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I got a new website all set up.  Http://
I am doing a reboot of my Jayce Ran accounts.  In 2019 I plan on being far more active as I enjoy this.  So... yeah.  More of whatever.  I am going to redo my gallery and hide all the junk.  So more streamline and good looking stuff.  Enjoy.  Bla bla bla.
I have not done one of these this month yet so here are my updates to progress.  I am editing Blue Ash Crisis right now and getting it ready for a solid actual cover to cover release.  So that should be done by the end of the year hopefully the story is complete and written, however it does require some fine tuning.  Lyorta, is on a hold for a few weeks.  I am going to be picking up the next episode soon but right now I want to get the plot done for An End To All You Know first.  Which is a perfect time to discuss this next one off project of mine.

An End To All You Know has already proven to be a difficult book for me.  It is going to be one of the more unique stories not really fitting into a genre.  It is definitely horror sci-fi.  However it has a few other elements to it that will distinguish it from the norms of those genres.  So far I have some of the designs done for the inhabitants and some of the locations.  A bit of the world has also been described and its anarchy.  I cant describe any type of government rule because at best the ruling power is hard to describe, its like a careless god which granted immortality to all.  That is the best way to describe it.  No disease, no sickness, no reason for anything, no will to survive because everything is immortal, no reason to fight, no reason for anything.  It is in that madness that all things in this world have become so twisted into evil.  This book is for sure a social commentary on why we should not seek perfection but rather enjoy the flaws of this world.

I hope people are not completely disturbed by this book.  However, I am going to have to slap a bazillion and one warnings on the book and I am sure even still it will be considered a supremely controversial book.  As I am plotting this I am at some moments not sure if I should even write this.  However, I feel like it is an important warning, a message, an omen of things to come if we as a society are not careful.  The subjects are the worst kind of hell I could think of in this book.  However, it was not originally going to be this bad but as I think more about the setting it gets worse and crueler and more terrible.  Mind you nothing can die in this world, there is no reason to fight, there is nothing of need, there is only simply what people choose to do with their time and energy.
I have used many common phrases to describe myself or concepts.  Today I am going to be writing about two terms and what they mean.  If you have noticed, I have used Beautifully Damned to describe artwork, writing, and myself.  Beautifully Damned arose from a religious worldview of art in general.  The concept is quickly broken down by the two words used.  Beautifully means to be full of beauty or having said attribute and Damned meaning to be fallen or exiled.  Often when my artwork was seen by fellow Christians, they would react negatively to it.  They would say I am doing the devils work or saying that it is too dark for a Christian to make.  It is a tongue and cheek acceptance of being damned by man.  I know the great redeemer and my King is Christ alone, and it only matters to me what he thinks of me.  He knows what I make and why I make it and what it means and warns of.  So for as long as puffed up, men believe they can judge my works I shall be "Beautifully Damned."

The other is Sweet Insanity.  I believe strongly the level of one's ability to create fiction depends on a deep level of insanity.  There is a sweet spot in the realm of madness which leads to imagination unfettered by the logic of reality.  This is the what is the Sweet Insanity.  Fiction is a form of dementia, and its goal is to consume the minds of others for a time into said mountains of madness.  Once dwelling inside those shadowlands, the grand fantasy of stories unknown can be drawn out from the mire.  However draw too close to this insanity and reality begins to corrode into the pages.  I can see why method actors can lose themselves in the role.  At times the story gets the better of me, and my every thought becomes portioned to the tale I am working on.  However, what we receive from this Sweet Insanity is art, it is a fair trade-off.  Sadly some do not possess this sweet insanity and still seek to be artists and writers, and their imagination is vapid and lost among the timbers of logic.  Insanity is key to fiction.  This is why mental illness is prevalent among artists of all stretches.  Sweet Insanity.

Now you know what these two common phrases from me mean.
I am coming out with another series of writing tips as soon as I am finished with Blue Ash Crisis which should be very VERY soon.  I wont be releasing it when I finish because editing and junk but hell.  If there are any topics you want me to cover please feel free to comment.  I am going to go over and streamline some of my older videos.  I am going to be getting a new microphone for it and a camera so you can see my ugly mug.  The idea of this set is to show more in depth on how to write a book. However, I will focus more so on story writing as well.  Last time I focused mostly on outlining.  I am also going to be starting a life blog about being a writer and junk and the challenges.  I highly expect some collabs with other friends of mine.  Some of which are twitch streamers, musicians, and artist.  I don't know any writers who are open about talking.

As far as the platform I will be posting to it will be on my Youtube mostly but I am open to other video sites.  Blue Ash Crisis is coming along perfectly.  I am finishing up chapter 18 tonight which leaves me with about two weeks more work.  If anyone is interested in getting a copy of Blue Ash Crisis signed by me in physical format drop me a line because my first printing of physical copies is going to be limited release for special people only.  I am going to charge slightly more than cost.  I am expecting to charge around $10.  This printing will not happen until sometime in 2019 so I wont be collecting any money for it now.

