EOTW: Silent Sacrifice: Epilogue

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Published: February 25, 2017
Warriors Series 5.5: Echoes of the War
Book 6: Silent Sacrifice

     “...She would raise her daughters in the nursery, and she would live for and serve her Clan until the day she came to join Eeltooth in the stars. It was finally over.”

     Six eager faces stared back at the elder, eyes gleaming with wonder as the elder brought their story to a close. “I love hearing that story,” one fluffy tabby purred, her yellow eyes glowing. “I still can't believe the Silent One saved us from the Dark Forest all on her own!”

     The elder's whiskers twitched. “She wasn't all on her own, Moonpaw,” they reminded the apprentice. “She may have been the one to defeat Shade, but she never could have done it if her friends hadn't been there to fight beside her.” Some distant emotion glowed in the elder's eyes for a moment. “They all had their parts to play in ridding us of the Dark Forest.”

     Moonpaw dipped her head in acknowledgment of the elder's words, giving a respectful mew of agreement. The blue-gray she-cat and the gray tabby sitting beside Moonpaw seemed equally enthralled with the elder's story, as did the cream tabby and the dark ginger tabby on the far end of the line, but a dark brown tabby on Moonpaw's other side didn't look impressed.

     A warm breeze rolled lazily into the elder's den, threading through the elder's coarse pelt, speckled white with age. It was not long before sunset, an early evening in the middle of greenleaf, and the Clan was winding down for the night. The Clan's six apprentices had decided they wanted a story before going to sleep for the night, so they'd come to bother the elders about it. One elder was out getting something to eat, while the other two were napping in their nests, but the fourth had been awake when the apprentices had arrived. At the apprentices' request, they had told the well-known tale of the Silent One and her battle against the darkness. It warmed the elder's heart to see them drinking in the old tale, committing it to memory just as they had done so long ago.

     As the elder began washing their paws, they could hear the apprentices murmuring to each other about the story they'd just heard. After a few moments, the blue-gray she-cat spoke up in a quiet mew. “Did the Silent One get to watch her kits grow up after the battle?” she asked, curiosity tempered with shyness in her mew.

     Before the elder could respond, the dark brown tabby cut them off. “Who cares, Stonepaw? It's not like it really matters,” the tabby mewed, giving the blue-gray cat a condescending look. “It's just a story. Every cat knows the Dark Forest is just a story made up to scare kits.”

     Stonepaw flinched from her denmate's words, hurt glowing in her dark orange eyes. The elder fixed the dark tabby with a stern look for a moment. “It's far more than just a story, Thicketpaw,” they reprimanded the apprentice. “The Silent One was real, and the Silent Battle really happened. All of what I told you is true.”

     Thicketpaw's pelt fluffed out in surprise. All around the elder, Thicketpaw's denmates were reacting with similar surprise – all but the cream tabby, who just gave a small flick of her tail in agreement. “It... really happened?” Thicketpaw repeated, looking uncertain for a moment. Then, the confident gleam returned to her amber eyes. “Nah, it's probably just some elder's tale that got made up seasons ago, but whoever passed it down told everyone it was real.”

     “I can assure you, that's not what happened,” the elder said. Amusement was starting to tinge their mew. “I know for a fact that the Silent One was real.”

     Thicketpaw exchanged a glance with the dark ginger tabby she-cat, who turned back to the elder with a curious expression. “How can you know for sure?” the tabby asked, tipping her head.

     The elder fought back the sudden sadness pricking at their heart. They turned their muzzle away, gazing past the apprentices to the view beyond the den's entrance, trying to catch a glimpse of the  setting sun as memories of their long life swirled in their mind.

     In a rasping mew, she told the apprentices, “Because she was my mother.”

     Five pairs of eyes flew open wide as moons at her revelation. “The Silent One was your mother?” the gray tabby repeated, looking stunned. Thicketpaw seemed stunned too, but Moonpaw's eyes gleaming with awe, and a purr had escaped Stonepaw, her tail fluffed out in pleased surprise. “Is that true, Jaycloud?”

     Jaycloud dipped her head. “Yes, it's true, Swallowpaw,” she rasped. “Silentstorm was my mother, and Lightfoot was my father. I was only a kit when my mother defeated, Shade, but I remember her coming back from the battle after being missing for over half a moon. She was badly wounded, and exhausted from everything she'd gone through, and from losing her friend. But she was so happy to be home again.” Sadness and fondness battled in her mind at the memory of her mother's return to WindClan's camp. “I don't think she left my sister's or my side the whole day after we got back.”

