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Battle for Transformation Island (A BFDI TF Saga) REVISED Chapter 1- The New Leaf: Leafy TF/TG/AR/MC

Author's note: You might know about the original iteration of this story, I'm only going to redo the first ARC of the story, because the second and 3rd arc will be written in writer instead of MS paint. The Abridged version of this chapter could be found in BFDI TFs 1: Leafy TF TG AR. This is the full version of the story, and probably more accurate than the abridged version. I won't do the second ARC until I redone the 1st. The titles would be similar to the alternate titles from their abridged version.

Warning: This contains themes that may not be suitable for younger audiences, and some spoilers from Battle for Dream Island. It also contains transformation in this one. If you feel uncomfortable, then you could either leave this page, or see All Original BFDI Contestants by jaybirdking85 to relieve you.

Leafy > BFDI C) Michael and Cary Huang
Liam C) Me

After Anna had disappeared, Willa planned to email the video to nineteen other people. But, today, we'll focus on the first victim of Willa's trap. 

Liam was always a huge fan of a cartoon called "Battle for Dream Island". He loved the show; The story, the characters, everything. Liam definitely had a favorite, and her name is "Leafy". Leafy was Liam's Favorite, despite everyone else hating her. Liam loved Leafy no matter what she did, including that time when Leafy purchased Dream Island, in anger, at Season 1 Episode 25, aka "The Return of The Hang Glider", He still loved Leafy since then. Liam always wondered what it'll be like to feel what Leafy felt, go through what she had got into, and Look, sound, and think like her. Liam had encountered many problems in his life.

Liam was a lonely man, he had no friends whatsoever, and had nowhere to go in his life. He still lives with his mother and father, who wanted him to get a life. Liam had been wasting his life, watching YouTube videos, and playing videogames. This explains why he is overweight. He is a very lazy man, who is obsessed with object shows, especially Battle for Dream Island. He is also a liar, and he told many lies. Liam's parents told him over and over again that he had to babysit his 15 year old sister, Mia. Liam had let Mia do whatever she wanted in the past, and Liam got into trouble, not her. But everything had changed when he had gotten an Email from an anonymous person.

Liam looked at the Email, and saw a link. The email read...

"Hey Liam,

If you are reading this, then you might know me. I'm am the person nicknamed "Will the Red", I know that you love Battle for Dream Island, an Object Show online that is centered around 20 inanimate objects competing for an island. You might rarely see me outside, and its because I'm just like you. I love to stay inside, and surf the web, and email people. My sister Anna, who recently passed away, had made a video, it is empty because Anna had not put in the contestants, but the Announcer. Sorry if your favorite character will not appear in here, but if you click the link below, then you may find out why. I won't spoil what'll happen when you click on the link.

"Battle For Dream Island (Real, Not Fake)"

If you might know, I hope you'll like the episode, and beware of bugs.

        The one who sent this"

Liam was confused at first, but he knew that he trusted BFDI, and he clicked on the link. The link redirected him to a video that was not open to the public, but not private either. The video was on YouTube, and he started to watch it. Things seemed to be very normal, the beginning bit only consisted of the announcer, which was normal for a BFDI episode, the announcer always appeared in the season 1 episodes, except a few. 

"Well, I'm looking for the 20 contestants of Battle for Dream Island, but I can't seem to find them anywhere." The announcer spoke, as it started to feel slightly unsettling for Liam to take. The next thing that made Liam more unsettled was the intro was empty without the contestants. The BGM was normal, but the outward appearance felt unsettling. Everything was in grayscale. Before Liam could pause the video, he finally saw the contestants but in different color silhouettes, must be a cameo, which was unusual. Not only the contestants were gone, but Announcer is kind of acting a bit off. After the intro, the announcer turned to Liam.

"Liam, you must be one of the lucky people who have clicked on this video. You are the first, but I know that you love "Leafy", and I would like you to see what happens when my Contestants have gone missing." Announcer started to get a bit creepy on Liam, it was as if he was talking to Liam.
"Why the hell would you do that for? I thought your evilness is only exclusive towards selling good stuff due to budget cuts. And I may love Leafy, and when I said I want to be Leafy, I did not mean that literally." Liam replied.
"But, I must replace them, and Flower just destroyed the recovery centers. You seem to be the perfect candidate, and you might be able to replace Leafy." The announcer explained, "and I hope you like being Leafy, Lass." 

"Lass? Shouldn't it be Lad?" Liam asked himself, as he stood up, walking with his phone, laughing that the video was just joking, until he noticed a very bright forest green light, that temporarily blinded him. The light also sent him back to the couch he was sitting in. He regained vision about 2 minutes later. He only had a moment before he started to feel strange. The moment he felt uncanny to his stomach, was when the transformation only had begun.

