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Penttack 1 by jaybirdking85
The Loud Siblings (Sans Lincoln, Lisa, and Lily) were chasing pen down, right after he had turned all the sisters' friends into clones of himself. They were chasing him all over Royal Woods, and now, here we are, at a rooftop, of the 6th tallest building in Royal Woods. Lynn was the leader of the chase party, something is about to happen, and it is strange.

Lynn Loud Junior: We have found you! Now, time to get a beating of a lifetime, Pen.
Pen: Haha! Very clever. You think that you are going to beat me up? You are wrong. I got a magic wand from the lady from the Evilspellbinders place.
Lucy Loud: Sigh, I like supernatural stuff, such as vampires.
Lynn Loud: I don't care, I can beat you up!
Pen: Who do you think I am? Some little kid in the park? No! I am Pen. I had turned your friends into clones of me!
Penttack 2 by jaybirdking85
Lynn wanted to beat up Pen so bad, she started to walk towards Pen, as he walks towards Lynn Loud Jr.

Lynn Jr.: So, if that's the case...
Luan Loud: Oh no! This calls for a Penttack! Hahahahaha! Get it! This is going on video.
Lori: We should literally, keep it for Lisa, she could warn the others about what is going on... and maybe, we could literally save the world.
Leni: Like, is that what we should, like do?
Lynn: Bring it on!
Penttack 3 by jaybirdking85
Lynn Jr knocks down Pen, she tries to restrain him. She is trying to get the wand from him, just because she does not want to become him. Lynn starts throwing punches. Luna puts a rock out sign, cheering Lynn on. Lola and Leni, in the other hand, were mortified by what they saw. Lori had to yell at Lynn. Lucy and Lana don't care, and Luan gets excited.

Lynn Jr: If you mess with one Loud then you mess with them all! *Throws a punch at Pen*
Leni: Should you like, stop it?
Lucy: The devil inside her is in control right now.
Lori: You literally have to stop that Lynn!
Luna: You go, sis!
Luan: I'm putting this on video, hahahahahaha!
Pen: I'll have to use magic, and fast.
Penttack 4 by jaybirdking85
Pen uses his magic on Lynn Jr. Lynn was thrown down by Pen. She started to feel strange.
All the sisters (sans Lynn): Lynn! Are you ok?
Lynn: Aah! I got struck!
Lucy: By magic!
Pen: Hahahahaha! You are too late, your sister will become a clone of me! And... she'll like it!
Penttack 5 by jaybirdking85
Lynn's hair starts turning blue, as she feels her jersey become a white sweater, and her shorts start to become blue pants.
Pen: Yo' see, I was tired of being a girl, a human girl, I decide to take a potion, and bam! All those awful memories of being a girl, became those AWESOME years of being Pen from BFDI, there was one catch, I had to be a humanized version of him. Feast your eyes, as your sporty sister becomes a clone of me.
Lucy: That is the scary part about being Pen.
Lola: I don't want to be you!
Penttack 6 by jaybirdking85
Lynn's hair continues to turn blue, as she starts to feel her ponytail is no more. She feels her clothes continue to change.
Luan: This is not funny.
Lucy: This is scary.
Lola: I'm starting to freak out!
Luna: Way harsh dude.
Lynn: What is happening to me, bro?
Penttack 7 by jaybirdking85
Lynn's eyes turn black without irises, and her clothes had finished changing. Lola could not take this anymore.
Lola: I can't take this anymore! *Closes Eyes*
Lynn?: I feel... I feel...
Pen: You feel what bro?
Lynn?: I feel wrong, bro?
Pen: You'll feel alive in a few secs.
Penttack 8 by jaybirdking85
Lynn's hair had finished turning blue, as she, now a he had became a male. He felt like there is something missing, and he did not notice his skin was getting pale too.
Lynn(Pen?): I'm starting to forget.
Pen: You are starting to get my memories.
Penttack 9 by jaybirdking85
Lynn, or should I say Pen, is being consumed by Pen, It would not be long until he is assimilated into Pen.
Pen 2?: I am getting so addicted to being Pen, getting used to it! I am like this 4evah!
Sisters: NO!
Pen 2: I feel so better! Never felt this good!
Penttack 10 by jaybirdking85
The sisters start to change. They are starting to change in everything. Lola, Lana, Lucy, and Luan becomes taller, and Lori, Leni, and Luna had shrunk a bit.
Sisters: What is happening to us!?
Pen: You are becoming me.
Pen 2: Get used to it, Bro!
Penttack 11 by jaybirdking85
The sisters fall in despair as they lose a lot of human things, such as the normal skin color, and ears. Their clothes and bodies had finished changing too. Won't be long until they get a taste of their true selves.

Pen: Ready to give in?
Loren: I am literall... I mean I am about to, bro.
Lenen: I must resist... no must give in!
Lunen: Dude, It would be cool to give in.
Luen: Not funny anymore! I must give in!
Lolen: I give in.
Lanen: I give in too!
Lucen: No more Goth thoughts! I'll give in!Penttack 12 by jaybirdking85

The Pen assimilation had finished. Now it's time for them to change more people. Scientists predict that in the next 5 years, every human being would become Pen, resulting in extinction. The remaining Loud siblings and the parents searched for the sisters but it failed.

To be Continued.

This is only the beginning.
Pen is owned by Michael and Cary Huang
Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn. Lucy, Lana and Lola are owned by Nickelodeon.
welcometotaco Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017
Sans... megalovania plays
TiarasTwilight Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2017   Digital Artist

Pretty cool!
jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2017   Artist
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