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This is the logo I plan to use for my future website which will be named Jaxon Digital Studio. I would really love some feedback to see what everyone thinks I should do with the logo. Anything will be greatly appreciated.
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its cool man,
but if u could make it looks a bit metal,
it could be better! keep it the good work! ;)
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Thanks. Any good tips on how I could make it shine like metal?
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one of a tip u could make like i did on my X-Men wallpaper,
make a new blank layer, then u use fiber, then use motion blur,
also give it some metal color like silver, a bit grey or somethin,
also u could take from any metal surface picture then apply the above effect step,
then just apply the effect on the object u've design,
another simple tips, u also can add pattern overlay,
n in the layer style mode, choose satin n put the scale around 1-5/10,
depends on ur object size, then u could make it looks like a bit metal or grillz/bling2 style metal effect..
aight... hope this simple tips could help u ;)
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Thanks. I'm gonna give it a try. Yea, I looked at your X-Men wallpaper, so I knew you had the tools to do it. I appreciate it.