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Sageleaf of SkyClan - Sasha's Calling by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff Sageleaf of SkyClan - Sasha's Calling :iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 16 6 Petalnose of SkyClan - Sasha's Calling by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff Petalnose of SkyClan - Sasha's Calling :iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 16 3 Bouncefire of SkyClan - Sasha's Calling by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff Bouncefire of SkyClan - Sasha's Calling :iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 18 3 Violet the Kittypet - A Clan in Need by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff Violet the Kittypet - A Clan in Need :iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 22 0 EotW AU: Heirs of BloodClan by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff EotW AU: Heirs of BloodClan :iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 46 17 No Boundary Between Earth and Sky by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff No Boundary Between Earth and Sky :iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 26 11 Destroy Cringe Culture by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff Destroy Cringe Culture :iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 33 18 Nightstream of SkyClan - After Sasha's Calling by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff Nightstream of SkyClan - After Sasha's Calling :iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 21 4 Swiftpaw of ThunderClan - A Dangerous Path by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff Swiftpaw of ThunderClan - A Dangerous Path :iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 28 0 Morningbreeze of SkyClan - After Sashas Calling by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff Morningbreeze of SkyClan - After Sashas Calling :iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 35 0
SkyClan Warrior Code
SkyClan's Warrior Code:
1. Defend your Clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with cats outside of the Clan, but your loyalty must remain to your Clan, as one day you may meet them in battle.
2. Do not hunt or trespass on territory that belongs to another cat unless necessary for the good of the Clan.
3. Elders, queens, and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices may not eat until they have hunted to feed the elders. If any warrior or apprentice is sick or injured, they may eat while the elders, queens, and kits are eating.
4. Prey is killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to StarClan for its life.
5. A kit must be at least six moons old to become an apprentice.
6. Newly appointed warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their warrior name.
7. A cat cannot be made deputy without having mentored at least one apprentice.
8. The deputy will become Clan leader when the leader dies, retires or is exiled.
:iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 6 0
Sasha's Calling Allegiances of SkyClan
Sasha’s Calling Allegiances
SHREWSTAR - skinny black tom
RABBITLEAP - brown tom
FRECKLEWISH - mottled light brown tabby she-cat with spotted legs, mother of Rabbitleap's kits (Chervilkit, a gray spotted tabby she-cat with yellow eyes, Fennelkit, a scruffy white tom with green eyes, and Mottlekit, a brown spotted tabby-and-white tom with pale green eyes)
     APPRENTICE, SMOKESONG (black tom with amber eyes)
SASHA - sleek tawny she-cat with darker points, a white belly, and ice-blue eyes
:iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 5 0
EOTW: Sasha's Calling: Chapter Eleven
Warriors Series 5.5: Echoes of the War
Novella 5: Sasha's Calling
Chapter Eleven
     “Sasha? Are you up yet?”
     The senior warrior shifted in her nest, reluctantly cracking open one eye. “Keep your fur on,” she grumbled. Her jaws split in a massive yawn. “I'm coming.”
     Crowdusk's whiskers twitched as Sasha pushed herself onto her paws. “Don't blame me, you're the one that didn't want to sleep in today,” she pointed out. She waited while the she-cat stretched out her limbs, giving one last yawn before she stepped away from her nest. “Flutterpaw's waiting for you by the fresh-kill pile, and Kayleewing and Bouncefire offered to let you join their patrol.”
     The news was enough to banish Sasha's grogginess. She curled her tail, giving a rusty purr. “I'd better not keep them waiting, then,” she mewed. Crowdusk stepped out of the way so Sasha could ap
:iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 6 11
EOTW: Sasha's Calling: Chapter Ten
Warriors Series 5.5: Echoes of the War
Novella 5: Sasha's Calling
Chapter Ten
     The loner sat in the snow for a while after Sharpstar had gone. Her mind was racing with thoughts and memories, but the panic she’d felt last time she’d gotten this offer no longer accompanied them. She allowed her mind to go over her entire life, her memories of the Clans, and her feelings for SkyClan.
     She started with her early life with her house folk. In those first moons, she had been happy as a kittypet. She wouldn’t give up those memories for anything. But Ken and Jean were gone, and she had enjoyed life in the wild much too long to ever be happy as a kittypet again. That life was behind her - but so was any happiness she’d had in her life as a rogue. Her first moons on her own had been happy, but she’d been doomed to be unsatisfied in that life from the moment she set paw in ShadowClan’s camp. Whatever choices she’d made
:iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 6 4
EOTW: Sasha's Calling: Chapter Nine
Warriors Series 5.5: Echoes of the War
Novella 5: Sasha's Calling
Chapter Nine
     They're in danger!
     Sasha wasted no time. She spun around, pointing herself in the direction of Shrewtooth's patrol, then launched herself onto a branch of a tree in front of her. The loner bounded from tree to tree, no longer allowing herself to hesitate as she had before. She had to get to Shrewtooth's patrol now, before the dog got to them first.
     Her flight through the snowy trees nearly made her slip more than once, but it finally brought her to where she needed to be. The hazy shape of five cats trudging through the snow finally appeared beneath the branches. “Shrewtooth!” she yowled. Before the tom could react to his name being called, Sasha hopped down to a lower branch, then hurtled down to the ground, landing clumsily in the snow in front of the patrol. She meant to land on her paws, but slipped onto her shoulder in
:iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 8 3
Sasha With Collar by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff Sasha With Collar :iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:Jayie-The-Hufflepuff 34 4

