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Red Empire Suit Propaganda Suit by JayceRan Red Empire Suit Propaganda Suit by JayceRan
Medieval Mecha Suit goodness!

What is the Lyorta Project?

The Lyorta Project is a collaborative work consisting of many volunteers in order to create a free and flourishing art/writing/comic/audio drama/animation(I wish) series that involves the fluid combination of fantasy, sci-fi and modern concepts in a multi-genre world. We work on donations and our own time to bring to you a full fledged series with the quality of a paid for series. We intend for everything to be released in digital format free of charge for the Lyorta series. If the demand is there we may release physical copies of our works for a low price on a site such as or another publisher that is easy to work with.

Why should I volunteer for the Lyorta Project?
Exposure! We plan to advertise ourselves and gain a large fan base and if we succeed your donated artwork/writing/whatever advertise you and gain you viewers, followers, and potential commissions. Since we operate on a nothing we cannot offer monetary compensation.

Is it true you sometimes commission people?
Yes we at times do commission people for artwork instead of taking a voluntary artwork. When we hire an artist it is done completely on donations from viewers like you. We do not make any profits from our digital releases.

Do I have to sign any contracts?
We do have a release form we require in order to accept any donated work. Reason for this is to protect the series and its volunteers from any legal backlash that may occur. We hope that everyone is an honest person but sadly we live in a world where dishonest people do dishonest things. In order to protect the project and it's volunteers this is a necessary policy.

How do I volunteer?
Please contact me directly and we can talk about volunteering.

Who are you?
I am Jayce R and I am the creator of the Lyorta series.
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