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Ex-S Gundam DeepStriker mode Lineart

Here is my take on my favourite gundam - Deep Striker (or more accurately the MSA-0011-3 [Bst] PLAN 303E Deep Striker). The intricate shapes and curves, the numerous parts that are made up of smaller parts and the sheer attention to detail from Hajime Katoki will make any art associated with Deep Striker bound to be a challenge. And it was, drawing reference from my 1/144 model, I was able to accurately reproduce the lines. So I think this line artwork is probably the most accurate representation out there.

Programs: All line work is done in Illustrator
Time: 13hrs
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I have a Fix Figuration of this badboy! Good taste sir.
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Now all it needs is a good can of paint... XD

P.S. faved... ^^
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haha that's another job altogether. Maybe print it out for the kids >D

Thanks for the fav! 
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The damn thing looks more like an Mobile Armor then a Gundam MS then anything else.  ^^; ^^; ^^; 

Which I have no problem with that, this is a very good gundam lineart, mate. Very well done. X3
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Thanks :) (Smile) 

Yeah it's like a hybrid MS/Mobile armour with a cruiser class cannon thrown on top lol. Beast
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Yeah, but I wouldn't want to have a MG gunpla kit of this. it looks like it's going to be a real pain to put together with all the small parts and all. And finding the right stand for is going to be a real problem. Not to mention how heavy it's going to be. ^^;
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