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Evil kitties by VegaLovesCake Evil kitties :iconvegalovescake:VegaLovesCake 29 3 The Last Battle - The Last Hope by ArtzyT00L The Last Battle - The Last Hope :iconartzyt00l:ArtzyT00L 9 2 Fire and Ice Together...[The Original Series AU] by ReddRedPanda Fire and Ice Together...[The Original Series AU] :iconreddredpanda:ReddRedPanda 29 55 Spooky Cats by Gansta-kitty Spooky Cats :icongansta-kitty:Gansta-kitty 12 1 Dark Forest Batch 2 by Nova-Shadow26 Dark Forest Batch 2 :iconnova-shadow26:Nova-Shadow26 19 6 Redwillow's Resolution - Chapter One: The Escape by ReddRedPanda Redwillow's Resolution - Chapter One: The Escape :iconreddredpanda:ReddRedPanda 7 3 Queen Kiara by Julis-Rocks Queen Kiara :iconjulis-rocks:Julis-Rocks 57 2 Blackstar by ashkey Blackstar :iconashkey:ashkey 489 78 Thunder by Sparks710 Thunder :iconsparks710:Sparks710 19 12 Terror by Sparks710 Terror :iconsparks710:Sparks710 19 13 We will call it Nght Vale by Jayreb-art We will call it Nght Vale :iconjayreb-art:Jayreb-art 9 0 You'll Be in My Heart (OC's) by Driftwillow You'll Be in My Heart (OC's) :icondriftwillow:Driftwillow 12 4 'Lions Over All' - animation redraw (gif) by blueiceflower 'Lions Over All' - animation redraw (gif) :iconblueiceflower:blueiceflower 277 67 Golden Things-Lighter by Fang-and-I Golden Things-Lighter :iconfang-and-i:Fang-and-I 29 0 Little Family by Tusofsky Little Family :icontusofsky:Tusofsky 180 10
EDIT: I'm sorry for the delay on picking the commissions. I had some job interviews pop up unexpectedly, and I had to focus on those. To make up for the delay, I've decided to take on four commissions instead of three. You can find the commisions I've picked below.

If I've picked your commission, please message me so we can discuss payment and any details of the commission that haven't already been stated.


There's a commission from another artist that I have my eye on, but I don't have enough points yet. If I buy 400 points for $5, I'll be 25 points shy of the amount of points I'd need. Since I don't feel like shelling out an extra five dollars for another 400 points I don't currently need, I decided that instead, I'll open a few commission spots, with the hope of raising the points I need for this other commission, with some left over. ^^

It's been a long time since I've had commissions open, so I decided to completely revamp my list of prices and options for commissions. Most of the prices are about the same, but have maybe been bumped up a bit. I think my prices are rather fair for what I'm offering.