I will have a prologue for An End To All You Know by the end of August.  That is the working title of my next book.  I am debating on working on that alongside another short novella called "The Shadows Of Light" which is the first part of the Dark Saga series.  Obviously being one of my more important stories I will be putting a hell of a lot of work into that one.  I am very happy with Blue Ash Crisis's results so far.  The scene I have been watching involves a possessed mecha.  I know crazy stuff right.  Well that is about all.

At the end of the month or just about then I will have finished my first book.  I think of all the people in my life that has helped me reach this point.  All the people who have cheered me on over the years and encouraged me to reach out to my dreams.  All the wonderful people who have inspired me, and the people who have touched my life when I was stuck in deep depression.  Everyone who helped me get through my health issues and the many people who stood by me regardless of failing.  Even those who faltered and could not stand by my side after time passed.  It is amazing.  I am truly a blessed person.  Even with my struggles, I have never had to go it alone.  Thank you everyone sincerely.  I am so grateful for all you.  With the completion of this title will come the beginning of a new chapter in my life and the closing of another.  Things are about to get real interesting.  I just cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.
I am writing again.  That is the good news.  I have had an opportunity to reset, to take an extended stop for about a month maybe a bit longer.  During this time I have been dealing with inner issues.  I also began to reflect on my own work.  I had to ask myself what I am attempting to say with my work.  I am entertaining and I am not preaching with my work, yet still, there is a message.  It might not appear so just by reading my work without taking a deeper look but I have discovered there is things I am trying to convey.  An obsession, I won't say what those themes are but I have discovered several of them.

In doing so I am learning a bit about myself.  Also how to better my craft.  I don't know why I am writing this but I felt like I needed to write this for some other time.  Here are my thoughts.  Enjoy them if you may.
Alright, I need to adjust my release schedule a little because of my setbacks in April.  A lot has been going on and I am back mostly from the emotional turmoil and lows.  So here is what is going to happen.  I got a bit of editing to do on Lyorta Episode 2 and a few rewrites so it will be coming out near the end of June, probably after my birthday June 24th.  As for Blue Ash Crisis, I am rushing through Episode 4 edits and rewriting Episode 5 for a late May release.  Mid-June around the 15th is when Episode 6 of Blue Ash Crisis will come out and Episodes 7 and 8 should be as scheduled for July and August.

 So rough timetable...
Blue Ash Crisis Episode 4: May 7thish
Blue Ash Crisis Epsidoe 5: May 21stish
Blue Ash Crisis Episode 6: June 15thish
Lyorta Episode 2: June 25thish

Sorry about the wait for the 4th episode the death of my aunt was really unexpected for me and some other life issues have been in the way.
I wanted to release this week, however, this is not going to happen.  My aunt died and I am having to assist in taking care of things.  There is a lot on my mind and the least of it is my book.  I need to be with family at this difficult time in our lives.  I hope you understand and stay tuned.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers in advance.
So as you all know I have a growing list of projects I am working on.  Here are my official focuses, some of which you may not be entirely aware of yet. So here is my chance to fill you in.

Blue Ash Crisis: A novel that I have been releasing as a serial.  It releases once a month and will conclude with episode 8 in August.
Lyorta: The Saga Of Retribution: Once again another serial series I am releasing every quarter.  There are four releases a year in novella format.  There is no end in sight for Lyorta expect this series to be coming out for a number of years.
An End To All You Know: A novel being released like Blue Ash Crisis planned for the first release in September of 2018 following the conclusion of Blue Ash Crisis.  The planned conclusion will be set for April of 2019.

An original role-playing system I have not named yet. This system will be a companion to my novel series allowing readers to roleplay out the novels and experience their own adventures in the worlds I have crafted.  The first focus right now is going to be the Lyorta world.  Later I may even make a companion game to Blue Ash Crisis and most definitely am planning on doing one for An End To All You Know. This roleplay system will hopefully be designed to mostly forgo dice though for those pesky players disputes can be covered by dice rolls and also for more dynamic adventures.  The storyteller or game master or whatever it will be called will have a considerable amount of power to control the narration of their story.  However, I want it to be designed in a way the DM competes with the players in scenarios.  I will first release an extremely general format rulebook and then adapt those rulebooks with special sourcebooks for each game.  So there will be a standardized format for all games to follow.  I have spent YEARS on this, longer than Lyorta actually as this was originally going to be part of my Dark Saga series (which I am still working on).

