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What's good to my fellow deviants.

Just giving ya'll an update on my life.

I no longer have interest in customizing, themeing, etc...

I'm going to chill out on that, maybe later this year, whenever i get into it again. IDK

Nappyfone.com might be down or whatevz, so if you can't get to it. Hell, it's down, I haven't been on it in forever. :( 

Anything you need that I have, just ask. (I've deleted majority of EVERYTHING)

I'm still on here, hit me up some time.  also my email is jimdean03@gmail.com fux wit ya bwoi!! :D :peace: 
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hey man, can u send me some themes mtz for miui please?
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hey good luck mate,can only say a massive thank you for what you have done and shown,maybe one day were see you back but good luck for the future dude! once again thank you and all the best man:) (Smile) 
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Appreciate it and you're welcome bro. I still love this phone community and will continue to support it. 

I actually just made my first post this year. I'm starting out small on tumblr and will continue to post more if I myself find it dope.