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Swaydeuce by LoveArtistCrazy
February 22, 2014
Breadwinners, a show about 2 carefree ducks, named SwaySway and Buhdeuce, who deliver bread in a Rocket Van. It just aired today at 11 am. My daughters, Sara and Britney, loved this show. They also wished to be the Breadwinners. They'll be waiting for this wish to come true.
March 7, 2016
Sara and Britney, two girls as young as 13, were walking down the street as usual. Sara had black hair, blue eyes, pale skin, wears a dark blue sweatshirt, khakis, and red shoes. She had glasses.  Britney had brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, wears a red shirt, jeans, and blue shoes. They were looking forward to getting the exclusive breadwinners comic, with breadwinners hats, which the seller claimed to be not cursed. There is only one comic in stock.  They are going to get the book. They got the exclusive comic after purchasing. Breadwinners hats were in there. After the long hours of reading at home, the breadwinners hats seemed to call their names. Blue was calling Sara's, while red was calling Britney's. Sara picks up the blue hat and puts it on, then she started feeling weird.
It took long to Sara to realize she is changing. Her hair started to turn blonde(it was now a brown color), as her skin takes on a alien tone. Thighs get reduced to slenderness as her butt was still big, her shirt was beginning to change into a white v-neck T-shirt. Feathers were beginning to cover her hand. Her C cups shrink back into B cups, rendering her bra loose. Her khakis begin to match the color of her hat, as they split into two. The khakis at bottom was turning white. Her hair continues to turn blonde, as she felt her breasts sink back into her torso. Her butt began to get bigger. Something in the pants grew, which made HIM blush. He could now tell he was turning into a male. His torso began to slim down. He looked at his hands and saw that his ring and middle finger merged into one finger, making him have four fingers instead of five, having a bit less feminine, but  dainty look. His hair was becoming short, and spiky, with a natural wave.  His bangs grew. Seeing that his hair was now a blondeish auburn, he was also having trouble seeing with glasses, maybe in fact that his sight was getting better, becoming perfect 20/20 vision. He decided to take them off as a matter in fact, he did not really need glasses any longer. He took off his glasses that he had as a human girl. He had one eyelash, but that won't get in the way of having no eyelashes. White and blue briefs replaced his panties, and he obviously now could see that he had socks. His bra disappeared due in fact that he really don't need them anymore. His eyes were getting bigger, Feathers were covering all over his body except his feet, which turned into orange duck feet, as lips and nose were turning into a orange beak. His teeth became round, white, and only 6 teeth were on the top. His red shoes were now black sneakers. Finally that moment, to feel his new feathers, he dropped his old glasses onto the floor, causing them to break. He suddenly feel his spine ripple through. It was shivers. It's telling that he is a duck, he could swim, but he can't fly unless he is driving the rocket van. He remembered those things. He remembered to never give up, stay optimistic, and always deliver. He also remembered that he's a excellent singer, who sometimes is QUAZY. He suddenly stepped on the glasses and then the broken glasses faded away. All evidence of Sara's existence started fading away, as his memories of being Sara were becoming long forgotten, forever, just like a distant memory, to just a long lost dream, to nothing. Those memories were replaced by the memories of SwaySway, a Anthropomorphic, flightless, carefree duck, who came from a long line of breadwinners, now proud to carry on the tradition of getting bread up in yo beak.He may have shrunk a few inches, he used to be 5'10", now he is 5'1". His judgment was getting worse and worse, because he was known for using poor judgment. His eyes was black, he had green feathers, he had a orange beak, and blond hair. He had SwaySway's trademark outfit now. He is now SwaySway, SwaySway of the Breadwinners, leader of the party punching flock. Sara, she now ceased to exist. "Get some bread up in yo beak!" He proclaimed, hearing SwaySway's voice.