     “So she got to see her family again after the battle after all?” Stonepaw asked, a hopeful gleam in her eyes.”

     “Yes, she did,” Jaycloud mewed, warmth entering her mew. “After she and the others told the Clan that the Dark Forest was gone forever, we were able to travel back to ThunderClan's territory. She settled back into the ThunderClan nursery, and she stayed there with us until Bramblestar made us apprentices.” She gave Stonepaw a encouraging glance, mewing, “She lived for seasons after the Silent Battle as a warrior, and was never called on to fight the darkness again. She had a good life, Stonepaw, and a happy one.”

     Relief and joy glowed together in Stonepaw's eyes. Before she could speak again, a flame-colored tom padded into the den, blinking as his sight adjusted to the low lighting. His amber gaze fixed on apprentices. “Ah, so you're in here,” he mewed, approaching the young cats. “I'd wondered where all of you had run off to.”

     The dark ginger tabby approached the tom, tail held high and eyes gleaming with excitement. “We wanted to hear the story of the Silent Battle,” she told the tom. “Did you know that the Silent One was Jaycloud's mother?”

     The tom purred, touching noses with the ginger tabby. “Yes, I did know that,” he told her. He glanced up at Jaycloud, mewing, “I hope my daughters and their denmates haven't been bothering you too much.”

     “Not at all, Emberpelt,” Jaycloud mewed with a small dip of her head. “I'm always happy to tell our young cats my mother's story.”

     Emberpelt gave a small purr. “Glad to hear it.” He glanced at the apprentices, his mew turning more brisk. “Come on, all of you. You should get something to eat and get to sleep – you all have training in the morning. Thicketpaw, we'll be working on bird-hunting tomorrow, so be ready to go by the time the sun's up.” Thicketpaw groaned, but didn't protest further, simply dipping her head at her mentor's command. “And Firepaw, I heard Bluecloud saying he was going to take you battle training tomorrow. You'll need your rest for that.”

     The dark ginger tabby's eyes lit up. “That sounds great!” Firepaw rose to her paw, trotting to her father's side as her denmates started to rise as well. One by one, the apprentices began to follow Emberpelt out of the den, mewing a quick thanks to Jaycloud for the story as they passed her.

     Jaycloud watched them pass, a feeling of contentment coming over her as she glanced over them all. Firepaw's pelt didn't have the same brilliant hue as her father, or the legendary leader after which she had been named, but she could see the eagerness and energy of fire in the young apprentice. Stonepaw was much quieter than her denmates, but she was advancing well in her training, and was becoming a promising fighter. Moonpaw's frame was growing more lithe and elegant under her thick pelt, the build of a hunter, while Swallowpaw was developing the powerful build of a fighter. Thicketpaw was the image of Bramblestar, with the same dark tabby coat and amber eyes as her ancestors, and the same strong frame. All of them showed promise, and were apprentices the Clan could be proud of. But there was one in particular who had always filled Jaycloud with both fondness and sadness at the sight of her.

     The blind, gray eyes of Silentpaw stayed in Jaycloud's memory even as the apprentice followed after her denmates, leaving the elder's den behind entirely. Silentpaw was Emberpelt's daughter, the littermate of Firepaw. When it had become clear the young she-cat was blind, her parents had named her after her ancestor, Silentstorm, the first blind warrior and the cat who had saved them all from the darkness. Though Silentpaw's eyes were a lighter gray than Silentstorm's had been, and Silentpaw was quieter than her namesake, Jaycloud always felt a pang of sadness and warmth together at the sight of her eyes. It was almost like seeing her mother staring back out at her again.

     Jaycloud remained lying in her nest for a long while after the apprentices had gone. Mapleleaf and Tanya were snoring lightly from their nests, and Featherbreeze's nest was still empty. The solitude in the den was peaceful, and for a few moments, Jaycloud allowed herself to enjoy it. But eventually, restlessness tugged at her paws. She rose to standing, her aged joints creaking in protest, and began padding to the den's entrance. She wanted to see her Clan and her camp again before letting herself sleep for the night.