I am still producing music occasionally as a hobby and artwork as well.  However, my main focus right now is my novels.  Well, I hope that updates everyone and yeah, there you go.
Today I am going to spend the day listening to Blue Ash Crisis re-reading my story to get a grasp on the last half of the book.  I am so happy to see everything coming together and it looks so far exactly how I wanted to in my own mind.  Granted I am cursed to have a perspective above the rest.  Hopefully, it inspires the same images from the soil.
At times it is hard to continue.  There is no goal in sight or reason to continue writing these stories.  I have an anonymous audience.  People who I will never know or never see or never hear from most likely.  Just when I feel like giving up, someone comes along and tells me that my stories have brought them comfort from their daily struggles.  I look at my lonely desk and smile in this beautiful night, set my hands to the keyboard again, and pray that what I write may heal others as well.  It is a foolish dream to seek fame or fortune from the written word, but it is not a fool's errand to bring forth comfort if even for a moment.  That is the ideal that gives writing value.  So if you are struggling with your own life and feel dead inside, do something for others and bring them comfort.  It is in those internal tears that life will spring forth again and that creative flower will soon be in full bloom. It is suffering and sacrifice that brings value to this world.  For what greater expression of love is there than to lose something in order for others to gain?  To give a gift freely and willingly, with no expectations of acceptance; that is the ultimate good.
Ok I know I have been teasing it was going to be released tomorrow and it is done, its not like I have to do any more work on it.  I got myself a new program for type setting after receiving a few complaints about my previous PDFs.  I realize using Open Office is not going to be very professional.  So I went and got myself PagePlus X9 and I will be creating full blown professional releases from now on.  I apologies in advance if I am not able to set this all up by tomorrow however I will be working on this with all my free time until I have it done.  So at latest it will be March 2nd.  I also will be RE-Releasing the first two episodes in this new format.  It should prove to make it easier to read and should look really nice.

Please feel free to email your comments and concerns to or join my discord, Sweet Insanity,
So ia m going to type this paragraph without editing whatr I am typing.  My new keyboard is awesome bvut it is very sensitive.  So I am going to have to learn how to type on this b ad boyt.  I ma loving my new computer. It is the swiftest thing I have ever workded on and my aRTWORKD iws going to take a major jump in quality because of it.  I also got a new cintiq along with it and I am just waiting on a part to connect the DVI cable to my computer... stupid DVI cable... who trhe hell uses DVI anymore.

So like my keybaord OI am going to have to learn how to us4e that too.  As you can see there are -plunty of extra key errors.  IO kind of witysh this thing was not so sensative./
Yup today I am uninstalling most everything off my laptop that I wont use for production.  I will keep my writing stuff and basic drawing stuff but I got a new work station for myself.  I am going to be turning that one into my primary and my laptop is for when I want to be mobile.  It is pretty wild looking back at all the stuff you installed on your computer.  I can't wait to get that new one up and running on Thursday.
I am sitting in my tower of a room gazing out my window at an open moon watching the snow fall.  It is rather beautiful.  It is a calming view.  I am making final adjustments to Lyorta Chapter 1 right now, fixing tense issues and such.  This post is just going to be reflection and a journal in the purest sense.  I often find myself wondering what my future will bring.

There are times I get lonely being here, then there are times like tonight, when I am all alone and in good company with myself.  It is just so wonderful to be alive and breathing.  The artist in me is more alive than he has been in a long time.  I see a future with more positive outcomes than negative ones for once in the last few years.  Liberation has nested for a time here and with her came comfort.

I think this new writing schedule has been the best thing I have done for myself in a while.  I feel like I am entering a new stage in my life.  One I am finally curious to see the outcome of.  I have been looking at getting myself a new car and I might start heading to a public gym every so often in the week.  Though... in the twilight hours... still that ol' apprehension to people gnaws at my throat every time I am in public.

Yet still, I am happy and this is the first time in a while I can say that honestly.  I got a few people in my life who have made things interesting again.  One of them being my childhood best friend has been spurring me on, another is a cutie that has caught my eye, and a few others are friends who have become intricate in my life."

I will have some pretty cool news soon enough.  So just hold on tight my friends.  2014 - 2017 sucked, 2018 is a different kingdom...

Oh and I got all my old artwork organized... that was fun.
I have decided I am going to only release my stuff on the proper release dates.  No point in having release dates if I am not going to follow them.  So Episode 2 of Blue Ash Crisis comes out February and Episode 3 in March and so on and so forth.  Thanks for your time.
For the next few days I wont be posting because some really awesome things have happened and I am going to be busy getting things ready for those awesome things.
Today, is my day off so I am not planning on doing much.  I am going to type set the Lyorta Episode template.  Maybe I may do a little with season 2 of Writing Tips.  However Monday - Friday I am going to be doing another chapter in Blue Ash Crisis so five chapters.  Sounds good?  Sounds good to me.  Next weekend I am going to consider recording for Writing Tips Season 2.  I got a line of vids to do.  If you would like to supply background images that would be lovely.  As always I will link you in the description.
I am offering this episode of Blue Ash Crisis completely free for anyone.  You can download it over at my Patreon page,…

Please share with everyone you know.  This is however the alpha release the full release will be even better than this.  So enjoy!