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:iconjaybirdking85:jaybirdking85 posted a status
Info about Bree Yamada
Full Name: Bree Yan Yamada
Age: Depicted as 18.
Nationality: American
Race: Asian
Family: Ayano Aishi Yamada (Mother), Taro Yamada (Father), Ryoba Aishi (Maternal Grandmother), Hanako Yamada (Paternal Aunt).
Friends: Every one except for Brian, and Flora.
Enemies: Brian and Flora. Girl from homeroom 412.
Love interests: Dennis (Senpai)
Inner Object: Bubble from Battle for Dream Island.
Physical body appearance: Fair skin, dyed blonde hair tied into a ponytail, gray eyes, 5'4" tall, weighs 109 pounds.
Regular clothes: Light blue jacket, navy blue skirt, dark grey stockings, and white sneakers.
Persona: Devoted
Occupation: Student
Background: Born in April 21, 18 years ago, the daughter of a Yandere and her Senpai had awoken. She is unable to feel emotions, until she met Dennis back at her Junior year. She was able to feel what it is like to be human, to be alive. She thinks Dennis is everything to her, and now somebody from homeroom 412 is trying to take him from her. She wants to eliminate that girl. She is from homeroom​ 401 and she is going to stop that girl from confessing her feelings to Dennis from the post secondary school. She is taking after her mother. She also had to keep her life as Bubble from Battle for Dream Island, a secret, while trying to win her Senpai's heart.

Another fact: Her mother Ayano is a Yandere, and her father is her mother's Senpai. She often gets visits from Aunt Hanako, who wants to spend time with her brother.

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