     The stone hollow was cast in an amber light as the sun set over the trees. Jaycloud stepped out into the hollow, feel the warmth of the greenleaf sun on her pelt. All around the hollow, cats were stretched out on the grass, having their evening meals and sharing tongues with their Clanmates. Blackwing and Bluecloud were sharing a pheasant with their daughter, Stonepaw, while Frostflower and Yellowleaf chatted over a sparrow nearby. The deputy, Stormstrike, was sharing a squirrel with his younger sister Fawnfur near the base of the High Ledge. Brookberry was sitting near the nursery, chatting with Petalsnow as the small medicine cat checked over Petalsnow's rounded belly.

     Jaycloud's gaze drifted up to the High Ledge, which was cast in the brilliant amber glow of the setting sun. She had seen so many leaders stand on that ledge in her long life. Bramblestar, Squirrelstar, Ivystar, and Shadowstar had all stood there in their turn, watching over the Clan that their ancestors had entrusted to them. Now, in the cave behind the High Ledge, lay the den of the current leader. Jaycloud let her gaze drift across the camp until it finally fell upon her leader.

     Willowstar was starting to look as bony and white-speckled as Jaycloud in her old age, though she hadn't seen nearly as many greenleafs as Jaycloud had. Her pale brown pelt didn't have the dark, rich hue that her father's had. But Shadowstar's daughter had inherited his strong frame and his courage and nobility. From her mother Littledaisy, she had gained her long, sleek pelt, and green eyes. Willowstar had led the Clan for many greenleafs now, and was starting to slow. But she ruled with all of the nobility of her father before her, and had kept ThunderClan safe through moons of peace. Jaycloud knew that she would continue to serve her Clan with everything she had, no matter how old she got, until StarClan came to claim her.

     Jaycloud watched the leader a few moments longer, then began walking stiffly towards the fresh-kill pile, her joints aching with every step. As she plucked a squirrel off the pile and carried it to the side of the beech tree to eat, her mind was teeming with memories of long ago.

     What she had told Stonepaw was true. Silentstorm had lived a good life after the Silent Battle, as a loyal warrior of her Clan, never again called to fulfill a prophecy or walk a separate path. Jaycloud and Screechwing had trained hard, and become loyal warriors of ThunderClan, following in the example set by their parents. Screechwing had been as confident a warrior as their mother, and while not as strong of a fighter, she had always served her Clan with everything she had. Her humor and nosiness had always made Jaycloud's whiskers twitch – that was perhaps what Jaycloud had missed the most since her sister's passing.

     It wasn't just Screechwing who was gone – they were all gone, all of the cats who had walked by her side as a young cat. Silentstorm had never made it to the elder's den – she had died five greenleafs after the Silent Battle, fighting on her paws to defend her Clan. Darkbreeze had died less than half a moon after, quickly joining her best friend in Silverpelt.

     The rest of the cats from the Silent Battle had fared better. Nightfern and Specklefoot both got to spend several peaceful seasons in the elder's den before being called away to StarClan. Finstrike had risen to the top of her Clan, serving as their leader, Finstar, for many moons. Though always wary of the other Clans, she had been a noble leader, swift to defend her Clan but wise and merciful in her dealings with all cats, even in the other Clans. She was the last of all of the cats from the Silent Battle to die.

     Ambertalon died two greenleafs after Silentstorm, but she retired into the elder's den alongside her mate first, Lightfoot joining them not long after. Lightfoot had gone after that, and then Blazeheart had been the last left in ThunderClan. Then he too was gone, and all of the cats who had risked so much for the Clans were dead.

     Jaycloud hadn't been alone after that. Though she'd missed her parents fiercely, she'd always had family to walk beside her. Some seasons after she and Screechwing were grown, Silentstorm had given birth to a second litter. Mistydawn, Thorntooth, and Hollybreeze had grown into fine warriors, and Jaycloud had always tried to be there for them, especially after their parents passed. But one by one, they too were called away by StarClan, as were Screechwing, Wrenfoot, and all of Ambertalon and Blazeheart's kits from their later litters. Now, Jaycloud was the only one left.

     Jaycloud sighed, glancing up at the sky. Eighteen long greenleafs had passed since the Silent Battle. Jaycloud was the oldest cat in all four Clans, and the only cat left who had met Silentstorm while she was alive. Memories of Blazeheart's kind mew, Ambertalon's boasts about how she'd lost her eyes in the Silent Battle, the love in her father's soft mew, swirled together in her mind and made her heart ache with loss. She could still see her mother's blind eyes, blazing with love for her and her siblings, even seasons after Silentstorm had died. Jaycloud had seen so much in the many seasons she had lived, and she had lost so much too. Sometimes, the thought of all the cats she'd lost made her chest hurt so much it was hard to breathe.

