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Google+ Visual Style for Win 7


G+ Visual Style for Windows 7 [link]


For those who loved the new Google+

You will love it more with this Visual Style based on Genie Project [link] by dvkndn [link] Full credits to him.

I broke my promise last time when I said that I will stop in making VS to give way for my job but I can't get my eyes with this project that's why I decided to work with it.

Thanks to all the people behind this project:

dvkndn [link]
cu88 [link]
TheMooDude [link]
and the Beta Testers (outside of DA)

Wallpapers in the preview: [link] by rahul964 [link]

Introducing a few new thoughts on sharing...
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This is old! but never heard about it... Hope this works perfectly 
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Will Become to Windows 8 ? No ? Ok .. :\
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Big Thanks...Been using consistently for months... One of the few styles that:
1. Uses color, bold but sparingly to highlight important items...perfect!
2. Fonts aren't super small. Bless you
3. Minimal to zero transparency. Don't mind some, but lately the trend is so transparent that I can't make out what's in the current window or box, and what's underneath.
4. Big, thick taskbar. I use a great deal for app switching, staying org while working so big, easy to see and visually determine what's what is critical. You nailed it!

There were a few small changes I made for myself only, such as the hover and selected items on the taskbar, from the greys to the Windows Green for the current/active window, grey for other open windows (So I can see in microseconds.. :) ), and the hover color bar in the Start menus to the gold. The light grey was also hard for me to see well. Guess I'm getting old.

I had created my own in XP, which I worked with until this past year, and haven't had time nor wanted to fuss with W7, especially since the Windows Style Builder app for W7 isn't as dynamic as the XP version. I know full well how much work this is. So again, big thanks to you and the creators of the base work.
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super cool
i use win 7 x64 but not SP1
can i still install this theme?
How do I set the title bar and the taskbar solid? Thanx!
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Can you make a theme Chrome OS Theme for Windows 7 ?
images [link] [link]
video [link]
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dude thank for this. :D
i'm currently using this theme.
check it out: [link]

thanks! :D
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Your VS has been stolen by some sort of spammer:

Btw, I will test it now and feedback later :)
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your stuff got stolen: [link]
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seriously awesome!
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I can't shutdown! I love the theme though but why remove shut down?
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great!! thank you
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Many Thanks........... I Like It!
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Looks great, but I find the absence of corners very confusing!
true, needs corners or it just looks awkward
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AKA This theme is so amazing I'm full retard for not having it installed yet.
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thank you very much
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ur very much welcome!!
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ooh~~ beautiful!!
this very cool! thanks very much!
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