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I have a passion for gundams and all things Japanese mecha related. I create mecha illustrations during my free time and hope to share this with all you guys =)

I aim to make my models as close to the original as possible + adding extra detail to make them stand out more. I draw references and inspiration from many of my favourite mecha series. Gunbuster is my favourite mecha anime of all time! I really hope more people will watch this despite it being made in 1988. It seriously changed my life and perception towards mecha.

For the time being, please take some time to look around and I hope you find something you like!

Favourite Visual Artist
Hajime Katoki
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Girugamesh, Nagi Yanagi, Yasunori Mitsuda
Favourite Games
Super Robot Taisen
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, Maya
Hi guys! It's been a while. Just providing a quick update on what's happening. I'm still working on the Weibwritter, but because I've been using a new program called Rhinoceros 3D, it's going to take a bit longer than usual as I have to learn how to use it first! Having been working hard on it for the past month or 2, I took a small break and worked on a digital painting of Erika Toda. I love doing paintings, it's a really different form of art to 3D but equally satisfying. Maybe one day I'll do a gundam painting hehe. Check it out, Erika's a pretty girl! So now that's done, I'm going to place my focus back on the Weibwritter. It's going to
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About a year ago, my friends bought me the much sought after Weiβriter model. As excited as I was to build it, I had my hands full already with the S-gundam. I think this is very much well overdue! It's currently still in the box, waiting to be built. This is another very exciting project as I absolutely love Weiβriter and can't wait to do a render with Alteisen. The only difficult thing is, Weiβriter is alot less geometrical than others, this should prove to be a good challenge and fantastic opportunity to improve on my curvature modelling!
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After having some time off, I recently begun work on the EX-S gundam. It's nearly complete, all modelling is done, just a little bit more texturing and putting all the pieces together. I really had alot of fun doing this one! EX-S being one of my favourite gundams and already having done the S-gundam, giving it a bit of a powerup sure is really exciting! Hopefully will be up in a few more days =)
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Thanks for support
hello jay i see your blog about super robot taisen OST and well i need ask help please you don't know were i can find the song Rocks but the version OG gaiden? in the last battle whit neo granzon?
nice gallery^^
I think you love Sci-Fi^^
haha thank you.

And yes, very much so! =)
u r welcome, and it's my privilege to add u to my watch list
:star: Hi and thanks for the +WATCH :star: