglitch:tocglitch 40 48
itachi :3 by itaXita itachi :3 :iconitaxita:itaXita 1,250 355 Madara by Zetsuai89 Madara :iconzetsuai89:Zetsuai89 822 0 Sasuke Uchiha by BlackMarlb0r0 Sasuke Uchiha :iconblackmarlb0r0:BlackMarlb0r0 52 7
Starting from death - Law x Reader (Pt. 20)
NOTE: This story may contain spoilers. You've been warned!
You sighed as you hanged up, and turned to your computer's screen, wondering what to do to clear this mess. However, you were too tired to think about it at the moment, so you decided to leave it for now. You crossed your arms and stared at Law. "My life is pretty chaotic since you appeared." You accused him.
"You're welcome." He plainly replied, keeping his eyes between the book pages. He raised them when he heard you laughing, though, and blinked wondering what was so funny all of a sudden.
"What a fuss you've caused with two single words." You laughed. "For such a serious looking guy, you really have talent to turn my world upside down." He simply stared at you not knowing how to answer. "Esther told me you like onigiri and grilled fish, so I bought the ingredients on my way here. I never made onigiri before, will you help me?" You asked, a smile plastered on your face.
He smirked, joy briefly sparking in his gorgeous eyes a
:icontocglitch:tocglitch 77 117
Tied Up ~ Eustass Kid x Reader *Oneshot*

      “And don’t go into the basement, I’ll be back in three hours.” Your cousin tells you.
       “Right, have fun Killer.” You wave after him before he goes out. “I can’t believe I let him pay me gummy bears to house watch…” You mutter. “And for only three hours… He’s such a weirdo.” You hum starting to eat the gummy bears and turn on a movie to watch. You hear something thump and look around. With a shrug you go back to watching the movie.
       Another thump, and then the lights go out. “Fuck. Are you shitting me?” You grumble getting up and turning on the flashlight on your phone. You go to the basement door and go down in search of the fuse box. You find it in the corner and put the bag of gummys in your mouth as you flip the switch. The lights come back on and you relax, putting up your phone
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