I'm offering only three commission slots at this time, and it'll be my choice, not first come first serve. I'll probably decide on which I wanna do rather quickly, though, so ask quickly if you want something. Below you will find my commission prices, and the commission form you'll have to fill out before I'll accept your commission. I won't promise any specific deadline for when these commissions will get done, because I know myself too well, but if it takes longer than two weeks for your commission to be done, let me know and I'll bump it up to first priority.

Commission Form:

Character(s): (name the character(s) you want me to draw and leave a link to their reference sheet or anywhere I can grab their colors from) 
Commission Type: (tell me which of the commission type options I've listed here that you want) 
Background: (tell me whether you want a detailed or abstract/plain background, and if detailed, describe the background you want)
Any Additional Requests: (anything else you want me to know about how you want your commission drawn)

Commissions Prices:

Icon: 20 Points Points for one character and an abstract background.
Jayfrost Christmas Avatar 2017 by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff

Additional 5 Points Points for a detailed background. (no example available)

Bust: 30 Points Points for one character and an abstract background.
Happy 15th Birthday, Warriors!!! by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff
Additional 5 Points Points for an additional character.

Additional 5 Points Points for a detailed background.
Warriors AMV Screenshot Redraw - The Kill by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff

Full Body: 50 Points Points for one character and an abstract background.
Snowy Brambles by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff
Additional 5 Points Points for an additional character.

Additional 5 Points 
Points for a detailed background.
Heroes of Another Story by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff

Reference Sheet: 50 Points Points for one character with an already-set design.
Shrew of Breeze's Camp - Code of the Forest by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff
Additional 10 Points Points for a character with a written description but no drawn design.

Additional 15 Points Points for a character with no set description or design.

Warriors Book Cover: 70 Points Points for one character and a plain background.
Cover: Shrewfoot's Spite, Novella Four by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff

Additional 10 Points Points for a detailed background.
Cover: Silent Sacrifice, Book Six by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff

Current Slots:

  1. Detailed Book Cover for :icondaturapidge:
  2. Bust for :iconloafdew:
  3. Fullbody for :iconthewrathofenvy:
  4. Ref Sheet for :iconshadowfangirl2-7-5: - Completed


Sageleaf of SkyClan - Sasha's Calling
This is Sageleaf of SkyClan.
Name: Sageleaf
Gender: Male
Clan: Kittypet (formerly), SkyClan
Rank: Warrior
Mother: Petalnose
Father: Rainfur (deceased)
Sister: Mintfur
Mate: Tinycloud
Sons: Dovekit, Sleetkit

With both Petalnose and Rainfur designed, I wanted to start on designs for their kits, since they’re next in line on the Sasha’s Calling allegiances. So up first we have Sageleaf. ^^ For those who don’t know, Sageleaf is the warrior name I gave the canon cat Sagenose for my fanfic, since the book where his name was revealed isn’t canon to my fanfic.

In terms of physical description other than coloration, Sageleaf is only described as small. I decided to give him his mother’s small size and lithe build, and his father’s thicker pelt (though it’s not quite as long as Rainfur’s, and it’s scruffier). He has Petalnose’s lithe limbs, narrowish Head, and largish ears. Not too many scars for this guy, since I see him as being fairly laid-back and not being one to fight particularly aggressively.

For his pattern, Sageleaf is described as a pale gray tom with pale, barely noticeable stripes. I decided to make him a slightly darker shade of his mother’s pelt for his main fur, with belly fur colors just picked to go well with his pelt. I think the stripe color I picked is dark enough to be visible on his pelt, while still fitting the description of being barely noticeable. His face markings and leg stripes are based somewhat off of his dad’s pattern, but since he’s described with stripes instead of flecks, he gets a regular tabby pattern.

He has his mother’s nose, a darker shade of his mother’s ears, and a scar color just picked to go with his pelt. Since his eye color was never stated, I decided to give him his father’s golden eyes, to contrast him having his mother’s pale pelt.

