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Pizzawinners TF TG (Full) by jaybirdking85 Pizzawinners TF TG (Full) by jaybirdking85
I had a dream two nights ago and what I saw? This. I thought of a story and here it is. 
The Pizza-Lord Resistance were planning to escape before it was too late. Zack and Raanan noticed some members are absent. Being curious, the boys think it is either they died from lava, or something worse. What could be worse than dying anyways? The boys go to the Pizza Lord. They had to stop this or else they'll become one of them. Zack cried, "Look out!!!!" There were needles that injected fluid into there bodies. "What was that?!" Zach asked his ally. It will explain the disappearance soon enough. The rebels' free will ends here. "Face my wrath, rebellious, disobeying boys." The Pizza Lord maliciously laughed as the boys began writhing in pain. It was about 10% complete already and they already see blue strands in their hair. They will soon to be the Pizzawinners. The boys still changing. It's now at 25%. Blue hair were to be noticed.
Zack: What is happening to our Pizza Lord Resistant bodies.*Notices his robe changing and his hands turning white*
Pizza Lord: Your turning into the pizzawinners.
Raanan: Losing all resistance to... Is that my tummy. Eek! My lunch is getting bigger.*Notices his stomach expand*
The boys continued to writhe in pain. Their genders changed to female. Their lips were turning into a purple beak.
Pizza Lord: You girls have to stop resisting.
They were becoming more and more attracted to the Pizza Lord each passing second.
Zack and Raanan: No! Must resist...must fight. We must...fight ourselves. Must fight ourselves...must fight it!*Noticing voice changing in the process*
Now they were a complete wreck of themselves. So their mind must change.
Zack(now Zoona) and Raanan(now Roni) felt their brains alter. It was 89% complete. Not only the Pizza Lord messed with their bodies, but now he was messing with their minds. They were hearing voices too.
Voice 1: Deliver Pizza
Z: Get out of my head Zoona!
R: Must fight memories!
Voice 2: No escape!
Z: Please stop it!!!
R: We must escape from it anyway!
Voice 3: Your names are Zoona and Roni
Z: Help us!
R: Our names aren't... our names are not... That means ...N-no! Yeah, help us before it's...
Voice 4: It's too late to change back.
Z: We want to change back!
R: Yeah, we do want to change back!
Voice 5: The Pizza Lord is going to eat you up if you don't deliver all that pizza.
Z: We are doomed! This is the end!
R: Yeah, this is the end!
Voice 6: Deliver all of them as fast as you can...
Z: Must fight the transformation...must resist...must resist!
R: Yeah, must resist.
Voice 7: or the Pizza lord will bake you in his pizza pan!
Zoona & Roni: Must deliver pizza!
Pizza Lord: No more resisting my authority, Muwahahahahahahaha!
They accepted the changes and let the Pizzawinners take over their bodies. They had no choice! Their feelings changed so their bodies will be stable for the rest of their lives.
Zoona and Roni were no longer Pizza-Lord resistant. The Pizzawinners remembered this is their true selves. 
Zoona: We are the Pizzawinners, Zoona and Roni. We deliver 'za up in yo' faces!
Roni: We are going to throw pizzas all over the place! Yeah, Yeah! .
The Pizzawinners are going to deliver the pizza to prevent from being eaten by the Pizza Lord.  Their instincts had changed. They had work to do. Their love and memory of their former girl friends were replaced by being the Pizzawinners. They can't recognize their former friends now. They still kept their friendship. However, their friendship became even stronger. Their souls became corrupt. They've successfully turned into the Pizzawinners.

Thus reborn, the Pizzawinners, Zoona and Roni.
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February 15, 2016
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