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Same deal as last time. There's a commission from another artist that I have my eye on, but I don't have enough points yet. Since I don't feel like shelling out five dollars for 400 points when all I need is 20 or so, I decided that instead, I'll open a commission spots in the hopes of getting those points. ^^

I completed one commission from last round, but the other three people who ordered commissions never messaged me back when I asked for specifics, so I'm considering those commissions cancelled for the time being. For now, there's just one icon commission open. I can make it a Christmas icon if you want. ^^ This is first come first serve (unless there's something in the first request that I just can't do), so don't feel bad if you don't get picked. Please use the form below to request your commission.

Commission Form:

Character(s): (name the character(s) you want me to draw and leave a link to their reference sheet or anywhere I can grab their colors from) 
Commission Type: (tell me which of the commission type options I've listed here that you want) 
Background: (tell me whether you want a detailed or abstract/plain background, and if detailed, describe the background you want)
Any Additional Requests: (anything else you want me to know about how you want your commission drawn)

Commissions Prices:

Icon: 20 Points Points for one character and an abstract background.
Jayfrost Christmas Avatar 2017 by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff

Additional 5 Points Points for a detailed background. (no example available)


Darktail of the Kin - Shattered Sky
This is Darktail of the Kin.
Name: Darktail
Gender: Male
Clan: Kittypet (formerly), rogue (formerly), loner (formerly), The Kin
Rank: Leader
Mother: Smoke
Father: Onestar
Half-Sister: Heathertail

Some friends in a Warriors chat suggested drawing Darktail the other day, and I have been thinking about how I'd design him recently, so I fgured it'd be fun to have a go at designing him. So here he is, in all his evil cultish glory. :D I gotta say, AVOS had a pretty kickass villain. ^^

Darktail is described as a big, muscular tom with huge paws and a long tail. I definitely wanted to get across his size and muscle, he's a fairly hefty tom with thick medium-long fur, and especially long fur on his tail. No idea where he gets that size or that fur from, since Onestar's such a scrawny short-haired little thing. Must be from his mom's side. I imagine him as having a bit of a ragged-looking, messy, but not totally wild, pelt, so I added that in there too. I gave him a good mess of scars, since he's a rather aggressive tom, and lived as a rogue most of his life.

For his pattern, he's described as a white tom with black spots breaking up the white, black spots around his blue eyes, and a black tail. "Black spots breaking up the white" is probably meant to indicate that he has black patchces throughout his white pelt, but with his name and the rest of his description, I've only ever been able to picture him as being mostly white with a bit of black on his head and his black tail, so I decided to just interpret that as referring to the black spots breaking up the white on his head. That's what I'm going with to justify myself, anyway. :P

I based his head markings off of some pictures of cats online, but mostly I just went with what felt natural while also fitting his description of having black spots around his eyes, without making it look too unrealistic or anything. I'm rather happy with how those markings came out. ^^ He has the blue eyes he's descried with, and of course his signature black tail.

Overall, I'm really happy with how this turned out. :D He was really fun to design.
Tallpoppy of ShadowClan - Molefoot's Loss
This is Tallpoppy of ShadowClan.
Name: Tallpoppy
Gender: Female
Clan: ShadowClan
Rank: Elder
Mother: Amberleaf (deceased)
Father: Scorchwind (deceased)
Sister: Applefur I (deceased)
Mate: Wetfoot (deceased)
Daughter: Applefur II
Sons: Oakfur, Toadfoot, Marshkit (deceased)

I was bored today and felt like designing a tabby, and after looking over some options of cats I hadn't drawn before, I settled on Tallpoppy since I always kind of liked her. Dunno, she just always seemed fairly chill and nise, especially for a first series ShadowClan cat. So here she is. ^^

For her family, I decided to make Amberleaf and Scorchwind from Yellowfang's Secret her parents. I always wanted to give Scorchwind some kits so Hal's blood could continue in the Clan. I don't like Hal all that much, but it's always nice to have some nonClan blood in the mix. ^^ Plus he's got two brown parents to pass on the brown to Tallpoppy. Amberleaf gets to be her mom because she's also got brown, and she was one of the she-cats available for it. :P

Since there was a cat named Applefur in Tigerclaw's Fury, and Tallpoppy has a daughter named Applefur born later, I decided to rationalize this by making the first Applefur Tallpoppy's siter and littermate. The second Applefur, Tallpoppy's daughter, was named after the first since she was Tallpoppy's beloved sister. They were were born a bit before Brokenstar's reign, we'll just say that Yellowfang's Secret forgot to mention them being around even though they were, and Tallpoppy's first litter with her mate Wetfoot was born during his reign. Oakkit was the only kit in that litter, and he was forced into training too young by Brokenstar, but survived his training and later went on to be the warrior Oakfur. Her second litter is of course the three we saw in TNP, and those are her only kits in my EOTW 'verse.