     But she was no longer the shy, uncertain kit she had once been, and she did not let her loss control her. Jaycloud had always been surrounded by the love of her Clanmates, and it had made her strong. She had sometimes wondered as a kit whether a quiet, awkward kit like her would ever find her place in the Clan. Now she knew that she always had a place here, because ThunderClan was her family, and had always accepted her. Silentstorm had taught her to be confident in who she was, and now, she tried to pass on the same lessons to the young cats of the Clan.

     Screechwing had taken Oatfall as her mate, and Thorntooth had taken a mate as well, seasons later. Both couples had raised kits, and their descendants, like Silentpaw, still ran with the Clan now. But Jaycloud had never wanted a mate. It was enough for her to have family and friends who loved her, and to help raise the kits of her siblings. Those kits were all gone too now, but Jaycloud could see the ripples of her siblings' kits in the Clanmates who ate and shared tongues around her now. Jaycloud still watched over her kin, and all of her Clanmates, always remembering how much love her family had shown her.

     She knew she didn't have much time left. No Clan cat had ever lived as long as her before, at least as far as Jaycloud knew. Every day, her body felt weaker, and when she dreamed she could hear StarClan whispering to her, calling her closer. Jaycloud no longer feared death. She had seen so much, and had felt so much love, but now she was tired. She would go whenever StarClan called her, ready to finally rest among the stars, after serving her Clan for so long.

     The only thing she had left to keep her here was making sure that her mother was remembered. Ever since her mother had died, she had worked to keep her memory alive in the Clan. The story of the Silent Battle, and the brave Silent One, had been passed down through the generations. Jaycloud continued to tell her story as the seasons passed, determined to make sure that Silentstorm was forever remembered for everything she had done for the Clans. Because of Silentstorm, and all of the cats in the Silent Battle, the Clans would never have to fear the Dark Forest again.

     There had always been enemies to threaten the Clans in the long seasons of Jaycloud's life. Foxes, badgers, sickness, even the other Clans. But the darkness had never stirred again in all of Jaycloud's life. They would never threaten the Clans again, and Jaycloud was determined to make sure the Clans remembered why. Now, with the story of the Silent Battle rippling through all four Clans, Jaycloud felt sure that her mother's legacy was secured. She felt more content and at peace than ever before.

     Jaycloud gave a soft sigh. Setting the squirrel aside for a moment, she stretched out on the sun-warmed grass, letting her chin rest on her paws. Up there, in Silverpelt, her family was waiting for her. All of the cats he had ever known and loved would be there to greet her when her time was up. Silentstorm and her friends would be remembered, and Jaycloud could rest, knowing she had served her Clan and her mother's memory well. She knew that sometime soon, she would see her mother's gray eyes glowing with love for her once again, as she came to lead her daughter to Silverpelt.

     A quiet purr escaped Jaycloud as she let her eyes close. Her Clan was safe, and soon, she would watch over them from the stars beside her mother. She was at peace.

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Let me tell you what I wish I'd known
When I was young and dreamed of glory
You have no control

Who lives
Who dies
Who tells your story...


Every other founding father's story gets told
Every other founding father gets to grow old


And when you're gone, who remembers your name?


Who keeps your flame?
Who tells your story?


Who tells your story?
Who tells your story?
Who tells your story?



I put myself back in the narrative




I stop wasting time on tears
I live another fifty years
It's not enough...

...You could have done so much more if you only had




And when my time is up, have I done enough?
Will they tell our story?
...Oh, I can wait to see you again
It's only a matter of



Sorry for the lengthy lyrics at the start of these notes, but honestly, this song is so fitting for this chapter. And that wasn't intentional, by the by. I had this chapter set in stone in my head for years, long before I ever heard of Hamilton, long before I had even decisively decided how the main conflict with Shade would end, in fact. I always knew that I wanted Silentstorm's story to end with her daughter making sure her tale was passed on through the Clan.

So here we are. The final part of the story. The epilogue of the final (main) book of the Echoes of the Wars series. Almost five years after I began writing Faded Boundaries, and now the story is finished. It's so weird to think that it's finally over. I'll still be writing some novellas, but the main story, Silentstorm's story, is done.