Overall, I’m really happy with how his design turned out. ^^ His pose and anatomy really turned out the way I wanted, and I think he looks like a good mix of his parents. :D


COVER: link
Petalnose of SkyClan - Sasha's Calling
This is Petalnose of SkyClan.
Name: Petalnose
Gender: Female
Clan: Kittypet (formerly), SkyClan
Rank: Elder
Mate: Rainfur (formerly)
Daughter: Mintfur
Son: Sageleaf

While I originally planned to design Sageleaf next, as he’s next in line on the Allegiances after Bouncefire, I decided I wanted both of his and Mintfur’s parents to have designs before I designed them. Since Rainfur already has a design, that meant making a sheet for Petalnose. So here she is. ^^

Petalnose isn’t given any physical descriptions other than color, so for her build and size I just went with what felt right for her. I always pictured Petalnose as being on the smaller side, though not tiny, with a very lithe and delicate sort of look to her, with a sort of narrow head and largish ears, and a short but silky pelt.

She has a bit more muscle on her after joining SkyClan, and that lithe build hides a she-cat strong enough to learn to love and trust again after so much loss and abuse, and who learned to have confidence in her own strength. I always liked Petalnose for that reason, and how she helped Shrewtooth through his own trauma. She’s got a good few scars from her time with the abusive twoleg, and from battles fought on behalf of SkyClan.

For her pattern, Petalnose is described as a very pale gray, almost white, she-cat with blue eyes. I definitely went for as pale of a gray as I could for her main pelt, just dark enough that you could make out her paler belly markings. The pale gray on its own looked weird, though, so I added a darker fade on her head and back like I saw on some pictures of really pale gray cats online. That seemed to make her look better and more realistic to me.

Her nose color wasn’t specified in the text, but since her name is Petalnose, I decided to make her nose stand out a bit more by making it pink instead of gray (and therefore more petal-like) and gave it black rimming, as well as black on her lips. That also fit with some of those pictures of pale cats I’d seen online, and I think it looks good on her. I just picked her ears and scars to go well with her pelt, and I picked a bit of a paler blue for her eyes, since a medium blue looked way too dark against her pale pelt.

Overall, something about the pose is still bugging me, but for the most part I’m pretty happy with this. ^^ Now I can use her and Rainfur’s colors when designing their kits. :D


COVER: link
Bouncefire of SkyClan - Sasha's Calling
This is Bouncefire of SkyClan.
Name: Bouncefire
Gender: Male
Clan: Rogue (formerly), SkyClan
Rank: Warrior
Mother: Clovertail
Father: Almond (deceased)
Sister: Tinycloud
Brother: Rockshade (deceased)
Half Sister: Honeyflower
Half Brothers: Birdshade, Sandyfoot
Daughters: Emberkit, Sparkkit
Son: Smokekit

I wanted to design another cat for my Sasha's Calling allegiances, but I kept dragging my heels about making the next design on the list, Harveymoon, because he's just plain white and that's not as exciting to design. Since me dragging my heels about that was keeping me from moving forward with designing cats for Sasha's Calling, I decided to skip the line and design Bouncefire next instead, and to just move forward from there and come back to Harveymoon later. So here's Bouncefire. ^^

His mate and kits for Sasha's Calling are here along with his canon family, and I also decided to pick out a father for him because why not. His father is a black rogue tom with amber eyes named Almond. I don't really have any headcanons for him other appearance, he's just a jerk that managed to charm Clovertail for a while, but wasn't willing to comit to a full relationship and left the moment he learned she was expecting kits. Bouncefire and his littermates have never met him, and they have no desire to do so. He died anyway some time ago, so it's not relevant anymore, not that they know that. I just felt like coming up with a name and description for him because why not? :P

On his wiki page, Bouncefire isn't given any description of his build or anything past his fur color. I decided to make him fluffy because why not? :P He's a bit on the bigger side, and he's got some muscle, but he's not huge. He's got a fair few scars, I figure he was kinda rash and aggressive in his youth so he'd be a bit more scarred up than some other SkyClan cats.

