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Jordans Coding Problem

Credit to for their hard work!

Always wanted to make comics on my trainer oc and his Pokemon, but I have no talent in art and no time to practice. So I commissioned it.

Lore: Jordan is a trainer of moderate skill level that traveled various regions with his little brother. While his little brother continued his journey, Jordan decided to head back home and relax. Travelings fun and all, but hard work. Downtime is great! Now he has taken up a job as a freelance programmer for a subcompany owned by Silph Co. Jordan works from home so he properly spend time with his Pokemon while working. X the Metagross was one of the last Pokemon he caught in his journeys of the Hoenn region.

X: X is a rather small Metagross. Nobody really knows why he is so small, but Jordan accepted him regardless as a valuable member of his team. It has strong trust for Jordan, but is a bit distant with the rest of the team. Perhaps more of X will be seen later!
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