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Archangel Camael

By jayfrench
Archangel Camael; The Judgement of God
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My understanding is there is an Archangel Camuel, another spelling is Chamuel. I'd be interested in your findings in further studies! These all are absolutely stunning and exactly what I was looking for in my room. The Archangels are kind enough to watch over us, protect us, and guide us. It makes me feel even better to know and remember they are warriors. Strong, powerful beings a force to be reckoned with. It's so cool that your art covers all bases of belief systems. I was having trouble finding art that did that . I plan on getting Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and either Camuel or Azrael. Thanks so much!
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No. Zedkiel is the Justice of God. Camael is not an Angel. I never heared of that angel not in Judaism, not in Islam and not in Christianity, and I have a Ph.D in Religions, and Religious Studies.
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I'll get back to you on these... I found Camael on a couple of various lists of archangels. He had other names, too. I'll break out the research book & see what I found. I always appreciate more input!
As for the tag lines I put on these art pieces, they weren't supposed to be the description of their names, necessarily, just a representation of their "feel". With Camael, I found that he was an angel of war. Again, I'll get back to you on what I found!
Thanks again!
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o_O the guys super tough. awesome draw
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Thanks on both counts! It's funny how I get more fanmail about the "Archangels" series than anything else... perhaps it was all the research I put into it...
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*runs and hides* if this guy brings the apocolypse, i'd be very scared
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Cool! (That was kind of the affect I was looking for).
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