For his pattern, he's described as a ginger tom. I played around with his colors a bit to make him unique from some of my other ginger tabbies, and I based it off of some pictures of ginger tabbies I looked at online. I think the resulting colors look pretty good together. :D His eye color was never confirmed, so I went with amber for him, since a lot of the ginger tabbies in Warriors have green eyes. I went with a regular tabby pattern for him, I think it looks pretty good.

Overall, I'm really happy with how this looks. :D I like how his colors look together, and the anatomy and pose look good, I think. ^^


COVER: link
Violet the Kittypet - A Clan in Need
This is Violet the Kittypet.
Name: Violet
Gender: Female
Clan: BloodClan (formerly), Kittypet
Rank: Kittypet
Mother: Lark
Father: Dagger
Brothers: BarleyIceSnake
Half Sister: Tire
Half Brother: Box

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted a ref sheet, but I like having stuff to draw at night and during lunch breaks, so I decided to finally make another design. I had decided on designing Violet, Barley’s sister, next a week or so ago, but I kept putting it off to draw other stuff. But I really liked the idea of designing her and working with pale colors and with ginger for her design, so finally, here she is. ^^ All of Barley’s litter has designs now.

On her wiki page, Violet is described as a small she-cat with small, delicate paws. All of her littermates have thick, medium fur, so I decided to give Violet the same. She’s small for a she-cat, but not tiny, with a slender, sort of delicate build, little muscle, and small paws.

Despite her small size, however, A Clan in Need has convinced me that she’s stronger than she looks. I think that maybe poor nutrition or the general harsh life in BloodClan kept her from growing very strong, which was why Barley had to look after her. But once she was taken in by twolegs, she had a healthy, regular diet, and was no longer plagued by stress over being found out living with Barley. This healthier environment allowed her to grow stronger and more confident, giving her a bit more height and muscle (she was still young and still growing a bit when she became a kittypet), which allowed her to fight so fiercely against BloodClan in ACIN.

A few of her scars are from battle training sessions in her youth, but the ones on her shoulders are from being pushed over by her brothers during their attack on her. The ruffled fur on her belly is due to her fur parting over a large scar there, the wound that nearly killed her when Snake and Ice attacked her.

For her pattern, Violet is described as a pale orange tabby with thin, darker orange stripes, white paws, and blue eyes. I picked a lighter, less saturated orange for her pelt, with stripes noticeably darker than her main pelt, but not too dark to stand out awkwardly. Her belly colors are just lighter shades of her main fur, with a nose, scar, and ear color picked to go with her pelt, and the aforementioned white paws. For her eyes, I decided to give her the same shade of blue eyes as all of her brothers. I rarely have a litter with all of the same eyes, but I think it looks good on these guys. ^^

I picked purple for her collar to go with her name. ^^ Since cats are intelligent in this world, I figure that kittypets can influence their twolegs in certain ways, including on what name the twolegs pick for them. For the EOTW ‘verse, I’ve decided that when Violet’s twolegs were thinking of names for her, she went out and picked some violets from a nearby garden and brought them back to her twolegs, rolling on them and purring, to inspire them to call her Violet, so she could keep her old name in this new kittypet life.

Overall, I’m really happy with how this turned out. :D I think her colors go really well together, and she has a very nice, soft look to her, which goes well with her blue eyes. ^^

EotW AU: Heirs of BloodClan
     A dreary, clouded sky hung over twolegplace as cats gathered in the clearing. The alley was soon covered in cats draped over every surface, pressed together, sitting anywhere where there was room for them. All of their eyes were turned towards the dumpster pressed against the fence. Atop it sat three cats.

The black-and-white tom shifted uneasily from his spot on the dumpster. He hated these public appearances their father insisted on. The gazes of the BloodClan cats below bore into him with a desperate hunger, searching for something he knew he couldn’t provide. So many of the cats watching him below bore the scars of moons of abuse, and had pelts that clung too tight to their bones. Others bore collars spiked with the fangs and claws of their victims, and had a hunger for blood in their eyes. The tom was never sure which sight chilled him more.