Onto her appearance. On her wiki page, Tallpoppy is described as a long-legged she-cat. I always pictured her as a bit on the lithe side, and rather tall and long-legged, so I definitely tried to get that across here. She had a nice long life, but never seemed like the most aggressive cat, so a moderate amount of scars for her.

For her pattern, she's described as a light brown tabby she-cat. She hasn't got any close tabby relatives that I've designed yet, so I just did what I wanted with her tabby pattern without worrying about making her look like any relatives. I decided to make her a classic tabby, and had a lot of fun coming up with her pattern and trying to make it unique. I did make her somewhat similar to her son Oakfur with the pale chin and having less pale fur on the muzzle. For coloration, she's a much paler shade of her son Oakfur's dark brown pelt. I went with some nice creamy brown colors for her pelt, and I really like how they look together. She has no confirmed eye color, so I decided to give her her son Oakfur's pale green eyes.

Overall, I'm really happy with how this turned ut. :D I'm rather proud of her lineart, and I love how those creamy brown colors look together, especially with those green eyes. ^^
A Collection of Bramblestars
I was in a mood to draw yesterday, but I just couldn't settle on anything I wanted to work on, so I eventually decided to do something a bit different and try something I've been wanting to do for a while. Namely, drawing a single Warriors character, but using multiple artists' designs for them. After thinking about the artists I follow and which character I could use that those artists have all drawn, I settled on Bramblestar.

The artists that I used the designs for Bramblestar are, in order:

1. :iconroseshards:
2. :icongekkozilla:
3. :iconpaintedserenity:
4. :iconacorn-trees:
5. :iconcushfuddled:
6. Mine

I had a lot of fun with this one. For a single cat, there are such varying and unique interpreations of his design. There's a lot you can do with "dark brown tabby with amber eyes." I really love Roseshard's "Holy the Sea" MAP, so I definitely wanted to include her Brambleclaw design from that, though I'm not really sure I got the cheek fur right. I really love the spiky fur and dark colors and cool markings from GEKKOZILLA's design, that one was a lot of fun to draw. :D I had to include the reddish pupils for his Dark Forest training, and the ear spots that serve as a leader marking, I love those details. ^^

Bramblestar's design in PaintedSerenity's comic is so cool, I love the markings, and it was part of what gave me the idea to use Bramblestar for this little artistic exercise. I love Acorn-Trees' designs, and especially their art of the Bramble/Storm ship, so I wanted to include their design of him here. And of course, Rab's comic is one of my favorites, and I love her design of Bramble and his father, so that design had to get included as well. :D It took some playing with the colors to get it looking like how he does in her comic, but I think I got fairly close. ^^

It's nice seeing my Bramblestar design next to these others (and he's got his leader eye stars), and I had a lot of fun drawing all of these. I might do another of these sometime. For now, I hope you enjoy. ^^
Lady Inquisitor Kenina Adaar
Well, this is different from my usual stuff. :P I don't usually attempt to draw humans (or, well, humanoid Qunaris in this case) because I can see the mistakes so much more than in my cat art and I get easily frustrated.

However, I've been playing a lot of Dragon Age lately, ever since I first started playing it earlier this winter, and I particularly love the design of the Qunaris, tall humanoids with gray skin and horns. The other night I was in a really strong to draw my Inquisitor, a Qunari mage named Kenina, so I finally caved and decided to have a go at drawing her. This is the end result. ^^

Kenina here is my main character in Inquisition. I like the design I came up with her in the game, the only change I made was to give her longer hair, since there aren't long-hair options for Qunari in that game. Here are some screenshots of her in the game (the second one was my main reference for drawing this):……

And here's the reference for the hairstyle I used for her here:…

There's a fair bit that's still bugging me about this, mostly her far eye and her clothes and such, and I really do wish I could draw people better. But overall I'm fairly happy with it, mostly anyway.
Shrewtooth and Sasha for Valentine's Day
Okay wow, this is super super late, but I've been busy and then I was procrastinating because I didn't like how it was turning out, but finally today I made myself start from scratch and now I'm way happier with how it looks. So here, finally, is this year's drawing of an EOTW couple for Valentine's Day. It's about a week and a half late, but here it is.

Currently, Sasha/Shrewtooth and Darkbreeze/Cosmo are actually at a tie on the poll. These guys were in the lead before, hence why I drew them first, but since Darkbreeze and Cosmo managed to tie with them, I'll draw them too. Dunno how long that'll take, but I wanna draw them, so I will. :P

While size differences are my jam, for once these two aren't a pair with a super big height difference. They're both on the smaller side for their gender, so probably Shrewtooth should be a smidge taller than her than he is here, but oh well. I totally forgot to add Shrewtooth's nose scars, but they shouldn't be showing much from this side anyway, so eh. I had to play around with the poses for a while before I could get them looking the way I wanted, particularly Sasha, the first time I drew her I just hated how it turned out, so I totally redid it. I'm way happier with it now.

