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Jay Ward's The Watchmen

Basically, I'm a big fan of Alan Moore's comic book The Watchmen. I'm also a big fan of Jay Ward's cartoon Rocky and Bullwinkle. So, much like the geniuses behind Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, I combined two great parts to make a (hopefully) greater whole.

And just to clarify who's who for those who can't already tell:

Natasha: Silk Spectre
Bullwinkle: Doctor Manhattan
Boris: The Comedian
Dudley Do-Right: Ozymandias
Rocky: Nite-Owl
Mr. Peabody: Rorschach
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"A comedian died tonight. "
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Watch me pull a galaxy out of my hat!
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"Hey Silk Spectre! Watch me pull a extraterrestrial crystal palace outta my hat!"
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this is awesome...
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Jay Ward? The true genius behind Bullwinkle was clearly Ponsonby Britt.
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But I love you!
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This... is so freaking brilliant, I don't even...
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Doctor Mossehattan
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Oh no wait wait!

Do-Right: Now see here Whiplash! I can buy and sell you five times over, which is something you should take into consideration when you write your article!

Sorry, it's been a while since I've read/watched Watchmen
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Ok ok let me think....

Bullwinkle: A rabbit pulled out of a hat and a Rino pulled out of a hat both exsist on the same plane, they both have the same anount of particles, structuraly there is no difference.

Peabody: Rorschach's Journal, was too late to save Sherman, butchered and fed to hungry dogs, had to put them down, then the kidnapper. Set his house on fire and watched it burn. Politicians, whores and so forth.

Boris: Is joke! Is all big joke!

That's all I got for now.
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XD ROFL, this is TOO perfect! Fave list!!!
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It's really great, Jay! How's my stuff?


Is This Trip Really Necessary?
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Me: That's a pretty strange-lookin' picture, Fourpanel.
Fourpanel: I just draw what I see.
Me: Well, what do ya see?
Fourpanel: THIS is what I see!
This Is Pure Genius
this is pure Genius. LOL
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You, sir, are a GOD!
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Haha! A god of goofy cartoon parodies? I'll accept that!
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"Nell! I can buy and sell you 10 times over!" lolzors
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You know, Jay, Gary Larson once said that each person only has one drawing of Rocky the Flying Squirrel that they can do in their lifetime. Looks like you made the best of yours.
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Ha! I read the too, Max! And I believe he was right--I haven't been able to draw the little guy since!
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very good fourpanelhero rocky & bullwinkley meet watchmen
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