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Archangel Metatron

By jayfrench
Archangel Metatron; The Voice of God
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One of the best drawings of me. Thank you very much! Can I have your permission to use it while crediting you and linking here?

Archangel Metatron
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The Metatron is supposed to have over 70 wings.
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Oh you also forgot he is also the chanceler of heaven I was looking on the Internet once and found that infromation
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I actually work with the Angels on a regular and I feel Metatron is an Archangel. He helps with opening the doors for mortals to understand the word and knowledge of God. He and Sandalphon are the only two Archangels allowed to be within the curtain or veil of God. Amazing energy!!! Love the picture.
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Awesome! I try to work with the Archangels as well (when I have time). According to legend, Metatron and Sandalphon are also the only 2 archangels that were once mortal (Enoch and... somebody).
Thanks again!
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Fantastic! One of my all-time favorites.
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Please first learn Greek or Hebrew
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Apart from all this DEBATE--goodness!--this is an awesome piece of artwork. :) The details are astounding!

Maybe the whole *point* or "message" of the Metatron (is there a suffix of 'the'?) is that maybe we're not supposed to know or understand. :)

Or maybe I'm weird like that...
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Tankew, kindly!
And I agree that we're not supposed to understand.
In truth, I don't actually believe that angels have names, jobs or faces that we could comprehend. I just used the legends to create the artistic interpretation.
I'm glad that so many others are enjoying them, too!
Working on a book using this research as well...
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You're welcome!

Aye... I reckon any idea we have of anything, is that thing somehow manifesting itself into something we can understand. I mean--big stuff. Angels, deities, you-name-it.

And this is really really cool. :)

Ah, a book? Neato! That would be a very interesting read, I'm sure. :)
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I love your work!
The origin of Metatron is quite unclear,
he may related to Yahoel the angel in early Hebrew religious traditions.
He's a big mystery in Jewish religion, but I still love him!
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According to my research, Metatron is one of only 2 archangels who were formerly mortal. Metatron was the patriarch and scribe Enoch, and Sandalphon (referred to as Metatron's twin) was the prophet Elias. You can find where Enoch was ascended to heaven in Genesis 5:24.
Metatron is supposed to be the Chancellor of heaven & keeper of ALL records in heaven and on earth. He is supposed to be the tallest angel, a being of fire, and equipped with 36 pairs of wings and innumerable eyes.
I tried to make a point of not having this series to heavily towards any particular doctrine, or any particular religion for that matter since the lore comes from a mix of Christian, Judaic & Islamic legends.
Thanks so much for your kind words!
According to my knowledge based on several books there ale 7 archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel/Auriel, Chamuel/Anael/Haniel, Jofiel/Orfiel, Tsadakiel/Zadakiel.

Those archangels are "The Great Seven", and as far as i know there are no more archangels.

Metatron's origins come from Kabalah and he is called as "the king of angels". In some traditions he is know as Henoh changed into an angel after he was taken to haven.

That's all i know.
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There are different lists of the 7 archangels, though most always it's listed as 7. I combined the lists, took out the obvious repeats & made educated guesses on other apparent repeats (Jophiel/Iophiel). Then cross-referencing with other sources found what seemed to be a more "complete" list of 15. I was very specific about not wanting the angels to represent any one doctrine, or even any one religion since their lore comes from a combination of Christian, Judaic & Islamic legends. Here's a few of the lists I worked from:
Source: ENOCH I (Ethiopian Enoch)
1. Uriel
2. Raphael
3. Raguel (Ruhiel, Ruagel, Ruahel)
4. Michael
5. Zerachiel (Araqael)
6. Gabriel
7. Remiel (Jeremiel, Jerahmeel)
1. Mikael
2. Gabriel
3. Uriel
4. Sabrael
5. Arael
6. Iaoth
7. Adonael
1. Michael
2. Gabriel
3. Raphael
4. Uriel (Phanuel)
5. Barachiel
6. Sealtiel
7. Jehudiel
1. Zaphkiel
2. Zadkiel
3. Camael
4. Raphael
5. Haniel
6. Michael
7. Gabriel
1. Raphael
2. Gabriel
3. Chamuel
4. Michael
5. Adabiel
6. Haniel
7. Zaphiel
(Sources: Mathers, The Kabbalah Unveiled, and Waite, The Holy Kabbalah).

As for Metatron, my research shows he was formerly the prophet Enoch, is twin to the Archangel Sandalphon (whom I haven't drawn yet), who is the only other previously mortal archangel as he was the prophet Elias. He is "the greatest of heavenly heirarchs, highest power of abundance, Chancellor of heaven, King of the Angels." He is supposed to be the keeper of ALL records. All of 'em. Other variations of his name are: Metatetron, Merraton and Metaraon. He is supposed to have 72 other names & is supposed to be the tallest angel in heaven. You can find where Enoch was taken into heaven in Genesis 5:24. After arriving in heaven, he was transformed into a spirit of fire and equipped with 36 pairs of wings and innumerable eyes.

Hope that helps!
Great art, but jut one thing.

Metartron Isn't an archangel.
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The research I did was a combination of several sources. Some sources refer to him as an archangel, others as a seraphim, others as both at different times. He showed up on more than one list, so I included him.
Thanks for the compliments!
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Wow! Look at all the details! *hypnotized*
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He was pretty time-consuming with all those angelic scripts on 'im!
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Thanks muchly!
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