I think this whole picture looks a lot more natural and less stiff than past years of Valentine's Day kitty nuzzling poses, so I'm happy with that improvement. ^^ I'm also way happier with how the shading looks here, and the shading on the heart, and just the overall quality. ^^ Also look, Shrewtooth is leader in this image, so he gets eye star thingies. :D

I totally forgot that I usually give new info on the couple in question below the cut, so I didn't think of anything in advance, but I guess I'll talk a bit about their relationship after Sasha's Calling. Since I didn't think of anything full-fledged, I'll just add little bulleted bits of trivia.

SPOILERS FOR ECHOES OF THE WAR: SASHA'S CALLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

> Shrewtooth eventually did tell Sasha about his abusive twoleg owner, when he was ready. Sasha was horrified to hear of such cruelty from a twoleg - even after living wild so long, most of her experiences with twolegs had been positive ones - and it hurt to think that part of her life that had been so happy was only a source of pain for her love. But she focused on comforting Shrewtooth and making sure he knew that she was there to support him, and that she was someone he could trust with his pain, just as she had trusted him with hers. Shrewtooth felt more at ease after telling Sasha about his past, now he didn't have anything to hold back anymore.

> When Sharpstar died, Shrewtooth had a brief moment of worry over Sasha seeing him as anything similar to her last leader mate. But when he voiced that worry to her, determined not to let such a silly fear fester unspoken between them, Sasha assured him that she knew he was nothing like Tigerstar. She knew his heart, and she knew that he would be a kind and worthy leader, earning his nine lives and coming into new power wouldn't change the sort of cat he was. After that, Shrewtooth's last fears of leadership melted away, and he set off to earn his nine lives.

> During his nine lives ceremony, Shrewtooth was surprised to see a she-cat very similar to Sasha approaching him. This she-cat was taller and even thinner in build, without the white Sasha had on her pelt. She introduced herself as Sapphire, and Shrewtooth immediately understood upon hearing her name - this was Sasha's mother. The she-cat thanked Shrewtooth for helping her daughter to find her strength again, and for helping give Sasha the home she'd always deserved. She gave Shrewtooth a life for reaching out to others, as even a leader must know when to ask for the support of friends as Sasha and Shrewtooth reached out to each other.

> Sash and Shrewstar discussed sending a patrol to track down the other Clans and inquire after Sasha's kits, but ultimately decided against it. They had no way of knowing where the Clans had ended up making their new home, and a patrol could be gone for moons looking for them, which could be dangerous. Besides that, Sasha's kits had made new lives for themselves in their Clan, and Hawkfrost especially had seemed eager to distance himself from the legacy of his rogue mother. Sasha felt it was best to let them have their space without showing up suddenly so many seasons later. She didn't learn the truth of what happened to her kits until she joined StarClan.

> Shrewstar often turned to his mate for advice in his seasons as leader, recognizing her unique perspective and experience, and her intelligence, which made her a fine advisor. Whenever they got a chance, however, they would take the odd day to leave Rabbitleap in charge of things and just take a day to be together without any other responsibilities. After so many seasons of hardship and betrayal and hurt and loss, these two had finally found true hapiness with each other, and they intended to make the most of the time they had with
each other.

Dunno if that all made sense, it's three AM and my head's a bit fuzzy, but there you go. If you have any other questions about this pairing, feel free to ask and I'll answer to the best of my ability. Until then, hope you enjoy. ^^


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Point Commission prices:

Cartoon Style: 30 Points :points: for one character and a background.
Additional 5 Points :points: for an additional character.
One day, you two are going to be married! by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff

Realistic Style: 50 Points :points: for one character and a background.
Additional 10 Points :points: for an additional character.
Riley, The Nose by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff

Warriors Cover: 70 Points :points:
Cover: The Fires of BlogClan by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff

Hi, I am Jayie.

At this time, I am only accepting Point Commissions. I will only accept requests and art trades when I feel like them. If I still owe you part of an art trade, please, please feel free to remind me. I will not mind at all, and I really do need reminders, my memory is horrible.

I am still writing my "Echoes of the War" Warriors fan series. All other fanfics are on hold.

I am a figure skater, and I have been for the last eleven years or so. I also horse-back ride, but ice skating is definitely a bigger part of my life.

I love to read and write stories. Some of my favorite books are from the Warriors series, Les Miserables, and especially Inkheart. I am a Whovian, Sherlockian, and Supernatural Fan, and a fan of Firefly, Castle, and Agents of Shield, and so much more. I also like the movies/musicals Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Sweeney Todd, Lion King, Aida, and Les Miserables.

I like getting critiqued; we can only learn through our mistakes if we know about them.




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