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Windows Metro IM..Update

The first upgrade of Windows Metro IM was already out [link]

Many Thanks to the following for featuring this theme on their site: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]

For those that I forgot to mention, big big thanks to all of you..

And to my friend (who banned me on his page) that thinking that I was manipulating the download, I'm not angry at you. It's your own opinion and I respect that.. I'm open for reconciliation...

Again, thanks to all who download this theme. This is all for you. Hope you will like the Aero version of this which will be release next week.

Thanks to NEXTSHARED @ Youtube for this [link]


As I've mentioned before, I can't make this on x64... and due to insistent public demand, I'll be attaching here the archive of .bmp files that I've used.

Here [link]


***UPDATE 2***

1. Fixed Frames when using "Shadowless Frames"

How to: Download the [link] Copy and replace existing Windows Metro IM.msstyles in the Windows Metro IM Folder


1. Fixed bugs in the taskbar
2. Added fonts in the package

You can re-download the whole package or just click the link below the description for the hotfixes.

Finally... Here it is.. The successor of Windows Metro

For those who love the interface of MetroTwit, Zune and a little bit of Windows 8

Thanks to all the viewers who spend some of their precious time just to look on the preview and gave favs and comments!! This is for you guys!!

Special thanks to the following artists who spend some time to make this VS a good one...

giannisgx89 [link] for the Zune Themes

Rajtheeban95 [link] for helping me on the Explorerframe

Misaki2009 [link] for testing this VS

Alkhan [link] and L1nkysys [link] for giving some pieces of advise

andreascy [link] for the continuous support

***The package is complete with theme installer and start orb changer (for the system files).

***For the first timers, don't worry, detailed instruction is included in the pack.

***Again, a friendly reminder, always back up your files before performing any modifications on the system files.

Happy Theming and see you all on the next VS!!!!


UPDATE 1 (06092011-0140) Fixed white/glass lining when using small taskbar

Download Windows Metro IM.msstyles here: [link]
How to: Download and replace existing Windows Metro IM.msstyles

UPDATE 2 (06092011-0313) Fonts used [link]

How to: Download, Extract and save to C:\Windows\Fonts
© 2011 - 2021 jaycee13
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Excellent theme! Thank you
Is there a way to enable transparency in this theme?
ridwan2312's avatar
thanks,, cool theme..
DiffCyr's avatar
i think it will good.....
bossran1116's avatar
is this compatible for win7 x64 sp1?
DobrosiAkos's avatar
supports basic? :)
DannexReloadex's avatar
A5TRONAUT's avatar
Would you be able to add a color feature? i love this theme, but maybe support more metro colors?
adelonic's avatar
nice work btw
EdRiK-767's avatar
any update for x64?
dai88's avatar
lirodon's avatar
Make this work on the real Windows 8. Seriously.
A-j-i's avatar
wow amazing bro
zydrius32's avatar
Hi, can 'u send me transparent arrows (no black background) from "explorerframe.dll"?
zydrius32's avatar
As always problem is solved by me...
WeStandUnited's avatar
Will this work on Windows Xp Sp3?
jakezanerd's avatar
do i need to install/download anything else for this?
SamHsu's avatar
not for win7 64bit,sigh~~
aluckymuse's avatar
well you saved me 5 minutes of my life.
carlonthego's avatar
how to download this thing? I have my windows 7 in my laptop, please I need your help :( Thanks you so much
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