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This was originally a t-shirt design. I liked the concept of the banged-up, war-torn spartan soldier dusting off his shoulder & ready for more! The greek lettering says "Who's Next?"
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THIS IS AWASOME!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nice picture, although the greek text actually spells ooèos next. The Greeks simply didn't have a 'W', and on standard keyboards the 'w' is generally used for the Omega, meaning a long 'o'. The 'h' doens't exist either in Greek. The letter you've used is an eta or long'e' (pronounced è). Again, this letter is found under the 'h' in standard keyboards.
I do love your drawing however.
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You've got a good point, there! Although I made a point of adding dents to his armor and scars to his body, I did forget to add blood spatter on both. If I had thought of it, I most certainly would've added it!
Good catch!
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pretty awesome! especially the greek phrase! but, in my opinion it's missing something, a certain element that implies that this spartan is a badass :P maybe a few splatters of blood on the ground, or maybe a hand on the ground behind him below the shield that is off of the frame of the picture, showing that a corpse is laying there lifeless. just my thoughts! but i LOVE it either way, it is epic!