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Alisa was always a serious girl. She had good judgment. She was walking on the streets. Alisa then noticed a blue beam of light.
"It's another day in Pondgea," She talked to her self.

The blue beam of light suddenly hit her. She coughed because of the smoke. She then noticed she did not feel like herself anymore. She felt strange. Her white feathers started to turn green. Her purple beak started to turn orange. Her grey hair started to turn blonde.

"What's happening to me?!" She asked loudly.

Her blue bow remained the same color,but was changing into a breadwinners hat. Right now her hair seems like a light brown color, but her hair is still turning blonde. She looked down as her yellow shirt becomes white and her maroon pants were getting shorter. Her socks were growing on her legs. Her shoes remained black but white was added on them. Her hair was shortening and her bangs had two spikes instead of one spike.

She startledly asked to her self, "Am I-I turning into a breadwinner?"

She was still changing. Her pants continued to get shorter and by now her capris were purple. It was still turning blue. She  only had one eyelash on the side of each eye. Her feathers were a pale greenish-grey color by now. Her hair was still turning blonde. Now her hair was a dirty blonde. Socks were still growing on her legs. She had her third spike on her bangs.

"Beam of light, get out of me!!!" She yelled at her body.

She was trying to resist the transformation. She was fighting for herself. She was trying to fight it. She then realized that the beam of light was too powerful. The beam inside traveled through her throat, changing her voice in every passing second. Voice was changing into Swaysway's fast. Her shirt was a light yellow. She noticed something else. Not only the beam of light messed with her body, now it was messing with her mind.

Her memories of her gender changed, so she(Now a he) could remember that he is a male. He was not the one to carry babies when he grows up. His reproductive system was not made for laying eggs. His hair was almost blonde. It's obvious that his shirt is now a cropped,V-neck t-shirt. He had shorts. A blue strip went on his long, white socks. He obviously had sneakers. He no longer had a bow. Instead, he had a breadwinners hat. His eyelashes were gone. He was about to cry. But he started to accept the changes. He had blonde hair now. His judgment got poor.

"I can't remember who I am or what's going on. What happened to me?"

His attitude became more positive. He is always optimistic, all pleasing, caring, and never surrendering. He suddenly blacked out as his memories changed into Swaysway's.

When he woke up, he was on a bed- on Swaysway's bed. This was not right, but did it matter? No! He got up and found himself in the swamp pad. He ran into the bathroom. He looked into the mirror. There was none of Alisa left, just SwaySway himself. He had green feathers, blonde hair and a orange beak. He's wearing a white V-neck t-shirt, blue shorts, white socks with a blue strip, and black sneakers.  

"Aw yeah, I'm now SwaySway!!! It's time to deliver bread!!!" He excitedly yelled. "I loaf bread!"

He loved bread. So he'd went to the rocket van and started up the rocket van. He had the urge to drive the rocket van and crashing it.

Sorry Yurki, but I have a job to do! I have to deliver bread to the hungry beaks of the world.      
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Nice story
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