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Info About Lyn Lynch
Name: Lyn Callie Lynch
Age: Depicted as 18
Nationality: American
Race: Caucasian-Native American
Family: Lane Lynch (Father), Kira Amasha Lynch (Mother), Harriet Lynch (Paternal grandfather)
Friends: Everyone but enemies
Enemies: the bullies.
Appearance: (As for the body) Slightly tanned skin, green eyes, brown hair, 5'4" tall, 122 pounds of weight, pear shaped type.
(As for clothes) Green dress, blue belt, green stockings, and black shoes.
Occupation: High School Senior (Education), no part time job.
Inner Object: Leafy from Battle for Dream Island.
Persona: Social butterfly
Background​: Born 18 years ago at the day September 11. She had mother who was in poverty as a child, and a rich father, who was well educated. She had a long history of illnesses. She now had to keep a secret from the rest of her senior class, but homeroom 401. She had to...

Another Fact: She talks to Ayano Aishi Yamada when Bree Yamada is not home, she stays as far as a she can from Taro Yamada, because she does not want to die.
Info about Francis Ruto
Name:Francis Isu Ruto
Age: Depicted as 18
Nationality: American
Race: Caucasian-Asian Mix
Family: Stephen McCoy Ruto (Father), Oka Ruto (Mother), Iris Ruto (Younger Sister).
Friends: All classmates from homeroom 401 (Some their side.)
Enemies: The bully, the reinforcers, and Brett Rio.
Inner Object: Firey from Battle for Dream Island.
Occupation: A clerk at the grocery store (part time job), High School Senior (Education).
Body Appearance: Fair skin, Red spiky Auburn Hair, Blue eyes with light purple highlight in irises, average body type. 6'0" tall, weighs 143 pounds.
Normal Clothes: Grey fire shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes.
Persona: Loner
Background info: He is born on June 15, 18 years ago. He had a mother, Oka Ruto, who was once the president of the Occult club in Akademi High School, and a Father named Stephen McCoy Ruto, a guy who love to read books. Francis Ruto is a loner and he likes to read books about demons and ghouls. He looks like his father, but acts like his mother mostly. His younger sister, Iris Ruto acts like her dad but looks like her mom. Francis is interested in Occult stuff but he got a job when he is 17 at the grocery store. He was not allowed to talk about demons and ghosts at all. He is allies with all of his classmates but do not hang out with them not enough.

Another fact: He saw his mother summon a demon.

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