SwaySway was exploring this strange new world, as Britney gets a swirling in her head, boxes started appearing on what used to be Sara's side of the room. "Why am I looking at the storage side of my room? I had enough of this, hat time!" Britney stated. She knew that SwaySway would not go back to his home world, Pondgea. It would be harder to resist, due to SwaySway's too cute to resist giving into, the hat calling her name, and her being a fan of this show. If she would've hate this show, then she would not be in this mess now. She then picked up the hat and wore it, she was feeling a bit nicer as she begin to feel strangely nice.
It took a second for Britney to notice the changes are in effect. Her hair begins to become lighter. She enjoyed her ample breasts blending within the rest of her body. She also enjoyed her skin getting covered with  bright green feathers, the feathers stopped at the bottom of her ankles, which made her feet feel a tingly nice sensation that made her giggle. Her feet morphed into orange duck feet. She was enjoying her garments changing into a white short sleeved dress shirt, red shorts, white socks with a red strip, and black sneakers. She was giggling about how cute is her body. She was in fact getting shorter, which made her giggle even harder. She giggled about her expanding butt. She also noticed her hair was a bit wavy, which made her want to giggle even more. Despite the pain she is feeling, each giggle will numb the pain even harder, she suddenly felt no pain. Her neck begins to disappear, as her stomach begins to grow. Her appetite seem to grow bigger. She was more and more hungry. She now had dirty blond hair now. Her ponytail was curlier now. She thought of eating bread more often, then something hurt underneath HIS capris. That feeling made him blush, and giggle nervously. He suddenly notice his lips and nose turn into a orange beak. His top two front teeth became round, as it multiplies until they stuck out of the beak. He giggled even more as the rest of his teeth became round and big but not as big as his buck teeth. He started giggling even more until he was a lot smaller than SwaySway. He did not care if he is very small now, he giggled as his body takes on a more spherical shape. He notices his head just merged with his body, and he still has limbs. He also noticed that his hands were less female, but was smaller. His eyes are bigger, and had turned black. His bangs begin to shrink as his eyelashes recede. He notices that his memories of Britney were fading away to nothing, only to be replaced by Buhdeuce's. He also had Buhdeuce's mindset. He'd then notice all the evidence that Britney existed faded, only to be replaced by boxes. He shrank from being 5'11" to being 2'6". The mirror was the last thing that remained asides from the comic. He looked into the mirror and noticed  there is nothing of Britney left, just Buhdeuce himself. The mirror faded away, as Britney ceased to exist. 
Buhdeuce was exploring the new world. The Breadwinners finally remembered that they are best baps, not brothers. "Oh my bap!" Buhdeuce said in his trademark voice. Then the two ducks went to the basement, the TV was on and water started to fill the room. The TV was still on despite the water reaching the cord. The water filled the room in matter of 2 hours. The TV became a portal to Pondgea. The breadwinners get sucked in there, as everyone's memories of the Sara and Britney faded away.
I came up stairs and saw the storage room. "Why am I looking at the storage room?" I can't remember those two girls at all. I saw the Breadwinners comic. I bought this comic to read, I liked breadwinners. I look into the family picture, no proof that I had sisters. I look into my iPhone, all my selfies had changed, the ones with the girls that once lived here, had disappeared. I also was looking for my science fair project, my name was the only name to show, proving that I did it alone. The evidence that I had sisters was gone. I tried to look up the girls' YouTube accounts, but the accounts have been deleted. I go tell mom about the disappearance of my sisters. My mom told me, "You never had sisters." Mom was right, I never had sisters. 
Meanwhile in Pondgea...
The breadwinners were delivering bread.
"Get some bread up in yo' beak!" SwaySway uttered. 
"Yep, yep!" Buhdeuce replied. 
The breadwinners did their first party punch ever! 
"P-p-p-p-party Punch!" 
Their fists grew larger, and made a gun cocking sound, as they flew to each others chins. 

And the breadwinners lived happily ever after.

The end
Based on the transformation I did earlier...

  I repeat this is based on...
Art © LoveArtistCrazy
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July 9, 2016
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