Liam looked around, and gets on the phone's camera app. He looks at his reflection, and saw his formerly brown eyes were starting to gain greens in there, before they started to become darker. He popped up when feeling a wide range of sensations. He felt his male reproductive system starting to become more suitable for a female's, as his penis shrunk, slurping into a woman's set of privates, which was imperceptible by now. His body started to lose weight in the process, all fat had burned off of him, leaving him at the normal weight of his height. 

Bits of his short, unkempt brown hair started to fall away, indicating that his hair was starting to fall out in clumps. Suddenly, his hands started to feel weird. The fingers in his hands started to sink back into his palms, as the palms started to round out.
"W-what the hell is this madness?" Liam asked himself, as his voice started to change into a familiar one. His fingers were completely hidden, as his palms were completely round. His feet started to change too, suffering the same changes as his hands, but his feet ended up as semi-spheres. Suddenly, his arms and legs were getting thinner and thinner, until they were stick-like. Liam could not believe what's going on, and started to feel itchy on his skin. His skin was getting paler and paler, then it started to regain color as green, excluding his limbs. His limbs became fully black.

"L-Leafy? I'm becoming Leafy?" Liam felt his skin, it was leaf-like. Suddenly, his bones started to crack. His body started to become that of a lemon leaf, getting more lightweight in the process. His veins turned green too, as his formerly brown eyes become fully black dots, and his mouth became simpler, until it was a line. His limbs became shorter and shorter too, and he shrunk from 6'1" until he was 5'1", making him starting to get younger. His age regressed from the age of 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, and finally 21. He was now a young adult leaf, and he felt his Adam's Apple shrinking, as he swallowed it, leaving a androgynous voice in him.

"Why do I sound like a girl, and why do I look like a leaf?" Liam asked as his phone started to speak to him.
"Because you are..." The phone replied, "You are Leafy, and there's nobody else you could be..."
Suddenly, the phone had begun to flash the same light, knocking him unconscious. When he regained consciousness, he looked at his phone, and it turned green with a leaf on there. His clothes were also torn during the flash. The clothes had faded from sight, revealing his new leaf body. His nose and ears faded from sight, but somehow, he could still hear, breathe, and smell. He looked around, and his body started to lose its realism, until his body was 2D rendered, and outlined in a darker green than his body.

"Why am I two dimensional?" Liam asked himself, as his hair completely fell out. He started to look down, and he was finally Leafy physically. He was now aware of what's going on, but that will soon fade away, as he fell unconscious once more.

During his time unconscious, Liam started to feel his memories fall away, just like lemon leaves. New memories were starting to grow on the branches of his brain, and he could remember himself entering a contest with 19 other people. He was a leaf who wants to make friends, who has a map of Goiky, which he teleported into Yoyleland with. He also could turn evil if he loses his temper. He started to get a huge crush of Firey. Yes, Firey, that guy who had forgotten Leafy. Liam was no longer Liam, but rather Leafy. Liam had ceased to exist, as Leafy took HER place.

Leafy was transported back into the video, and the video had not erased the existence of Liam, yet. There was 19 more people to find and transform into the missing contestants. Leafy woke up, and found herself back at Goiky.
"What the tree just happened? Is anyone here?" Leafy asked herself. The announcer popped up, and saw Leafy.
"Leafy, we have something to tell you. The others have gone missing, and we have to find them." The Announcer broke the bad news to Leafy. It was bad that Leafy could not find the others, including Firey.

It looks like Leafy has to find the other 19 contestants, even if it takes transforming 19 human beings into them. No, this was only the beginning of Willa's plan. Looks like that the video can't just pick up some random person from the streets, and turn them into an BFDI contestant. It has to be someone who loves that specific character, and the video must acknowledge their love for that character. It would be nice if they were able to embrace the changes.

19 LEFT.

Anna's POV

Well, I might have regretted my decision of accepting the fate of becoming Announcer from BFDI, but I continue to play checkers by myself. I know someone will stop Willa from ruining lives, and changing them into Objects. What was Willa's plan. Every now and then, I tried to escape the computer, and try to discover what the plan was, but Willa is always seen on the computer. Why they don't make Willa into one of them. I hope that Willa does not change anymore of my friends. Liam was one. So who is Willa going to target next?

To be continued...


This is a Revised version of the Abridged Version.

After discovering the video, Liam gets to enjoy the life of being Leafy.

Next: <Coming Soon>
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