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Duskfur of RiverClan - Silent Sacrifice by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff Duskfur of RiverClan - Silent Sacrifice by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff
This is Duskfur of RiverClan.
Name: Duskfur
Gender: Female
Clan: RiverClan
Rank: Warrior
Mother: Swallowtail (deceased)
Father: Hawkfrost (deceased)
Brothers: Beechfur (deceased), Rippletail (deceased)
Half Brother: Pouncetail (deceased)
Mate: Reedwhisker
Daughters: Curlpaw (deceased), Lilykit (deceased), Mossypaw, Poppypaw, Rosepaw
Sons: Podpaw (deceased), PondbreezeLakebird, Rainkit (deceased), Pebblepaw

As promised, here is Duskfur's new ref sheet for Silent Sacrifice. Looks nothing like her old design, right? :P Well, she's still a dark brown classic tabby, but there's a lot of changes. And I just realized that she's described with blue eyes on her wiki page, but that wasn't added to her description before I started EOTW, so I guess I just won't count it for my EOTW 'verse. (And that might get deleted anyway with what's going on with Vicky's Facebook right now, but we'll see, if not maybe I'll give her blue eyes later.)

Anyway, I used her mother Swallowtail's lineart for Duskfur since I imagine them as looking very alike, but with some differences. Duskfur is not as plump as her mother, so I made her thinner with her lineart. I also made her ears a little smaller, as I imagine she has slightly smaller ears inherited from her father. As a result, she has much thicker fur than on her last ref sheet, but that's alright, since at least one of her kits has thicker fur, and her three daughters have thicker fur (they just had generic kit linearts before, so I might make some of them longer-furred than others when I get to their apprentice ref sheets), so now they've inherited it from her... though Reedwhisker has thick fur too. But his pelt isn't as long as Duskfur's. I gave her some scars and some nicks in her ears, since she's been in some battles.

Now for her pattern. ^^ I kept her as a classic tabby, like her old design. I tried to keep her markings looking at least similar to her old markings, especially on her sides, and she looks liked her mother through her classic tabby pattern too. Her face markings got changed entirely since they didn't look right when I tried to draw them on her now, with the improved anatomy. I tried to base her face markings off of both of her parents. Unlike her mother, her tail-tip is not dark, and she has stripes and pale fur on her tail that much more resembles her father's pattern.

The big things that I changed were her colors, and the addition of white on her pelt. She didn't have any white on her at all last time I drew her, and she's not described with any white fur in the text, I don't usually add stuff like that. But I had a few reasons that I wanted to add white to her. First, she had blue eyes on her last design, and I was planning on giving her blue eyes at first for her new design, and I wanted to add white to her pelt to make the blue eyes more realistic. Second, someone had to pass on that white in the fur to Pondbreeze. I suppose it could have come from Hawkfrost, but it felt more realistic for one parent to have white on them (then again, neither Cinderheart nor Lionblaze had white on their pelts and Silentstorm has a white stripe, but eh). Third, she's Hawkfrost's daughter in my universe now, and I wanted her design to reflect that more. For all of those reasons, I gave her white on her pelt. She has white front and back legs, both to distinguish her a bit from Hawkfrost, and so she can pass down those white legs to Pondbreeze (who I will probably be giving a redesign at some point). She has Hawkfrost's white belly and chest, but it's much more extensive on her chest. She also has a white chin and white spots on her muzzle like her father.

I kept Duskfur a dark brown tabby like on her last design, but I picked entirely new colors for all of the parts of the pattern. I took all of her colors from Hawkfrost's pelt, since I imagine her sharing the same build and everything as her mother but with her father's pelt, but tweaked them. Her main fur color is a darker version of Hawkfrost's main pelt color, since her mother is darker and influenced her pelt in that way. Her stripes are from Hawkfrost's color, but made lighter, and a bit less red. Her belly colors were both taken from Hawkfrost, but I tweaked them to make them waaaaaaay darker. This all resulted in all of her main colors (pelt, belly, and stripes) being much closer to each other than Hawkfrost's (whose stripes are darker and belly fur lighter compared to the main pelt than on Duskfur). This helped her look different enough from Hawkfrost not to immediately be recognized as his daughter. It also helped the white on her fur pop out even more, and it looks really good on her, I think. ^^ She has her father's nose color, and a darker version of his ear color and nose fade color... which I just realized I forgot to add to the listed colors on the side... hmm. I may have to fix that later. And she has a darker version of her father's scar color.

