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Breadwinners by theEyZmaster

Picture by :icontheeyzmaster:

Story by :iconjaybirdking85:

Boy! It is sure terrible out there. Everyone has keep having fun, why can't we bore them to death.
Mia Lee and Ellie were two boring people who bored everyone to their doom. Mia Lee was 8 years old at age, she was known as the younger and the pudgy one. Ellie was 22 years at age, she was known as the older and bonier one. Both girls both wear black blouses, very dark purple long skirts, black dress shoes, and black gloves. Mia Lee had black hair, wears dark make up, and has pale skin. Ellie had dark purplish-gray blunt hair, pale skin, and wears dark make up. These two girls hated all things fun, and want to get rid of all things fun. They were both friends, having everything in common. It all changed when one day, a man who hated bland people named Conner kidnapped the two girls, and put them in a nut house filled with fun stuff.
Uh! This is torture.  Mia Lee complained. They were living their worst nightmare, fun. A megaphone-like thing descended from the ceiling. It's the propaganda to becoming a good, pure, and fun person.
Let us begin with some deep breaths.
The girls were breathing in and out. They do not know what was going on about this whole fun personality program.
The girls were calming down, they let their minds get slower and bodies getting heavier.
                                                                                       There you be boring... ruins our sweet home...
After the propaganda was into them, the girls started to change, first one being Mia Lee.

Mia Lee's Turn!!!(Hypnosis to SwaySway)

You feel your feet morph into duck feet, feels so good, huh! Your legs started to get more feathered in green, slim, and longer. They may seem weak, but they are stronger than what they'd seem. Your waist becomes slim but of the opposite gender. All your body fat is gone now. Your arms become slim, and also longer. The rest of the body becomes covered in green feathers. Your lips and nose blend in together, to form a orange beak. Your head becomes a spherical shape. Feathers cover your head. Your eyes turn black, and is bigger than before. Notice how close they are. Your IQ drops from 130 to 97. Your eye sight becomes better and better as your IQ drops again to 90. Your hair begins to turn from black to dark brown to brown to light brown to red to orange to light orange to blonde as in pure yellow. Your womanhood begins to disappear into nothingness, being replaced by your new and improved manhood. Your reproductive system becomes masculine and fully developed. No need for dark make-up, or any make up at all. Your make up disappears as your face becomes more masculine. Your teeth becoming more round. Your hands lose one finger, now you only have four fingers instead of five. Your eyelashes recede. Your hair becomes more of SwaySway's. Oh my god, your clothes did actually grew with you. Let me change that. Your blouse begins to discolor to white. It also becomes a V-neck T-shirt as it gets tighter and tighter, ending up with your belly shown. Your stomach is so lean but with a bit of abs. Your long dark purple skirt begins to turn blue and get shorter. They were turning into short shorts. The shorts get tighter as your butt gets bigger. Your hands become less dainty. Your voice becomes less and less boring as it becomes more fun and joyful of the opposite gender. You notice your socks creeping up to near your knees, as a blue stripe appears on them. Your dress shoes become black sneakers as your gloves disappear, leaving your arms exposed. A blue breadwinners hat appeared on your head. This will alter your brain. You start remembering that you came from a long line of breadwinners, and now you are proud to carry on the family tradition of delivering bread up in Yo' beak. You are a QUAZY and wild duck at heart. You'll make sure you and your bap, Buhdeuce gets to have fun 24/7, despite how much work needs to be done. Even though the rocket van is wrecked and your bread is totally toast, you are still the most optimistic duck. my little ducky. You're age progressed to 17. You are now SwaySway. SwaySway of the Breadwinners, the leader of party punching flock.

After Mia Lee(Now SwaySway) was woken from the spell Conner cast, but as a different person, he felt excited to be Swaysway. He partied hard and laughed a lot. Ellie did not like the look of the duck's face. She was not giving up her negativity. SwaySway wants Ellie to join the party punching flock and the party. Ellie said "no"!

