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Ex-S Gundam

Finally, S-gundam recieves its powerup! Now the Ex-S gundam, boasting extra armour plates around its legs, waist and chest, extra propellant tanks on its shoulders and a much more powerful booster pack.

I really had a great time modelling this. Despite its age, I think It's still one of the best looking gundams out there. I tried pretty hard to make it as accurate as possible. This version is based off the Ver.Ka which I think looks amazing.

I hope you like this!
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Great job! I thought it was gunplay at first. Technically all the Ex-S’s are Ver.Ka since he designed it, and I agree; it may be an older design but still holds up very well—definitely on my top five GUNDAM list, it blows the Unicorn out the water imo.

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This is incredibleee!! ^______^ Can't wait to see more, since you keep getting better and better :)
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Thanks =) I hope my next one will be even better!
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Yeah ! I have found a new wallpaper for my PC ! :D :D :D
Excellent ! I love the pose, simple but this totally rocks ! The lightning and 3D modeling are also perfect ! Thank you so much for sharing bro ! :iconsecrethandshakeplz2:

I definitely have to find a good EX-S Garage Kit !!! ;)
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Thanks! I bought the Gundam FIX #0013 and based it off that. It looks amazing because it is pre-painted and they did a pretty good job although not as as the ones you paint urself such as your awesome 1-24 RX-93 Hi-Nu Bust4!

Have you completed your Sazabi bust yet? can't wait to see that!
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Oh yeah this FIX #0013 MSA-011-3 model (I have searched on google) is fantastically made ! :D That should be a superb reference for 3D modeling ! :D

Unfortunately for the Sazabi bust, I don't have the time for the moment. I'm currently finishing my last commission => [link] , then I will work on my personal projects only. The EVA-02 (beast mode) :D I may take care of the Sazabi later. ;)
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u r most welcome
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