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Haiku 1
mom you gave me love
and new life as you took me
as your new daughter
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Golden Anniversary
Fifty years ago today,
you entered my world.
Although I was not yours by blood
I was always your little girl.
You were always there for me
in both good times and bad.
Here I am having the special celebration
that rightfully belonged to you and dad.
I know that I have always loved you,
although sometimes I did not tell you so;
but now on our special day,
it is something that I want you to know.
Nothing can come between us
only death can take us away.
We were meant to be together
and together we will always stay.
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Brevette 3
b e g s
:iconjaydedarke:jaydedarke 1 2
Brevette 2
n e e d s
:iconjaydedarke:jaydedarke 0 1
brevette 1
a t e
:iconjaydedarke:jaydedarke 0 1
Mature content
Do Not Open Until Christmas :iconjaydedarke:jaydedarke 0 0
haiku 3
bushy tailed squirrel
scurries across our side yard
searching for a nut
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haiku 2
beautiful blue jay
glides up into the nearest tree
hiding from danger
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Our cat prissy (a haiku)
our prissy drowses
wherever she should not be
and not where she should
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The President That Went to Tampa
November 18, 1963,
we went; Dad, Grandma
and me.
With one of them holding my hand,
I was seven years old,
soon I would understand.
People were lined up
on both sides of the street.
Coming down the street in a convertible
was the man
we were all there to meet.
I had been told that he had spoken
to me but I did not remember.
Five days later,
the world was shocked to hear
that a gunman in Dallas, Texas
had stolen his life;
as he rode in the back seat
with his beloved wife.
I remember the day that he died;
When my mother told me when I
got home from school,
I remember I had cried.
He had been our Thirty-fifth president,
John F. Kennedy;
the memory of seeing him in person
will always remain deep inside me.
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Cat Behavior
Danny boy
bit Mommy
Bad Kitty
:iconjaydedarke:jaydedarke 0 0
Theme 92 My Possessions
All that I have
were things that you have given to me
when you took me to live with you
as your daughter
so long ago.
You showed me that someone could love me.
I would always have you here. .
Most of all, you were the one that taught me how to love.
:iconjaydedarke:jaydedarke 0 0
Theme 12 Insanity
I am insane. .
at least as far as some people are concerned.
Used to their disapproving looks. .
their pointing fingers.
I am used to the silence. .
It is what I have always had.
Their words are cruel. .
they cut me deep
like a sharp knife.
No one speaks.
No one takes the time
to find out who I am.
:iconjaydedarke:jaydedarke 0 0
Theme 35 Hold My Hand
I have no one. .
So many years I have been alone. .
but thrown away
like a bag of garbage
that means nothing to anyone.
I have ones who love me;
but I feel like I am alone
without anyone to care.
:iconjaydedarke:jaydedarke 0 0
Theme 28 Sorrow
My tears run down
burning my eyes.
My life
full of broken dreams
of broken promises. .
that were never meant to be kept.
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Theme 23 Cat
Our family cat
rules everything with a furry paw.
We have to do whatever she tells us,
her meows are the law.
She possesses her own chair
in our house.
She will not share it with anyone,
either a human or a mouse.
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peggi boone
United States
I have been writing poetry and horror fiction for many years. I got my first poem published in 1982.


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