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Hobo Camp - Goshen MA

Ziggy StarTrooper has been a travel buddy of mine for some time now. I've hitch Hiked from NY down the Appalachian Trail with him, through TN, down to Memphis, NOLA, across LA to Tallahassee, Down the west coast of Florida, across the Everglades, up the eastern seaboard all the way to Buffalo NY, back down to Philly, Through Brooklyn NY into LI. . . Now he's made his way here with me to Goshen MA. Ziggy's become a seasoned alt traveler. See my facebook profile's album "The Adventures of Ziggy StarTrooper" for more [link]


Sculpture, Painting, Scenic art, Photography & Photomanipulation by =JayelDraco

Stock Used:

I sculpted this set, the tiny stones of the fire pit are glued in place with tiny burnt twigs in the form of a tipi fire (the flames and coals are composited from a photo of real fire that I took)
Ziggy (the Stormtrooper) has been painted and adorned several times over. Chico Montico is a vintage toy I found up in a storage space, his pancho I made and his sombrero I bought at a miniature store and painted. Indianna Jones I also found in storage. The Wrought Iron cooking pot is a painted cap from a coke bottle. The cooking tripod I fashioned out of twigs.

I set it all up and took my photo. Played with the levels, color & contrast, put in some distressed paper/photo texture overlays, then painted in firelight and shadows.

Here is the original photo:
Hobo Camp - unedited


As always, I will greatly appreciate your questions comments and critiques
but please RESPECT THE MODEL or all the interwebs will know you pick on defenseless action figures. . .
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This is a lot fun. 
Hopefully, you and the models don't mind. This was the only reference for a cookout with a proper fire pit, tripod, and pot I could find (which is kind of ironic), for a scene with Mecha pilots cooking up their rations for Grey's Mecha, Dawn Patrol...
This is for A special Christmas present - Contest, using WhiteTigerForever's autistic son Grey's drawings as inspiration.
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JayelDraco's avatar
thanks, it was a really fun little piece to make
DeeJay-Alien's avatar
Hi! :) I've featured youк work here: [link] :heart:
JayelDraco's avatar
Wow, two features, that's great! Thank you!
DeeJay-Alien's avatar
You're welcome! :)
ViolenceIsAnEnergy's avatar
This is really cool, especially because I looked at it and said to myself... 'yeah... that's pretty well Goshen...' Nice shot, made me giggle.
JayelDraco's avatar
hahahah. . . I take it you're either from goshen or have spent some time there
ViolenceIsAnEnergy's avatar
A summer camp that is near and dear to my heart is in Goshen, do you know the area xD?
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I just spent the last month in Goshen.
I'm a little familiar I suppose.
What was the Camp?
ViolenceIsAnEnergy's avatar
It's a little 4H camp called Howe, filled with some crazies xD

If you like colorful people and are still in the area, you should try Northampton, if you haven't already. It's adorable and filled with the coolest people ever.
JayelDraco's avatar
hah, I'm actually considering moving to North Hampton next month
ViolenceIsAnEnergy's avatar
It's like the happiest place on earth, right up there with p-town, which I love almost as much.
TheIckyMan's avatar
Reminds me of Treasure of the Sierra Madre.
JayelDraco's avatar
I'm not familiar with that one,
but I'm gonna look into it.
thanks for the comment!
DeeJay-Alien's avatar
Great art! :)
I love the colours and idea! :heart:
JayelDraco's avatar
Thank you so much!
I'm really glad that you like it!
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