“Will you quit shuffling your paws like that?” The tom’s attention was drawn to a ginger she-cat beside him. The tabby was the same age as him, but his great height and her small stature made her seem like a kit compared to him. Only the heavy scarring of her pelt and the teeth that adorned her collar made it clear that her kit-like appearance hid a hardened fighter. “You’re making the dumpster shake.”

The tom gave his pelt a quick shake, trying to cast off his worried thoughts. He couldn’t reveal any weakness, not even to his littermates. “Sorry Scorch,” he murmured in a respectful tone.”

For a moment, the annoyance in Scorch’s eyes softened into concern. “You shouldn’t worry so much, Plague,” she chided. “None of these cats would dare judge you, no matter what Scourge says.” She shoved Plague’s leg teasingly with one paw, adding in an almost playful growl, “They know what’ll happen to them if they try.”

     Plague gave a small nod and a grateful mew, but inside he felt sick. It was clear that his sister still loved him, even through all of Scourge’s harsh training and mockery of his soft-hearted son. But something had changed inside of Scorch. All of that training and molding by Scourge had turned his loving, compassionate little sister into a tyrant who could speak of brutally punishing her own subjects with a laugh and a purr. Every day it became harder and harder for Plague to see the little sister he loved when he looked at Scorch. He knew that it would not be long before the day he looked into her eyes, only to see the cold gleam of Scourge’s eyes staring back out at him.

     His gaze slid from Scorch to the black tom seated on her other side. The cold emptiness in the tom’s golden eyes chilled Plague to his bones. While Scourge had molded Scorch into a leader like him, Darkness had been beaten down and built back up into an obedient bodyguard and spy for his sister. While Scourge clearly cared about his kits more than any other BloodClan cat, he had always made his expectations perfectly clear - Scorch was to be the sole leader of BloodClan, and her brothers were to serve her with unquestioning loyalty. Any disobedience or protest had been dealt with swiftly. Darkness had been molded into a silent, stoic servant for his sister through the seasons of brutal training. There seemed to be nothing left of his brother’s free will; all that was left of him was a shell that existed only to serve his sister. Plague could hardly bear to look at his brother anymore. It brought too many painful memories of what Darkness had once been.

Plague had gone through the same training as his brother, but for whatever reason, it hadn’t stuck. His heart and mind had remained his own. No matter what Scourge had tried, no matter how he’d pushed and punished and shrieked curses at his son, Plague had never been able to live up to his cruel expectations. Battle made him afraid. Feeling pain made him wail. Causing pain made him tremble and blubber like a kit. Scourge’s mocking of his son only grew crueler over the seasons, but no matter how many times he called Plague weak and soft and a failure, it only made Plague softer. The only reason he’d been allowed to keep his place as Scorch’s guard was because his love and desire to protect his sister had been obvious even to Scourge. But Plague was painfully aware that Scourge had very little regard for him.

It had started with his mother. Screech had been Scourge’s most loyal guard, just as ruthless and cruel as her mate, but every now and then she’d allowed her kits to glimpse her true personality. Plague still treasured the memories of when Screech had let her cruel mask fall away and had been a loving and nurturing presence. He had first learned that kindness wasn’t just a weakness from her. But it hadn’t lasted forever - one day she’d been too bold, too rash, and Scourge had cut her down himself rather than let her corrupt their kits with her softness. The only time she’d ever dared to disobey Scourge had been to argue for mercy for her kits, and she had died for it. The clever queen had managed to arrange shelter away from twolegplace for her parents and littermates before falling under Scourge’s claws, but no such escape was possible for her kits. They had been completely at Scourge’s mercy the moment she had died.

     While Scorch and Darkness seemed to have put their mother’s death behind them, Plague never could. Scourge could call him weak and soft all he wanted, but Plague knew the truth, and every passing day only convinced him of it more and more. BloodClan was cruel - and that cruelty was deeply, inexcusably wrong. None of Scourge’s speeches about might and power and control could ever sway Plague from this belief. He knew deep in his heart that Scourge and his guards were monsters, and that everything about how BloodClan was ruled was cruel and wrong. No cat deserved to be starved while guards stuffed themselves on prey, and no cat deserved torture or death just for wanting to live with family or trying to feed themselves. Everything about his home and his Clan made Plague sick to his stomach.

