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I do commissions!

Email at jaygraphixx39@gmail.com for details.

My bio below:

Hi, I'm jay -- the self-taught artist guy who figured out doing art on computers was so much fun! This was about 7 years ago. Yep, I used to do a little traditional stuff back then but I ditched the paper, rubber and pencil for a copy of Photoshop from an art teacher(well, my brother's art teacher lol). OK, I have Photoshop, with no prior knowledge, and I'm there sitting blank in front of a new software, what do I do? Thankfully, the teacher sent some tutorials about the software. It was quite helpful and it helped me a bit. After getting comfortable with the software I began doing digital art in early 2014… and that’s how I put meaning to "rage quit". I wanted to create art beyond my skill level and I couldn’t, this was greatly frustrating. I mean, I thought of doing things to my pc that no person should ever think of. I got so frustrated, man! During that period I even stopped doing art, could you imagine that? But I realized my stupidity and got back into art later down the year.

Back then as an aspiring artist, I didn’t exactly know what path I wanted to take with digital art. I mean, they are so much category within that field and I was practicing most of them all at once: illustration, graphic designing, digital painting and photomanipulation. Don’t judge me, I wanted it all, man! But I decided to prioritize photomanipulation, which wasn’t hard because I consider it fun and much easier. I progressed a lot during that time and thought, "I've mastered putting images together", so I decided to join the elites of DeviantArt, which was a big step for me. I used to get discouraged even before I created an account and seeing those phenomenal works here really put your “overlaid some texture on a model artwork” to shame. But I still joined the community of DeviantArt anyway… and I still got discouraged lol. But I turned that discouragement into inspiration and learned to be inspired by the amazing artwork here on DeviantArt art.

I think a owe this site a lot, it’s one of the reasons why I have gotten this far. It’s my birthplace as an artist and I’m gladly grateful for that. Now seven years have passed since I've started creating digital art. If you've been following my work over the years you'll noticed I'm obsessed with neon colors, lighting effects and atmospheric scenes. My Inspiration comes from fantasy paintings, movies and amine or artworks by my favorite artist, the great BossLogic. I'm also inspired by just a stock image, it could just be by the pose of a model, the position of rock or just by the killer look of a wolf. I then allow my imagination to run loose in the playground of my mind.

Many artists can vouch for me when I say, "life as an artist is not easy". It’s not a six-month course that you do; it’s a course for life! It has a lot of ups and downs which can put a block on your art progress. The struggles are there, especially for an artist who is self-taught, and I'm a product it. Sometimes I feel like I’ve taught myself the wrong thing or even the hardest way of doing something… I mean, Is there an easier way of removing the background of an image? A teacher or instructor could show a student a technique in about ten minutes-- a self-taught artist doesn't have that luxury. Well, in my opinion, the progression rate is much slower for an artist who is self-taught than others.

If you’re a beginner, you should always figure out what you want to do in art - your goal might change later on. What I'm trying to say is, don’t start out wanting to do everything all at once(like I did). Accomplishments won't come overnight, you’ll have to work hard for that. Nothing is wrong in wanting to do something above your skill level but don't allow it to frustrate you. Challenge yourself weekly or daily, don't do the same thing repeatedly trying to achieve a result. There's person called time, it can be your friend if you use it wisely. And most importantly, art should be fun, don't lose yourself in frustration while arting. it should be your escape from reality... your fantasy you create where others can relate. Your savior from your troubles, the place you go to to set your self free.

Thanks for stopping by.


Current level: Professional

Software: Photoshop

Digital art: Photomanipulation - Fantasy and conceptual art.

I can't believe you read all of that... You sure love reading lol.


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  • No, I still commission artists
  • I've started using Ai generative software




.Hello fellow visitor.

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I loooove your gallery, every now and then I come to your profile to get inspired or just to be in awe of you talent! :bow:

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it, I’m glad my work can inspire you❤️

Happy Birthday! Birthday cake  icon

Thanks a lot. I appreciate it!

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it❤️