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Elements of Harmony: BG Mane Six Edition

Just a group shot of all six BG mane six Elements of Harmony. Mostly for the ease of reference.

It still kind of bugs me that Scratch's and Time Turner's elements are largely the same color, but the only alternative I can easily consider is doing Scratch's element in red. And that won't work. We all know her eyes aren't red. ;)
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Octavia - Twilight Sparkle

Vinyl - Pinkie Pie

Lyra - Rarity

Bon Bon - Applejack

Derpy - Rainbow Dash

Doctor Whooves - Fluttershy

Also I thought of adding Minuette in here too, but not sure what color to make her element

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Octavia - Rarity
DJ - Applejack
Lyra - Rainbow Dash
Bon Bon - Fluttershy
Derpy - Pinkie Pie
Doctor - Twilight
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Here's an idea for an element how about the Element of Wisdom?
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Say, I'll bet you can make a set alternate universe elements if I show the AU 6 design.
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How did you make these? :o
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I created them in Inkscape!
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The Element of MUFFINS!
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I have better names for these...

Muffin-based Element: The Element of Sustenance

Hourglass-based Element: The Element of Existence

Dual Eighth Note-based Element: The Element of Bass

Harp-based Element: The Element of Song

Treble Clef-based Element: The Element of Music

Candy-based Element: The Element of Candy(cause why not?)
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Vinyl Scratches eyes are a magenta like color
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what elements are these pleas tell me??
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I need the Doctor to have the "Big Crown Thingy" for my fic at… to work, can you redo them?
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Did you commission these or something?
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No. I just want to share my art and need someone else's help.
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'Share your art'? It sounds like you're demanding a piece from the artist, telling them to change their own creation
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Ah. I meant story creation by "art" and was unaware of the necessity of permission... I plead not guilty!
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well you just need to be aware this is their own artwork, not something you can ask for, they spend lots of time and effort on this, no offense, but they won't just change it at your will. I get you didn't understand, but it's quite impolite to sound like you're demanding a work of art to be changed on your accord
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Loo loo loo looooooo!
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