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Beechfur of RiverClan - The Fourth Apprentice by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff Beechfur of RiverClan - The Fourth Apprentice by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff
This is Beechfur of RiverClan.
Name: Beechfur
Gender: Male
Clan: RiverClan
Rank: Warrior
Mother: Swallowtail
Father: Hawkfrost
Brother: Rippletail
Sister: Duskfur
Half Brother: Pouncetail
Mate: Gorsetail
Daughters: Thistlepaw, Swallowtail, Sedgestar

Well, I felt like designing another Hawkfrost kit tonight, so here's Beechfur. ^^

As I've explained in previous images, in the universe of my EOTW fanfic series, Beechfur is the son of Hawkfrost and Swallowtail, along with his sister Duskfur and his brother Rippletail. I imagine Duskfur as looking more like their mother Swallowtail in terms of size and build, which is why I used Swallowtail's lineart to make Duskfur's design, but I see Beechfur and Rippletail being big and muscular like their father, so I used Hawkfrost's lineart for Beechfur. I didn't make any tweaks to it because I was too lazy. :P However, I did take away the black on the lips and nose, since it looked weird with how light his pelt is, and he's got different scars and ear notches from his father. He looks pretty much exactly like his father, but no one figures out who his father is because... well, no one figured out Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw were brothers despite them being so similar in build that, as Brambleclaw puts it, "a half-blind kit could tell they were kin," and no one figured out that Mistyfoot and Stonefur were Bluestar's kits despite looking exactly like her and having the same names as her missing kits. :P

Anyway, he's described as light brown, so I gave him a light, saturated kind of brown for his fur, sort of similar to Lightfoot's color. He's a much lighter version of his father's fur, with a touch more yellow in there. I designed his belly fur markings to be sort of similar to his great-grandfather Pinestar's markings, though with enough differences to be distinct, I think. Also like Pinestar, I gave him darker stripe markings on his face. Some of the other solid-colored cats like Cinderpelt and Mistystar have them on official art, so I feel justified enough giving them to my characters. And they look too plain without them. :P He's described with green eyes on the wiki, but that's from the Missing Kits project, which is now non-canon, unless something changes. I considered giving him green eyes anyway, as that way one of Swallowtail's kits would inherit her eyes. However, I'd already decided that I wanted Beechfur to inherit Tigerstar's amber eyes, so that Sedgestar could inherit them from him. So I gave him Tigerstar's eyes instead.

I really need to write a one-shot about him and Gorsetail's relationship at some point. Ever since they became canon, I've loved the thought of their relationship, and how it was one of the few cross-Clan relationships that A) didn't involve a ThunderClan cat, and B) no one ever seemed to learn about. I like the idea that it was also one of the few cross-Clan relationships that didn't fall apart, only ended when Beechfur died - and was one of the few where the kits were never kept in the dark about who their parents were. Gorsetail and Beechfur talked about names for the kits before they were born (hence Swallowkit being named after Beechfur's mother), Gorsetail told the kits who their father was as soon as they were old enough to keep the fact secret, she took them to visit their father on the border as often as she could get away with, and Beechfur did absolutely everything he could to be a father to them while being in another Clan. His daughters grew up knowing who he was, and loving him as a father. He grieved as much as Gorsetail when Thistlepaw died young, while having to hide his grief from his Clanmates because none of them even knew he had kits.

I think before the group that was going to look for the badgers left, Beechfur finally told Rippletail that Sedgewhisker was his daughter, and that he wanted Rippletail to look after Sedgewhisker while they were journeying together. Rippletail was stunned, and angry at his brother for keeping the truth from him for so long. But after a few awkward days, he and Sedgewhisker finally talk things over. Rippletail loves his brother, and while it's hard to know Beechfur was lying for so long, he is happy to finally get to know his brother's kits. He did his best to protect Sedgewhisker during the fight with the beavers, and (unless something in The Fourth Apprentice greatly contradicts me), that's part of what gets him killed. Sedgewhisker is heartbroken over this, but again has to hide that grief because none of the other cats know that Rippletail is her kin. She is even more determined to defeat the beavers after that, to avenge her uncle. I feel like Beechfur dies not all that long after his brother (since he doesn't show up after The Fourth Apprentice), and Gorsetail, Swallowtail, and Sedgewhisker had to hide their grief. Gorsetail takes another mate with Emberfoot later on, and she does love him. But Beechfur is the cat she loves above all others (excusing her kits), and he's the one she'll walk with in StarClan, though she might walk with Embefoot as well with my "cats with multiple mates in life can walk with them all with no jealousy occurring in StarClan" theory.

And there's another mini-essay for you. :P See, this is what happens when I don't get to write any fanfic chapters for a few months, I just have these spurts of writing over random things because I need to get that writing energy out /somehow./ :P That's why, a few days ago, I was given an assignment to write a five-page creative nonfiction piece, and I instead handed in a 21-page paper. o.o I offered to cut the paper down more (this wasn't right at the deadline, I still had a few hours to work on it), but my professor said it was fine to hand in as it was, so I didn't just hand my professor a way-too-long paper and expect him to read the whole thing when he only assigned five pages, by the by. And now I'm just rambling, sorry. :P
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