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:iconjaybirdking85:jaybirdking85 posted a status
I'm also thinking about a Pen TG story, a sequel to the Coiny one.
Victim: A girl who looks for potential cheaters (In love). She hates cheaters, and she wants to catch them, she goes by the name, Annie Ackerman. She is also lovesick for a guy named Tyler Yohe.

Shoulder length Black hair tied in a Ponytail
Dark Gray eyes
Fair skin
White Polo shirt with blue collar, and red tie. The cuffs are blue.
Navy Blue skirt
Black stockings
Black flats.
Wears an Eyepatch.
Has a phone on her.
Contains: TF, Female to Male Alteration, and MC

Also, after the Pen one, I'm thinking about an Eraser TG Story...

Victim: A Girl who gathers others' information, and values infobreaking, and hacking into other's stuff. The name is Irena Cady

Crimson shoulder length hair with cowlick.
Red eyes
fair skin
White polo with blue cuffs and collar, and red necktie.
Navy blue skirt.
white ankle socks
black flats.
red glasses.
Contains: TF, Female to Male alteration, MC
Must be separate from the Pen TG story, and a follow up.

The third would be a Blocky TG story... but it must be separate and follow up to the Eraser TG story.

Victim: An rebellious young adult woman who hates rules, who values immoral things. She is dishonest, cruel, and a traitor. She loved to hurt people, and loved cyberbullying, and smokes tobacco. She eats unhealthy food, and she drinks soda and alcohol.
Name: Melanie Bernhard
Long black hair tied in a pony tail, Tips dyed red.
Fair skin
brown eyes
Black tank top with skull
Black leather jacket.
Black leather pants
Black spiked wristbands
Black boots with heels
Has a scar on her face
Bandages on her arm and left leg.
Wears lip piercings
Nails painted black
Contains: TF, Female to Male Alteration, MC

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greeceball22 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so, the blocky and eraser are a#######.
AridiaPizarro Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017  Student Filmographer
I also added them
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017   Artist
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