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Yandere-Chan in a nutshell.
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congrats i have done worse in overlord skyrim skate 3 sonic and zelda how is sonic evil i destroy the crap out of a animals life support i hate it when they give personality to characters like way too much and tloz evil simple i break in a house and steal money every 5 seconds now skate 3 start zombie apocolypse or whac everyone or drop rampls on peoples head now skyrim 3 words FUS ROH DAH then they fly away and kersplat and overlord its a game about being evil yeah sure and you get to sacrifice little greml--- i mean minions to get ur health up how to get away woith it evil becomes part of the land and skyrim simple sneak cheating the game by potions then enchants repeat then make a fortify sneaking item then u have sneaking increased 9999999 or something like that then ur invisible no matter what mwahahahah unless u stand now skate sure you get punished for doing that but anyways one slap now the worst offender is gta how is gta a thing u can get wanted simple explosive punches and never wanted now get out there and destroy everything everyone says mario is evil for jumping on innocents but you control mario so ur the reason why hes evil so we are all evil and as a quote from gnarl from overlord "evil always finds a way"