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Asmodeus - Luxuria



Asmodeus - a king(queen) amongst demons. One of the 7 Arch Demons. Asmodeus is the demon of lust (Luxuria) and is therefore responsible for twisting people's lofty, sexual and carnal desires. It is said that people who fall to Asmodeus' ways will be sentenced to an eternity in the second level of hell.

The Lovely Miss A.R. Brook Lynn Modeling for one of three roles she will be playing in the seven pieces of my "777" Photomanipulation series. ~Blackscarab333 has been helping me with photography, directing and hair/makeup. This photo was taken to document the Hair and Makeup that Rin and I did, It's not actually being used for the series piece itself. However, we are quite pleased with this photo and do considered it a great portrait in it of itself. After a friend here on DA, =zeit-art, left a beautiful comment on the original photo, I decided to go back in and photomanipulate it to be a portrait of the character Asmodeus that she was originally portraying.

All of the Photographic elements in this photo where taken by *JayelDraco
Location photography elements include my trips to; Anchorage Ak, Kauai Hi, Ithica NY, and The Promised land PA.
The wings, most of the fire and the lava are primarily digital paint.


Often the presence noise in one photographic element and the lack of it in another is disturbing to the eye and breaks the reality of an image. Adding in a subtle noise layer across the entire image and extra noise on particularly smooth elements such as ones that where created via digital painting can really improve an images credibility. I tend to start with a medium grey layer, add gaussian color noise, blur the layer slightly, enlarge it by about 50 percent and set the layer blending mode to "Soft Light" and bring down the opacity until it no longer stands out. This adds a subtle unifying effect to the overall image. Again, I do tend to add extra noise layers over specific elements that are extra smooth.


ATTN: This image is NOT STOCK!

As always, your critiques, questions and comments are more than welcome! However, Respect the model or Asmodeus will devour your soul

Here's some more recent pieces starring the Lovely Badass Miss A.R. Brook Lynn:
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I love the sense of ferocity depicted within the chaos of this piece. Normally so many colliding colors would act as an deturrent and convolute the picutre as a whole, but in this case it simply adds to the voraciousness and beauty as the demon queen unleashing her power.

The overall style is quite refreshing, normally such ideas are treated as overally voluptuous or drenched in archaic fantasy. But here you manage to breath new (fiery) life into the female demon genre.

From the makeup to the angle, everything seems to add just the right touch for those seeking complete nerd-gasm and others who just want something with a little more kick.

Roar! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":meow:" title="Meow :3"/>