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The New pizzawinners 1 (7 girls to Pizzawinners) by jaybirdking85

Subussi: Here is 7 members of the Pizza Lord Resistance. They are trying to get all their members back. I'll fix that.

Rosie(Pink haired girl): I hope the Pizza Lord does not find out there is more members of the resistance.
Byrima(Dark teal haired one): Yeah, I hope so!
Yin Yang: I think so.
The other 3: I hope so too.

The New pizzawinners 2 (7 girls to Pizzawinners) by jaybirdking85

Rainy(Rainbow): Candi? What happened to your bra.
Zuria: Oh no the magic is spreading.
Mueiz: What the heck is happening?
Candi: Eek!!!
The New pizzawinners 3 (7 girls to Pizzawinners) by jaybirdking85

Zuria: Ah! my shirt
Subussi: Ha ha! you now have a purple uniform that is changing
Candi: My face feels... heavy.
Rainbow: Zuria! Not you too!
The New pizzawinners 4 (7 girls to Pizzawinners) by jaybirdking85

Rainy: My rainbow shirt!!! Zuria you now have a pizzawinners uniform.
Zuria:I think our free wills are disappearing.
Candi: My free will is gone. I think yours is next to fade away. My skin is pale.
Yin Yang: Uh oh!
The New pizzawinners 5 (7 girls to Pizzawinners) by jaybirdking85
Yin Yang: My... My hair! It's blue. Is my free will fading?
Rainy: My free will...fading.
Zuria: My free will... almost gone.
Candi: I'm feeling more obedient now... to the pizza lord... I'll serve him.
The New pizzawinners 6 (7 girls to Pizzawinners) by jaybirdking85

Muiez: What is wrong with me?
Yin Yang: Must resist!!!
Rainy: Losing all resistance to...
Zuria: I'll serve the pizza lord for... the rest of my life.
Candi: I'm going to have to deliver all that pizza.
The New pizzawinners 7 (7 girls to Pizzawinners) by jaybirdking85

Byramia: Uh oh! Now it's happening to me!!!
Muiez: I couldn't lose my...
Yin Yang: I'm a freakin' monster.
Rainy: I'll deliver pizza.
Zuria: I will have to too.
Candi: Now I look ready to deliver pizza.
The New pizzawinners 8 (7 girls to Pizzawinners) by jaybirdking85

Rosie(Now Rose): Nggh!
Byramia(Now Brie): This is getting freaky.
Yin Yang(Now Ollie): Whoa, this was freaky, now I could not think much.
Rainy(Now Choriza): Me neither.
Zuria (Now Venisi): Me three.
Candi(Now Baci): I'm a pizzawinner now!
The New pizzawinners 9 (7 girls to Pizzawinners) by jaybirdking85
Subussi: The pizza lord will be here. I'll hide under the curtain.
The New pizzawinners 10 (7 girls to Pizzawinners) by jaybirdking85

Pizza Lord: No more resisting my authority, girls.
All 7 pizzawinners: Yes sir!
The New pizzawinners 11 (7 girls to Pizzawinners) by jaybirdking85

Rose: Now Zoona and Roni has more co workers, we could all work faster now!!! Let's see if the breadwinners are match for our growing pizzawinners population.
Brie: That means there is more coming...
Ollie: It'll result in Pondgea's human race to face extinction...
Choriza: I bet that Pizzawinners will someday ultimately win...
Anchovi: I can not wait until this day comes.
Venisi: Me too!
Baci: Me three!


A story to read!!!
Sequel to:…
Warning! (Icon) WarningWarning! (Icon) 
If you do not know much about the pizza lord resistance. I believe the other Pizza-Lord-Resistance member --> pizzawinners TFs have that kind of info too.  There could be a full info sheet about them in the future.

The pictures are made on the NSFW kisekae 2
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