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Warriors AMV Screenshot Redraw - The Kill by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff Warriors AMV Screenshot Redraw - The Kill by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff

EDIT: Alright, I’ve tweaked and reuploaded this thing about fifty times, and I think I’ve finally got it looking the way I want. And I’m gonna force myself to stop tweaking it before I end up ruining it. :P

I felt like making another one of these, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to pay tribute to one of my bigger influences as a young Warriors fan artist, Flightfootwarrior.

Flightfootwarrior was one of the bigger names in Warriors animation when I was growing up. She always had a unique style to her videos, which was more anime-inspired than some of the other animators at the time. Her frames were drawn in Paint, which was always impressive considering how basic a program Paint is, and it always gave her art a unique look. Her videos were a bit more stylized than others, with some of the frames being more symbolic and emotional than literal representations of scenes from Warriors – not that there wasn’t that sort of thing in other videos, but it was more prominent in her stuff. I definitely took a fair bit of influence from that when making my (horrifically old and terrible) animations, though part of that was looking for a lazy way out of animating more frames. :P

Anyway, I really liked watching Flightfootwarrior’s stuff on YouTube as a kid, and her videos introduced me to a fair bit of my musical taste, so I figured I should pay tribute to that with another AMV screenshot redraw. ^^ I decided to use a frame from her Ashfur AMV, “The Kill,” as it was one I watched a fair bit as a kid, and it gave me the chance to uphold the time-honored tradition of drawing Ashfur looking sad and depressed over Squirrelflight and emphasizing his sadness rather than his dangerous sense of possession over Squirrelflight that led him to feel entitled to murdering her children. ^^ Ha, yeah, I can’t stand Ashfur, and videos like this definitely took more of a “boo hoo, poor sad Ashfur” angle than “yeah, Ashfur really took this whole thing too far” angle, but it’s still fun to watch and set to a fun song, so I figured I’d pick that one to draw. ^^

Here's the frame I was redrawing: LINK I picked this frame because it looked like it would be fun to redraw, with the sunset background, and with Ashfur, Squirrelflight, and Brambleclaw all in frame, and interesting poses for all three of them. Once again, I used my own designs for all of the characters, since I felt like seeing what my own designs would look like with these poses, and ‘cause I just felt like it. :P I think the perspective with this accidently made it look like, with how far away and blurred they seem, that Bramble and Squirrel are friggin’ huge compared to Ashfur, which was not my intention, but oh well. :P

I’m really happy with how the poses turned out for all three of them. I don’t usually draw cats from behind, so I was pleasantly surprised with how well Brambleclaw’s pose came out, and to a slightly lesser extent Squirrelflight’s. I know I made a pretty big size difference between the two, but I really wanted to emphasize their sizes. Squirrelflight is supposed to be sorta shorter and on the small size, while Bramblestar is supposed to be massive, the largest cat in the Clan, so I felt justified in making Squirrelflight a full head or so shorter than Brambleclaw. By rights, he maybe should be even larger, but I didn’t want to push it. I’m not great at judging how large large cats should be, and how small small cats should be, and so on. Anyway, I’m really happy with how Bramble’s pose turned out, and I think I really managed to get across his size and heft, and I really like the look of Squirrel leaning against him, and their tails entwined. The shading turned out pretty good on them too, though Squirrelflight sorta looks like she’s on fire with how bright the shading from the sunrise got. :P

I’m really happy with how Ashfur’s pose turned out as well, and his expression. :D I turned him to face a little towards the camera compared to the old screenshot, as I couldn’t get the look of the chest puffing out to look quite right, and it just seemed more fitting with the way his head and body were turned. But the rest was pretty much supposed to be a replication of the old screenshot. My Ashfur has thicker fur than Flightfootwarrior’s, at least on the tail, though he lacks her Ashfur’s head tuft. :P I really like how his pattern looks here, you can really see why he was named after his flecked pelt. ^^ His expression turned out more angry than on the screenshot, where he looked more sad, which miiiiiiiiight have something to do with my overall dislike of Ashfur and preference for portraying him as the angry, possessive manchild that he is, but also it just worked when converting his sort of narrow-eyed expression from the screenshot. :P I’m still not totally sure about the shading on him, but it seemed to make sense to put him mostly in shadow with how he’s facing away from the sunset. Dunno, I might tweak it later, but for now I’m mostly happy with it.

I’m also fairly happy with the background, though I am wondering whether I might have gone a touch overboard with the bright lighting and reddish colors from the sunset. ^^ Dunno, it didn’t look right when it was darker and less saturated, this at least looks better, and I am pretty happy with it, I’m just not sure if it looks totally right. The clouds started out looking like garbage (I really need to learn how to draw clouds), but honestly with the new lighting they actually look pretty good. There weren’t any clouds in the old screenshot, but the drawing didn’t look right without them, the sky just looked too blank, so I threw them in there. :P Honestly, I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out, and I think it’s a pretty good re-interpretation of the old screenshot. :D

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this. :D

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