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Separating The Light From The Dark

The light can be found in the dark such as the dark be found in the light.

In this artwork I'll like to depict my interpretation of Yin and Yang, darkness trying be free from the light. Evil always try to win but only
a shred of light is enough to overcome darkness. What will happen if evil succeed and they are not entwined anymore?

My Second entry to the Duality Of Our Worlds contest hosted by :iconart-revival:…
First entry here:


I think this artwork is different from what I normally do, stepping out my comfort zone a bit. I'm working with less colors and there's no definite light source, so I did little trying to capture highlights.

Credits to the stock owners:








This artwork took hours to be made, it can take you a matter of seconds to steal it; it should not be reproduced, copied and re-uploaded without my permission.
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Muchas gracias a usar la acción

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You're welcome!

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Glad you think so! :dance: 
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Thanks a lot, my friend :D 
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You´re very welcome :)
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Really amazing work Jay! The concept is really lovely!:heart:
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This was something different and I was surprised at the wonderful feedback it got. Thank you! :D 
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You are most welcome Jay!:heart:
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Love the abstract feeling of this one, personally I liked this entry better than your other heehee. Very nice effect transitioning from the black girl to the white one. :)
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Thanks a lot, man. I was a bit concerned about it, not what I normally do but feedback was excellent. :D
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Oh it's awesome, I'm all up for dark low saturation works. :P (plus it's always nice to see artists doing different kinds of art)
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Thanks man, I'm considering some for future works. :)
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Wow, very interesting concept and details, so nicely done Jay:rose:
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Thankyou so much, my friend. I really appreciate it :D  
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Pleasures always mine Jay😊
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This is a very stunning concept and such a magnificent execution too, absolutely impressive artwork Jay, loved it.:aww:
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