Alright, I'm going to be covering a /ton/ in these author's notes, so sorry if this gets a bit long. But I've been doing a lot of work to prepare for this epilogue, hence why it took two weeks to post it. Actually, I only started writing the actual epilogue today – I wrote it all in a few hours. I had already imagined this scene so many times in my head that I already pretty much knew how it was going to go. But there was a lot of work I wanted to do for things that would be revealed after the story.

First of all, let's cover some of the stuff Jaycloud was talking about. It's been eighteen years and a few months since the Silent Battle (named so because of Silentstorm's involvement, the title of the Silent One, and because the prophecy and the battle were done “silently,” kept secret from the Clans until they were over). Every single cat who was alive during the events of EOTW is now dead. Right now, I'm going to say that all of the Clan cats went to StarClan – but I reserve the right to change this later if it suits the purposes of a novella. I'm not going to list who led every single cat to StarClan, because that would take /way/ too freaking long, but I'll cover some of the main cats. If you're curious about some of the other cats and who led them to StarClan, feel free to ask, and I'll try to come up with someone.

Silentstorm was led to StarClan by Jayfeather.
Ambertalon was led to StarClan by Dewpaw.
Lightfoot was led to StarClan by Silentstorm.
Blazeheart was led to StarClan by Ambertalon.

Specklefoot was led to StarClan by Dewfrost.

Darkbreeze was led to StarClan by Crowfeather.
Nightfern was led to StarClan by Darkbreeze.

Finstar was led to StarClan by Eeltooth.

Now for some of the other things Jaycloud mentioned. Finstrike, as she said, became the leader of RiverClan while she was alive. She served as Reedstar's deputy after Mistystar died, and then rose to the leadership of the Clan. She was the only cat from the Silent Battle to ever become a deputy or leader.

As many of you guessed from my little hint on my Ambertalon/Blazeheart Valentine's day drawing, Ambertalon and Blazeheart did indeed have more kits. I didn't have a chance to mention their names during the chapter, but I can do so here, and their descriptions.

Second litter:

Lichenfall – sleek golden tabby she-cat with a thick coat and amber eyes (named after Lichenkit and Snowfall)
Swiftbrook – tiny very pale ginger-and-white tabby she-cat with soft blue eyes (named after Swiftpaw and WindClan, who sheltered Blazeheart and his family and are his kin)
Spottedcloud – lithe gray spotted tabby tom with green eyes (named after his spotted pelt and Cloudtail)

Third litter:

Whitewillow – white tom with green eyes (named after Whitewing and his calm, patient personality)
Flametuft – flame-colored she-cat with pale green eyes, a white dash on her chest, and thick fur (named after Firestar, who she very much resembles, and after her thick, tufted fur and tufted ears)

Silentstorm also had a second litter, and their names were mentioned in the text. I'll list their descriptions here:

Hollybreeze – small, lithe brown tabby she-cat with green eyes (named after Hollyleaf and Darkbreeze)
Thorntooth – large dark gray tom with a white chest, chin, stripe from nose to forehead, and paws, and light blue eyes (named after Hawthorn and Eeltooth)
Mistydawn – golden tabby she-cat with a white tail-tip, chest, throat, chin, and nose and forehead snip, and gray eyes (named after Dawn and Mistystar)

One thing I didn't get to mention in the chapter is that Nightfern and Wetwhisker had a second litter. I'll list them here:

Crowshine – skinny pale gray she-cat with yellow eyes (named after Crowfeather)
Grayheart – large dark gray tabby she-cat with amber eyes (named after Gray)
Darkpetal – dark gray-brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes (named after Darkbreeze, as she was born after Darkbreeze died)

That's all of the kits of the cats from the Silent Battle. I'll be uploading reference sheets for all of them, minus Nightfern's kits, in a few minutes. Yes, I already have all of their ref sheets drawn, and ref sheets for all of the Silent Battle's cat's other kits grown up. That's why it took so long to get to this epilogue. :P

Jaycloud also mentioned the names of all of the leaders of ThunderClan since Bramblestar. I'm just gonna confirm them, in case there were any doubts. Bramblestar led until he grew old, and was succeeded briefly by an also-old Squirrelflight, who became Squirrelstar. She chose Ivypool as her deputy, and after she died, Ivypool became Ivystar and was leader. Ivystar chose Shadowstripe as her deputy, and he became Shadowstar after Ivystar died. He chose Redleaf as his first deputy, but after Redleaf died, he chose his daughter Willowheart to be his new deputy. After Shadowstar died, Willowstar rose as the leader of ThunderClan.

