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Squirrelflight of ThunderClan - Faded Boundaries

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Published: August 11, 2013
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This is Squirrelflight of ThunderClan.
Name: Squirrelflight
Gender: Female
Clan: ThunderClan
Rank: Deputy
Mother: Sandstorm (deceased)
Father: Firestar (deceased)
Sister: Leafpool
Mate: Bramblestar
Adopted Sons: Lionblaze, Jayfeather
Adopted Daughter: Hollyleaf (deceased)

EDIT: Design has since been changed.

Never again. I am not drawing this complicated, made up of twenty different colors she-cat again. NEVER AGAIN I TELL YOU! Seriously though, this is the most complicated cat I have ever drawn, though I'm insanely happy with how she came out. :D Her pose, her colors, just everything. I'm just happy with everything. But I never want to draw it again. Not for a long time, anyway.


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KalahariMeerkatfanHobbyist General Artist
Are you going to make Squirrelflight and Bramblestar some kits? From what I heard, Squirrel is actually pregnant (how surprising since I deemed her as barren due to inability to produce milk). Squirrelflight is an...iffy character to me. She was annoying as an apprentice and I hated how rude she was to Brambleclaw due to the Hawkfrost thing, but I think she did mature and I hated how she and Leafpool were constantly being blamed for what happened...

But I gave her a torbie daughter, my precious Turtlepaw.
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Jayie-The-HufflepuffHobbyist Writer
All I'll say is that Squirrelflight is pregnant in my post-TLH fanfic. ^^ I adored Squirrelflight from the start, she's one of my favorites.

Cute. ^^
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Jayie-The-HufflepuffHobbyist Writer
Thanks! Which is good, because I will not be drawing her again any time soon.