     But as much as he believed in his convictions, there was nothing he could do about them. Rebellion against his father would mean rebellion against his sister, and that was something Plague could never do. Scorch was almost as much of a monster as her father, but memories of the kit she’d once been, and Plague’s love for her despite everything, kept him from ever being able to harm her. Any other attempts at disobedience or betrayal would be met with swift and certain death, if he was lucky. He was watched too closely to run away, and he was too soft-hearted to raise his claws against his own family. And so, instead, he stayed where he was beside his littermates, looking down on the crowd and trying not to feel like wailing aloud at all of their suffering.

     After all, what else could any cat do against the might of BloodClan?


Well, this is a bit different, but something I’ve been wanting to play with for a while. ^^

While I love the world of the Society and the happy ending for Sushi and her family in my fanfiction series Echoes of the War, I’ve always wanted to draw a little “what if?” AU scenario where Scourge survived to raise his kits as his heirs. Part of that was because I wanted an excuse to draw these three with tooth-studded collars (don’t judge me, they’re just so cool-looking and fun to draw and design), but part of it was the desire to explore how each of Scourge’s kits would’ve turned out had they been raised by him rather than their mother.

Scorch/Sunny always had the most potential to be as cruel as her father. Without her mother to check her and teach her compassion, and with her father focusing all of his cruel tracings and leadership lessons, she’s become just as cruel and intelligent a leader as he ever was. She’s not leader quite yet, but Scourge is getting older, and it’s clear that he can’t lead forever. Though Sunny still has some humanity in the form of her love for her brothers, she’s still a monster like her father, and just as cruel of a leader as him.

Darkness/Shy was always the quietest of his littermates, so he became empty and silent under Scourge’s cruel training. Plague/Snuggle, on the other hand, was always the kindest and most empathetic of Scourge’s kits, and even Scourge’s cruel training can’t turn him into the sort of cruel cat Scourge wants him to be. But Plague was effected enough by that training to be downtrodden and defeated enough not to rebel against his father. While he sees the truth of BloodClan’s cruelty, he feels powerless to stop it.

I had fun coming up with their dynamics in BloodClan, and how each of them turned out under Scourge’s parentage. They all feel very fitting for their characters. I might have one continuation of this story, but we’ll see.

Onto the drawing itself. I’m honestly really happy with the end result of this. The background isn’t quite as good as I would like, manmade structures and backgrounds in general are always hard for me to draw, but at least it looks alright. I’m so happy with all of their poses, especially Scorch and Darkness, and I love how their shading turned out.

I don’t know if the size differences seem too extreme, but Plague is meant to be a huge cat and Scorch a tiny one like her father before her, so it felt like going against their descriptions to make him any smaller or her any bigger. Darkness is meant to be perfectly average in size. I picked a blue collar for Scorch to go with her eyes, pink for Plague to symbolize his kind heart as opposed to other BloodClanners, and green for Darkness because it looked good with his pelt and eyes. :P Plague has less teeth and claws on his collar because he takes any excuse not to hurt other cats, and did his best not to kill any cat even if he had to take a trophy to avoid Scourge’s wrath. The only times he’s killed cats was when a clear danger was present to Scorch.

He’s plenty scarred up because he would rather get beat on than hurt another cat, whereas Scorch is heavily scarred because of her fierce battle training from her father and because she fought many cats who dared to challenge the runt’s power and bears her scars proudly as marks of her strength. Darkness went along obediently with all of his training, never got himself into unnecessary battles, and learned to be quick and deadly to avoid injury, so he has the fewest scars of his littermates.

I decided to try something new with the texture. It’s not really realistic, but I do think it looks cool, and the drawing looks much better with it than without it. I dunno, let me know what you think of it, and if you have any suggestions on how to make my shading and my backgrounds more realistic.

Overall, I’m really happy with how this turned out. :D



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I like getting critiqued; we can only learn through our mistakes if we know about them.




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