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Ah'Shaye of the Keetsunekesh 01



Faethropology™ - FEYthrəˈpäləjē -Noun
  1. The study of Faekind, in particular.
  2. The comparative study of Fae societies and cultures and their development.

The Keetsunekesh™ are a nomadic warlike hunter/raider Tribe. Their culture has developed emulating the  Keetsunekka™. Countless generations of performing animagi transfiguration spells to take the shape of the Keetsunekka have embedded themselves in the Tribe’s genetic identity. It is now considered an extreme oddity for a Keetsunekesh to be born without red-orange hair, fur-tufted, upright, triangular ears, and a furry tail. Aside from their ears and tails, their countenance is not unlike that of the Elvereshaians™ of Danrockethraia™, aside from being a bit slimmer and smaller in stature. For the Keetsunekesh, animagi transfiguration has become a reflexive adaptation, which they generally begin to develop control over in early puberty. Together with the Keetsunekka, the Keetsunekesh are constantly harassing the Maeztereckesh™, trying to steal their tools, jewelry, and above all, the prize of a plump Corateradda™ calf. They are constantly being pursued by the Honeshūkesh™ who have an arrangement with the Maeztereckesh. Counting coup on and/or stealing from their time-honored enemy the Honeshūkesh is considered to be amongst the highest of honors a Keetsunekesh can boast about.

These Fae are actually what you might call Elves. This particular tribe has used transfiguration magic to commune with their totem animal, the Keetsunekka for so many generations that it has altered their physical appearance.

Model: Faye Brandt - MM #1698870 www.modelmayhem.com/1698870
Costume, Photography, Photomanipulation & Layout: JayelDraco
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by Copalinbeag
Sitting Fox by Copalinbeag

by Sammykaye1sStamps
Fern 1 by Sammykaye1sStampsGrass 2 PNG by Sammykaye1sStampsPlant 2 PNG by Sammykaye1sStamps


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Ah'Shaye of the Keetsunekesh 01 - image breakdown by JayelDraco

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Wow! She really looks like she's hanging out and you were lucky enough to see her and snap a quick photo. Really great piece :batty: