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Me to SwaySway TF TG 1 by jaybirdking85
Jordan: Buhdeuce, why did you kidnap me.
Buhdeuce: Because, I need SwaySway, and you are just the right victim for it.
Jordan: SwaySway, as in your best friend. I may love him, but I don't want to be in HIS shoes!
Me to SwaySway TF TG 2 by jaybirdking85
Jordan: Hey, my glasses! Give them the frick back now!
Buhdeuce: When you are becoming SwaySway, your vision might get blurry in those.
Jordan: That means I'll have 20/20 vision.
Me to SwaySway TF TG 3 by jaybirdking85
Jordan: Are you tying me up?!
Buhdeuce: No escape!
Jordan: No!
Me to SwaySway TF TG 4 by jaybirdking85
Jordan: Now, I'm tied up.
Buhdeuce: You won't be able to escape.
Jordan: AAAH!
Me to SwaySway TF TG 5 by jaybirdking85
Jordan: Now I'm stripped into my undies.
Buhdeuce: We need to change your undies first.
Jordan: EEK!
Me to SwaySway TF TG 6 by jaybirdking85
Jordan: My undies!!!
Buhdeuce: It's changing!
Jordan: NOOOOOO!
Me to SwaySway TF TG 7 by jaybirdking85
Jordan: Now, it looks like I'm wearing boy's underwear, and my breasts feel weird.
Buhdeuce: Your becoming a boy.
Jordan: M-male?
Me to SwaySway TF TG 8 by jaybirdking85
Jordan: M-My breasts, they are receding back into my chest!
Buhdeuce: You know that you are becoming a boy.
Jordan: I'm becoming a boy?
Me to SwaySway TF TG 9 by jaybirdking85
Jordan: Something feels strange in my womanhood.
Buhdeuce: You now have a manhood.
Jordan: I'm truly a boy.
Me to SwaySway TF TG 10 by jaybirdking85
Jordan: Let me go, since I'm a boy now, no more!
Buhdeuce: Yes More, You need to learn that transformation does not feel as good.
Jordan: More!?
Me to SwaySway TF TG 11 by jaybirdking85
Jordan: I liked your way of letting me go.
Buhdeuce: We are not done yet.
Jordan: Not done yet?
Me to SwaySway TF TG 12 by jaybirdking85
Buhdeuce: Look at your hands now.
Jordan: *Gulps* Green hands. *Grabs a strand of hair* My hair is turning blonde.
Buhdeuce: You are turning into a Duck.
Me to SwaySway TF TG 13 by jaybirdking85
Jordan: It looks like I'm half human. I have duck feet, and Green feathers. Plus, my hair's blonde tipped.
Buhdeuce: You are becoming a duck.
Jordan: I know! I can't think straight.
Me to SwaySway TF TG 14 by jaybirdking85
Jordan: I have a beak now.
Buhdeuce: Ducks have beaks, and you are a duck.
Jordan: I know, that I'm becoming one!!!
Me to SwaySway TF TG 15 by jaybirdking85
Jordan: The feathers are almost at my whole body.
Buhdeuce: Yep Yep!
Jordan: I'm almost a duck!
Me to SwaySway TF TG 16 by jaybirdking85
???: I can't remember who I am...
Buhdeuce: I'll tell you at the end.
???: Ok...
Me to SwaySway TF TG 17 by jaybirdking85
???: I'm almost naked...
Buhdeuce: I'll take care of that, socks.
???: Nice.
Me to SwaySway TF TG 18 by jaybirdking85
???: I loving those changes so far.
Buhdeuce: Shorts.
???: OMG!
Me to SwaySway TF TG 19 by jaybirdking85
???: Can't resist it anymore.
Buhdeuce: Shirt
???: SAHweet.
Me to SwaySway TF TG 20 by jaybirdking85
???: Those were my sneakers.
Buhdeuce: And hat!
???: Will this get me new memories?
Me to SwaySway TF TG 21 by jaybirdking85
???: I'm... I am... SwaySway... My name is...
Buhdeuce: You are now SwaySway.
SwaySway: Whoa! I guess I'll accept these changes.
Me to SwaySway TF TG 22 by jaybirdking85
SwaySway: *Breathes in and out*
Buhdeuce: SwaySway?
SwaySway: I... loaf... you...
Me to SwaySway TF TG 23 by jaybirdking85
SwaySway: Jenny Quackles!
Buhdeuce: Eww! Jenny is gross!
SwaySway: She's the loaf of my life.
Me to SwaySway TF TG 24 by jaybirdking85
SwaySway: Jenny Quackles!!!
Buhdeuce: Just get over her already.
SwaySway: Buhdeuce!
Me to SwaySway TF TG 25 by jaybirdking85
SwaySway: Bap! I loaf you too.
Buhdeuce: Bap!
SwaySway: My ducky duck!
The end!!!!!!!

I became SwaySway!
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