I was intending to give her her father's ice-blue eyes. However, with the dark brown tabby fur and the white belly, adding ice-blue eyes to that made her look far too similar to Hawkfrost, to the point where it no longer felt believable that any cat wouldn't look at her and realize who her father is. Then again, this is a series where two warriors in RiverClan who are practically identical to Bluestar and who share the names of Bluestar's long-lost kits are somehow never suspected to actually be Bluestar's long lost kits. :P But it still felt like I was pushing it. Then I had an idea - give her Tigerstar's amber eyes, since she's his granddaughter. I tried them out on her, and I immediately adored how they looked on her. They just go so well with her dark brown and white pelt. I went back and checked the text of EOTW to make sure I'd never referred to her as having blue eyes in the text, because I didn't want to contradict my own writing (but I forgot to check the Warriors Wiki as previously mentioned). Once I made sure I never referred to her eye color, I went ahead and gave her the amber eyes. Again, I really like how she looks with them, and it helps keep her from being too obviously Hawkfrost's daughter, while still allowing her to look similar to him. Plus, at least three of her kits (we don't know Curlpaw or Podpaw's eye colors) have amber eyes, so now they have a parent to pass it down to them. ^^

Overall, I'm really happy with how her design turned out. :D I think the colors are really pretty together, there's a dark brown tabby she-cat in the Tigerstar family now (other than Duskkit) with amber eyes, even if she doesn't have the size and bulk of the Tigerstar family, and I love how the white and the amber eyes look on her. Sorry for it looking so different from the old design, but I like how that turned out. ^^


COVER: link
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Howlingblaze Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2017
She's really pretty! I like that you gave her a white underbelly like Hawkfrost. And YAS the amber eyes look great!

Also what is going on with Vicky's Facebook? I'd just look but I don't have Facebook.
Jayie-The-Hufflepuff Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! :D Yeah, being Hawkfrost's daughter (and already have a son with white on his pelt), I wanted her design to reflect that by giving her more white. ^^ And yeah, I'm really happy with how the amber eyes look on her. :D

Alright, I'm not sure how much you've already seen (so forgive me if I'm repeating stuff you already know), so I'll just start at the beginning. A fan named Su Susuann helped Vicky as a fact checker on Pinestar's Choice, and has since been allowed to help answer questions about Warriors on Vicky's Facebook page, as well as helping name and design kits and characters who were mentioned but never given a full name/design, as well as putting together family trees for characters with no confirmed parents/siblings/whatever. There were messages and comments from Vicky indicating that what Su was saying was canon because they'd worked on putting this information together together, so the Warriors Wiki voted to consider Su a valid source of canon Warriors information, and has since been citing Su's information on the wiki.

Well, a lot of fans really haven't liked some of the stuff Su was posting. I myself liked some of the names and designs Su posted, while disliking others, which is pretty much true of any of the people who work on the series and contribute names and designs to it. And some people were willing to discuss this and whether a fan should be allowed to announce these canon designs rationally. Others, however, were far more rude. Apparently to some people, making changes you personally dislike to a fictional series about fictional cats is an excuse to bully a real person. People were saying that Su sucks, that she's horrible for what she's doing to Warriors, etc.

In the last few days, there's been a big surge of that, to the point where people were harassing Vicky and Su about it on Facebook. Finally, Vicky posted a big comment which said that Su's edits aren't canon. She said she was grateful to Su for her work, and she hadn't anticipated the strong negative reaction from the fandom. The post also said that Vicky is leaving Warriors entirely now, and won't be writing for it at all now, even novellas. Some people freaked out, thinking this was a reaction to the fans' behavior towards Su, so Vicky followed up with another post clarifying that this wasn't the case. I definitely believe her, if for no other reason than, I very much doubt that her leaving the series would be able to be talked about and decided with Harper Collins solidly enough for her to be allowed to announce it publicly in a short enough amount of time for it to be a reaction to this particular bout of fan harassment.

Anyway, during all of this, some hate groups against Su pop up on Facebook, posting troll comments about how much Su sucks. One such group apparently sends in a bunch of false reports about Su's account to Facebook, which results in Su's personal Facebook account being deleted, with all of her posts and information. Luckily, she was able to talk to the people working for Facebook and get her account restored. But it was still absolutely infuriating that people thought they were justified in that kind of bullying just because they didn't like some names and designs she came up with. -_-

Other than that, Su has announced she won't be helping Vicky anymore (mainly because Vicky's not working on the series anymore), and Vicky posted a more recent post thanking some of the fans for their nice goodbye messages for her since she's leaving the series.
Howlingblaze Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2017
Oh I knew none of that. Dayum. Thank you for taking the time to tell me all of it!
Poor Su, that is awful she got bullied like that. It isn't like she committed a crime. Jeez. People suck.
I didn't know that Vicky was leaving. I am sad to see her go but I hope she does good elsewhere. 
And also I just went on the wiki to look for stuff and you're a chat mod! I scrolled all the way to the bottle of a random page (Lynxkit) to look for a character that Su might have worked on and saw your avatar. Neato.
Jayie-The-Hufflepuff Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
No problem. :)

Yeah, it's really been a low moment for the Warriors fandom, in my opinion. -_-

Yeah, I hope she gets to work on more cool books and series. :D

Yep! ^^ I'm also the deputy of Project Character Art. ^^
Howlingblaze Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017
That is definitely a low moment.

I hope she gets to do cool stuff too.

And nice! Sounds cool. =D
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