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Shrew of Breeze's Camp - Code of the Forest
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Published: March 11, 2018
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This is Shrew of Breeze's Camp.
Name: Shrew
Gender: Female
Clan: ShadowClan (formerly), Rogue (formerly), Breeze's Camp
Rank: Guard
Mother:Whitewater (deceased)
Father: Blackstar (deceased)

So, my design for Shrew has been bugging me for a while. The anatomy looks really awkward, the scars were way too big and bright, and the pattern looked really unrealistic. So when I made a more realistic, pointed sort of design for Antpelt, I suddenly got the idea to make Blackstar and his daughter more realistic designs by making them pointed cats too. It took me a while to get to Shrew's design, I've been busy trying to look for another job, and I've had some other stuff going on, but finally, here is Shrew's new, much prettier and more realistic design. ^^

To start with, after trying out what other people were doing with their designs with the Artist Style Meme, I decided to make a few changes to how I draw cats. Specifically, I decied to make my lineart thinner. The thicker lineart I usually work with was starting to look kind of awkward and it was making my drawings look less detailed. I also looked at pictures of cats to try and make my anatomy as realistic as I possibly could. I'm actually really proud of how this one turned out. The anatomy looks more realistic, the face looks more realistic, and the eyes are a realistic size - I realized after look back at some old art that I'd been making eyes much too large lately.

Shrew here is on the lithe side, and smaller than her father, more of an average size for a she-cat. But she's still got some muscle. She's got an average head, average eyes and muzzle, her ears are a touch large but not huge. She has quite a few scars, some from her life as a warrior, but quite a few are from her rebellion and from her life as a rogue and as Breeze's follower.

I changed her pattern and her colors completely from what they were before. Since she's described in the text as a gray cat with black paws, and her father is a pointed cat, I decided to make her a pointed cat as well. Specifically, she has a smoke pattern, a gray or silver body with black points and black markings throughout. Not sure if you can genetically get a smoke cat from a white cat and a white pointed cat, but oh well. :P It fits her written description, and it's a really pretty pattern, so I decided to run with it.

Unlike her father, her entire face is black, so it was a bit harder to justify only her legs being described as black before. But I tried to put enough lighter markings on her face, while her legs remained solid black, to justify that description. I based her design off of several pictures of smoke cats I saw online. A lot of them had much more black throughout the pelt, but some were mostly just confined to the legs, tail, and face, so I felt justified in keeping her black markings limited.

I made her main gray color a less saturated shade of the gray/brown markings on Blackstar's pelt. I gave her two lighter belly colors, since I saw some smoke cats with lighter bellies and necks. The lighter fur circles all the way around her neck, by the by, like with some smoke cats I saw online. She's got the black markings, of course, and her nose is black now because of the surrounding fur being so dark. I picked new, darker ear and scar colors to better match the surrounding fur.

Her eyes were an interesting matter. On the wiki, she's described as having amber eyes, and her eyes do seem kind of amber on her old ref sheet. She could've inherited her father's amber eyes. However, in the text, she's described once (that I counted) as having yellow eyes, and the rest of the time her eyes are described as golden. I didn't want to go against my own writing, so I decided to give her the golden eyes. While it would've been nice for her to have her father's eyes, she can get the golden from someone else in the family, and I think they look very pretty on her. ^^ Her whole design is far prettier than a nasty she-cat like her deserves, but ah well. :P

Overall, I'm really, really happy with how this turned out. :D


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DevinitalHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh she is lovely. Too bad she turned out to a be a complete jerk.
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Jayie-The-HufflepuffHobbyist Writer
Thanks! :D I'm really happy with how her design turned out. And yeah, it's definitely a shame.
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KalahariMeerkatfanHobbyist General Artist
This...actually better for her. A black smoke. 
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