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For the SpongeBat1 contest. Since I'm just here to have fun, here's a story.

Yandere-Kun (Yandere Simulator) to Linka Loud (Loud House) TG AR MC.
Yandere-kun-normal-full by jaybirdking85---------------------------------------------------------->Download (14) by jaybirdking85

Yandere Kun was stalking Senpai Chan. He saw Osano Najimi talking to Senpai. He decided to poison that boy's food and at lunch time, Osano ate his food and passed out. Yandere-Kun quietly snickers as a phantom appears from nowhere.
"Yandere-Kun, how could you do this to a guy! Time to pay, Yan-Kun. Pay!" They said.
"Shut up, I know why I am doing this. It's for this girl." Yandere-Kun replies.
"You mean the girl who is concerned about her childhood friend?"
"Well, then struggle the pain of TG."

At his house, he starts to feel pain. His black hair turns white as it grew out. His blue pajama shirt becomes a orange sleeveless blouse, as his pants becomes a blue plaid skirt. His socks disappeared revealing his nails have been painted pink. His boxers become panties, and a bra materialized on his flat chest. The clothes were a bit too tight but that will change.

His manhood slurped up into a girlhood. His, now her chest inflated into an a cup. Her grey eyes become very dull and black, as they widened until they were no longer that of an anime. Her nose changed to match that of an American Caucasian. Her front two teeth becomes bucked and chipped. Her head with a pointed chin becomes more round, as her neck becomes hidden. The Adam's apple was no more, which had given her a higher, more childlike voice. Her ring finger merges with her middle. Eyelashes grew on her eyelids, and earrings pierced her ears. A orange hair clip appeared on her now long, white hair.  Freckles appeared on her cheeks. Finally, she shrank as her age regresses, allowing her new clothes to fit properly.

Before the former yandere could figure out what is going on, she blacks out. During the black out, her memories changed from being a emotionless, stalking yandere, and trying to win Senpai's heart, soon became living with 10 brothers, as Yandere-Kun ceased to exist as Linka, a girl who lived with 10 brothers, took that place.

When Linka woke up, she was on her bed, back in Royal Woods, Michigan, America. It was morning as the sun rises.
"Did I sleep with my clothes last night." Asked Linka, feeling a bit dumb.
This is going to be a long day for Linka Loud, Looks like it.
This is for SpongeBat1 competition.
SpongeBat1 Featured By Owner May 2, 2017
Well... it's something!
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