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I've seen allot of stamps and IDs yelling at people for art theft. I could see somebody perhaps mistaking one of my stand-alone images (Characters with no background taken from a composition I'm working on) as stock. Which would mean they don't read and/or don't care. Lets face it, There are nubes and dabblers, excited kids and hobby artists. Sometimes they don't always get it. I'm not an angry person and I don't want to seem like one so having one of those stamps judging people for art theft just isn't my style. I decided to make this stamp to be stern and clear without being all righteous and soap boxy about it.

If this stamp works for you, feel free to use it in your deviation descriptions, but know that it is NOT STOCK! hahahah. . .
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Who gives a damn about art theft? Not me!
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That's cool, if you put hundreds of hours into your work and share it with the world for free then someone claims it as their own and you don't mind, great. Put your stuff up for creative commons. However, it is nice to respect people who don't feel the same way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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thank you for sharing this very clear stamp. I'm definitely going to use it in the descriptions to my deviations. I've been looking for something stern but polite. Thank you.
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my pleasure,
I'm really glad that you like it.
Thank you :)
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Wonderful! Yeah, I don't like being too accusatory while clearly stating my rules, etc. I've rarely had an issue, though it has come up on occasion. More often than not, people don't mean to steal, they just don't understand the rules. And usually, they follow by example... They see other people just taking pictures off the internet and using them any where and everywhere. So they don't know it's polite to ask first before you use other people's things. :nod:
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Thanks for adding it to your collection!
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heheh. . . thanks for the :+fav:, glad you like it!
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