I won't confirm every single cat (yet) who was a leader or deputy in the other Clans, but I'll tell you some of the ones I think you'll actually care about. Tigerstar died young-ish, and Olivestar rose as leader after him. She chose Buffy as her deputy, and after she died, Buffy became leader. But she kept her kittypet name, becoming the first nine-lived leader to never take on -star after their name. Larksong became Larkstar after Heatherstar died, and she chose Darkbreeze's daughter Stormbreeze as her deputy. Stormbreeze then became Stormstar, leader of WindClan.

But wait! That's not all! I have been spending the last few months mapping out the full family trees of each of the Clans, starting from the end of Silent Sacrifice to the epilogue, stretching those eighteen years. There's a /lot/ of names on that list of characters that never made an appearance, so I don't know if this is going to be interesting to many people. But I wanted to make sure I knew who everyone was related to and descended from in the epilogue, so I did it anyway.

I put all of those notes together (as well as some notes on all leaders, deputies, and medicine cats in that time, and changes to the warrior code, in a Google Docs folder. I'm putting the link for that here for anyone who wants to see it. Sorry for any mistakes – there's a lot of those notes, and I might've missed something.


Let's see, any other things I want to confirm... hmm, Cosmo finished his training under Icefur, stayed with WindClan and his family until his kits were grown, then returned to the city to be a medicine cat for the rogues and loners there. He and Darkbreeze visited each other as much as their commitments allowed, as did their kits. I think other than that, I've pretty much covered everything, other than warrior names for everyone (which I'm about to get to). If I've forgotten something, or you're curious about something I didn't touch on, though, let me know.

Now, onto warrior names. I'm going to reveal here the warrior names of every cat who didn't get their revealed during EOTW. We know some of the names already from the chapter, but here is the name of every non-warrior who survived to warriorhood after EOTW:


Foxpaw became Foxcloud (for her gentle, shy personality)
Russetpaw became Russetbird (for her cheerful personality)
Antpaw became Antwhisker
Beetlepaw became Beetlewing (for her free and rebellious attitude)
Yewpaw became Yewleaf (after Hollyleaf – later ended up leaving ThunderClan to be mates with Tawnytail of ShadowClan, though she'd already given birth to a litter that chose to stay in ThunderClan)
Mousekit became Mousepoppy (because it sounded cool)
Oatkit became Oatfall
Jaykit became Jaycloud (because of her gentle personality, and her cloudy-gray eyes)
Screechkit became Screechwing (because of her energetic, friendly personality)
Wrenkit because Wrenfoot (because of her skill at hunting, and her snow-white legs)
Shrewkit became Shrewbriar
Flowerkit became Flowertail (after his fluffy, white-tipped tail)
Robinkit became Robinheart (after his gentle personality)


Cinderpaw became Cindercloud
Creampaw became Creamfur (pretty self-explanatory)
Tanypaw became Tawnytail
Gingerpaw became Gingerfern
Saffronpaw became Saffrontuft (after her tufted ears), and later Saffronstar (after Buffy)
Snowpaw became Snowcloud
Applekit became Appleleaf
Pinekit became Pinefur
Spiderkit became Spiderstep
Brightkit became Brightmarsh
Sprucekit became Sprucefur
Duskkit became Dusktail
Lizardkit became Lizardtooth (after his exposed fangs), medicince cat of ShadowClan (after Twigclaw)
Petalkit became Petalshine
Rainkit became Rainfrost (after his ice-blue eyes and white markigns, and his mother)


Shardpaw became Shardfang
Flintpaw became Flintstorm
Cricketkit became Cricketleap
Harekit became Hareclaw (named after one of my oldest OCs)
Mothkit became Mothlight (named after another old OC)
Tawnykit became Tawnyrose
Eaglekit became Eagletail (after her white-tipped tail)
Firekit became Firebreeze (after her loyalty to WindClan and her swiftness)
Ashkit became Ashcloud (after his large size and pale pelt)
Cottonkit became Cottonlight (after the lights in the city that Cosmo loves, so now she's named after aspects of both of her parents' homes)
Heatherkit became Heathercloud (after Nightcloud)
Stormkit became Stormbreeze (after Darkbreeze), and later Stormstar