It's your turn Ellie!!! Hehehehehe

Ellie's Turn(Hypnosis to Buhdeuce)

Feel your feet morph into duck feet, feels very good, huh! Your legs begin to get stubbier, greener, and more feathered. They are stronger than before. Your neck begins to disappear as your torso blends in with your head. Your body is becoming a feathered ball with arms and legs. You begin to shrink. You shrink until you are 2'6". You never felt this strange feeling before. The rest of your body gets covered with green feathers as you lose one finger on each hand. You have four fingers instead of five. Your lips and nose blend in together to form into a orange beak. Your eyes become bigger, rounder, and more stuck together. Your eyes discolor into black pupils. Your vision gets better. Your IQ drops from 150 to 98. Your very dark purple hair changes from that to brownish red to dirty blonde to pure yellow blonde as it got curly and short. Your bangs begin to retreat back to it's scalp.
NO! NO! I... don't want to---.
Silence little girl, you have to control yourself. Back to the hypnosis. Your eyelashes recede as your reproductive system becomes more masculine and nearly prepubescent. Your voice becomes more of Buhdeuce's. You do not need makeup anyways. Your make up disappears as your face becomes that of a younger male. Wait, you nearly sound like Buhdeuce. I could change that. Your voice becomes less and less boring as it becomes more fun and enthusiastic. You are the funniest duck anyone could have. Your clothes had shrunk with you. I could make sure you are in proper uniform. Your black blouse inverts into white as the collar turned more triangle shaped. Your teeth get more rounded, and bigger as your two front teeth became bigger and it stuck out. Your dark purple skirt became red shorts. Your stockings became white ankle length socks with a red stripe. Your pumps turn into black sneakers. A red breadwinners hat appears on your head as your brain alters. You are SwaySway's loyal and enthusiastic co-pilot, partner, roommate, and his best bap. You got lots of heart, but not a lot of experience. It is a good thing that you have SwaySway to help butter your toast, and show you the ropes. The rocket van would be lost without your navigation skills, and a party is nothing without your QUAZY dance moves. You could also type with your big butt. Plus you are the best bap around. Just ask SwaySway.  You can eat more bread than anyone in Pondgea. You're the funniest duck around. You are now Buhdeuce Von Deuce Bersukovich the First, Buhdeuce of the breadwinners. The second member of the party punch flock. Your age regressed to 12.
When Ellie(Now Buhdeuce) woken from the terrible trance Conner gave him, he felt like partying with his best bap, Sway. He partied with SwaySway and laughed a lot. He felt everyone needed to have a good time. The Breadwinners forget their boring past lives and remembered their lives as the Breadwinners. What used to be Mia Lee's memories went from being a party pooper to being a party animal pureblooded breadwinner, SwaySway. What used to be Ellie's memories went from being a boring woman with no sense of humor to being a 1st generation breadwinner with a awesome sense of humor, Buhdeuce. They had fun no matter what. The boys were outta control. They were then stopped by a sound, but stayed positive anyways.
Initiating portal to Pondgea sequence...
The ducks were heading to where they belong, Pondgea.  They fell into their home, the swamp pad. They saw Jelly the frog. Jelly was so darn scared because they were strangers at first. But after all, the Breadwinners somehow recognized her.

Jelly!!! You are happy to see us!

They appreciated Jelly in a more excited tone. They party punched

We'll forever be known as the Breadwinners

Party Punch!!!

C'mon Bap, lets get bread up in yo' beak!!!-SwaySway

Yep! Yep!-Buhdeuce

I would thank :icontheeyzmaster: for making this art.

This story is the genderbent version of all these art and stories about bad guys, boring guys, and pessimistic men turning into bubbly women. I did a FTM transformation that is the same concept. The concept is to make someone happier and more optimistic. No MTF involved.
Breadwinners Copyright Nickelodeon

Mia Lee and Ellie Copyright :iconjaybirdking85:
Here's the art I've been talking about:
Bully to Punk Bimbo  
Breadwinners are optimistic party animal ducks who deliver bread. I turned a 2 people with no sense of humor that is boring into 2 ducks that always look into the bright side, and has a good sense of humor. This also has IQ lowering in there too. This contains TG, if you do not want to see this kind of stuff, click the back button. That's why I put on the mature content filter.
L Alphabets (Words) E (Alphabets) G E (Alphabets) N Alphabets (Words) D 

  • Italics mean hypnosis- it's just words only heard from one person(or duck) HONK!!!  
    • Bold means speech for the main characters and the robot.
    • Big words mean new section, and is a volume detector.
    • Itali-Bold means that the antagonist is speaking

 Featuring: :iconswayswayplz: and

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