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Pizzazled by Jaybirdking85
One day, I was on my laptop. I was playing games on my tablet. I was looking up Roni from breadwinners. I looked at the picture of Roni.  
          What! Why this would not close?
I tried to click "X" when Roni started to change me into her. I was too focused to look at my hand for any changes. I kept on writing my story as my hands get covered with white feathers. I had my headphones on so I was ignoring the changes as they went on. My hands only consist of 4 fingers. I've somehow had of ignore the changes. My hair started to turn blue. It was a good thing that I had my hair up today. My new feathers crept up to my shoulders as my hair shortened to midneck length. Just to properly mold my feet, I took off my slippers. My socks loosened and fell off. They were crane feet that were purple. Am I getting smaller? My legs shrink to less than 1/2 my size. My feet barely touched the floor. My arms started to shrink as well into less than 1/2 the size. My body felt pain. Roni was the short pizzawinner. The hair pretty snapped and fell out of my hair. My hair was not as long as it used to be. It only reached the middle of my neck. My bangs started to get In the way. I started noticing strands of blue hair. Feathers spread to my shrinking body parts.
My torso started to blend in with my head to make a circular shape. I look down at my laptop. I saw white hands on my laptop. My focus was fading away along with my free will. Thinking less clearly, I lost all my independence. I tried to fight the TF. By now I'm small and ball shaped. My hair was a bit sharper. 
A shrinking body with a growing appetite.
I hear rumbling in my growing stomach. I had the desire to eat more(often pizza.) I'm very hungry right now. What should I eat? Definitely not bread. Pizza will fill me right up. A pizza box appeared on my lap. I ate the pizza immediately with a lot of energy. Did I got more energy? I was no longer tired I was awaken for my energy was much more. I'm still hungry. I eat more but bread, mainly pizza. My music changed from gaming music to rock music. My interests were changing too. Next, feathers covered everything but my face. My lips turned purple and fused with my nose as it turns into a beak. My ears were hidden. My eyes were in breadwinners style and black. Feathers covered my face. I paused my music. My cheeks began to blush. They were so warm and permanently blushed.
                Are... you kidding me... No!
My voice changed into Roni's. My spine extended a little to make tail feathers. My formerly loose pajama pants turned into a pinkish purple skirt. My tank turned the same color, gained some short sleeves, and a collar. My slippers turned into black heeled boots. I've experienced blue screens before, but not this before. My canines flattened and all my non-canine top teeth receded a little. My top canines grew until they were sticking out. A belt tightened around my waist. Spiked wristbands materialized on my wrist. A pizzawinners hat appeared on my head. I took off my glasses when my vision was all cleared up.

What did I have become?
I felt two eyelashes on each eye. I go look at my wall mirror and noticed there was nothing of me left, just Roni herself. My ears were hidden. I was now Roni! My memories were replaced by Roni's, and also I had Roni's mindset. I had the ability to hypnotize people to eat pizza. I felt so powerful. I was then pulled to Pondgea. I was Roni of the Pizzawinners, Zoona's associate and friend. Now I had to deliver pizza. I enjoyed my new life as Roni. My new life as Roni had begun!

We're gonna throw pizzas all over the place! Yeah, Yeah!

Moral: The search bar is your friend! Never search anything harmful. Be careful what you type or click, for there's very severe consequences.


This is a Roni TF/MC for a reason! I wanted to know how to make stories. And yeah this is non-canon. So I'm still there.
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jaybirdking85 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016   Artist
That didn't work either...
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