Mossypaw became Mossystone (after Stonefur)
Pebblepaw became Pebbleskip
Poppypaw became Poppypelt (for her black pelt, like poppy seeds)
Rosepaw became Rosecloud
Graypaw became Graystream
Pikepaw became Pikeleap
Brookkit became Brookflower
Cragkit became Cragclaw, and later Cragstar (after Finstar)
Foggykit became Foggyfoot
Spottedkit became Spottedtrout
Stonekit became Stoneshine

I think that's everything that I wanted to cover. Wow, I can't believe this story is over, after so many years.

I just want to say before finishing this up – thank you. Thank you to everyone who read and liked and commented on this story. Thank you to those who were with this story from the very beginning, and thank you to everyone who started readind somewhere along the way. Having people read this story and comment on it means so much, after putting work into it for almost five years. I'm so grateful to everyone who commented and made me feel good about what I'd written.

Your support helped me keep going with this project for so long, even after Bramblestar's Storm and later books contradicted it with new canon information. I'm so glad that I didn't give up on this after Bramblestar's Storm was announced. Even though canon has taken a different path from this story now, I'm happy just having this as it's own little AU, and I'm happy that I finished it and that people liked it. Just, thank you. :D

Well, that's it for now, I think, though I might edit this description later if it turns out I forgot to mention something important. I'll be uploading the allegiances for this epilogue in just a few moments. As I've mentioned a few times, I will be writing more novellas for this series. The first one is likely going to involve the Society again (Scorch's Ambition felt like too grim a way to end their story), but I don't quite have all of the story elements plotted out yet, so it might take a bit for me to start writing and posting that. Plus, there's another project (not a story, but something you guys will hopefully get to see) that I want to work on first, and I do have to focus on my senior paper as well, so we'll see how fast I am with updating and so on in the next few months. But thank you all again, and I hope you stick around for the novellas. :D
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EtherineaHobbyist General Artist
And so it ends...

This is easily one of the best Warriors fics I've ever read, and easily the longest. You nail down the style of the books perfectly, and improve on it; the plot and characters often have more depth and feel more consistent than many of the canon ones. It was also heartbreaking and I think I'm not going to recover emotionally days.

This epilogue is really nice, tying up the plot well and also showing us how life goes on. It's interesting to me that only Finstar ended up becoming a leader; I guess most of the other cats just craved a normal life or weren't that ambitious.  After reading the notes, I'm also glad that everything went the way it did. It feels natural (unlike the bear and deathberries ending XD), and it's a good balance of sad and happy. I am curious about one thing though; what did Silentstorm die fighting against?
Jayie-The-Hufflepuff's avatar
Jayie-The-HufflepuffHobbyist Writer
Aw, thank you so much, I'm really glad you enjoyed it. :D I had a lot of fun working on this series and definitely put my all into it, so it's always great to see people still reading it and commenting on it.

Yeah, Finstar was the only one who really had the drive to want to be a leader, the rest were pretty content just being warriors. I did toy with the notion of making Blazeheart a leader at one point, but that was back when I was still going with the "Silentstorm dies at the end" approach, and it was going to be a broken-hearted Blazestar nonetheless carries on for his Clan, though never fully recovered from the loss of his sister sort of thing. In the end, though, I think he's happier just being a warrior and being with his family.

As for Silentstorm, I believe I have her down as having died defending her Clanmates from a badger.

Also, if you're interested in further EOTW reading, there's six completed novellas connected to the main series in my gallery. ^^
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ArsyynisHobbyist General Artist
wow I'm finally at the end!! I absolutely loved reading this fanfiction, it was a great take on the series. I love how you continued with the cats we know but had new generations take the spotlight! One of the things I greatly admire in this fic is that it really feels like everything is at stake. There were times that I couldn't possibly think of a way that the Clans could get out of this alive, such as when they were driven off of their territory by the rogues, and that's a very good thing. In the canon books the conflics oftentimes seem too easy to be solved, by proper communication, a battle that is easily won, or some other thing that is easy to see. Here it actually felt like the Clans were in danger, and I was super excited to read on and wonder how they would be saved this time!!! You also had many meaningful deaths which is also a very good thing (and actually had the guts to kill off the old characters, ha!) All in all I really loved reading this and seeing how it differed from the canon story :) 
Jayie-The-Hufflepuff's avatar
Jayie-The-HufflepuffHobbyist Writer
Awww, thank you so much for this lovely comment, I really appreciate it! :D I've always loved the Prophecies Begin most of hte series because of it's feelings of high stakes and harsh struggle for survival, so I definitely tried to replicate that here as much as I could, and I definitely wanted some meaningful deaths in there and to clear out some of the old cast so the new cast could take the spotlight. Thank you very much, I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and your comment really made my day. :D
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KeenTigerClawHobbyist Digital Artist
AhAHhH. I just read all the six books for the first time, AND BY DEAR GOD KNOWS I DIDNT WANT THEM TO END. Just, WOW. Can this be the canon series now? Like I love this series way more. NOW IM GONNA GO RE-READ IT. :D (Big Grin) 
Jayie-The-Hufflepuff's avatar
Jayie-The-HufflepuffHobbyist Writer
Aw, thank you very much! :D I'm really glad you enjoyed it, thank you so much for the nice comment. :D
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Wow! Very bittersweet for me! 

You have proven to be one incredible writer, man! I adore this series and have reread it several times.

Can't wait to see every or any thing else you write! 
Jayie-The-Hufflepuff's avatar
Jayie-The-HufflepuffHobbyist Writer
Me too. :(

Aw, thank you very much! :D
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GrapjuiceorkindheartStudent Writer
noooooo.... i dont want it to be over..... but i must admit that was a very good ending!! Jaycloud i'm proud of you! you too Shadowstripe :)
I'll miss this series but i'll probably come back and re-read it all!=.
Jayie-The-Hufflepuff's avatar
Jayie-The-HufflepuffHobbyist Writer
I know, me neither. :( But thank you. :D And yeah, it's nice writing Jaycloud as an elder who's had a long, happy life, and has grown more confident in herself. And Shadowstar become leader! :D

Aw, thank you. :D
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Holy grapes I can't believe its over

Awaiting a chapter of EOTW was like waiting for a new book of Warriors to come out :P But I c a n n o t believe its over after reading EOTW for like about 10 months

Anyway, the epilogue was really sad when hearing it from Jaycloud, because all of the cats present before Silent Sacrifice's epilogue were gone, but old Jaycloud continues to spread out the legend :D

Overall, EOTW was absolutely outstanding and well written, and I wish it was also written in books so I could just pick it up and take it everywhere like I did with WOF :D

ill miss eotw so much
Jayie-The-Hufflepuff's avatar
Jayie-The-HufflepuffHobbyist Writer
Me neither. :(

Aw, thank you very much. :D

Yeah, they're all gone, but like you said Jaycloud is keeping their story alive, and they'll be waiting for her in StarClan. ^^

Aw, thank you very much. :D
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squishygeckoStudent Digital Artist
C R A P this is such a perfect ending
Jayie-The-Hufflepuff's avatar
Jayie-The-HufflepuffHobbyist Writer
Aw, thank you! :D
Mistleheart's avatar
MistleheartHobbyist Writer
It's over. Aaaaaaah. Why do I feel so disconnected? D:
Jayie-The-Hufflepuff's avatar
Jayie-The-HufflepuffHobbyist Writer
I dunno, I kinda do too, I just feel weird. Hopefully that'll pass.
Mistleheart's avatar
MistleheartHobbyist Writer
SUSHISTRIPE? That isn't a typo, is it?
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Willowpaw124Hobbyist General Artist
I can't believe it's all over! *cries*
It was amazing! Can't wait to read some novellas!
Jayie-The-Hufflepuff's avatar
Jayie-The-HufflepuffHobbyist Writer
I know, I can't either. And thank you! :D
Leafheart8's avatar

*deep breath*....I'm good.....I'm good.  It's okay.  Goodbye, wonderful story.  You will be missed.
Jayie-The-Hufflepuff's avatar
Jayie-The-HufflepuffHobbyist Writer
I know, I'm sad too. :( It's weird that this is finally over.

Thank you. :)
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TigerfangzHobbyist General Artist
God a wonderful end to the series well done 
Jayie-The-Hufflepuff's avatar
Jayie-The-HufflepuffHobbyist Writer
Thank you! :D
Tigerfangz's avatar
TigerfangzHobbyist General Artist
welcome :D (Big Grin) 
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